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The Only Work Out Playlist You Need

The Only Work Out Playlist You Need | Why Hello Lovely

Happy Friday everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely week.  I don’t know about you, but this week really flew by for me.  I literally blinked and it was all of a sudden Friday morning at 3am.  Today’s blog post hadn’t been completed yet and a I had a whole week’s worth of assignments to do.  Luckily, I’m a night owl and was able to stay up late to get it all done!

Now that I’m back at the gym, I felt that it was important to create a good workout playlist.  I tend to need upbeat and motivational songs in order to keep myself pumped up and ready to work out, especially when I’m pushing myself to beat my personal record for my mile run.  My personal playlist consists of around 50 songs ranging from new, upbeat pop songs to rap to some oldies.  As long as it’s upbeat and keeps me motivated, it’s on my playlist!  So today I’m sharing 10 songs that are always a must have on my workout playlist.

Love Myself by Hailee Steinfield

Break A Sweat by Becky G

I Cant Stop by Flux Pavillion

Heartbeat Song by Kelly Clarkson

Call on Me by Eric Prydz

Sexy Chick by David Guetta

Hello by Martin Solveig

Pop That by French Montana

Good Good Night by Roscoe Dash

Where Them Girls At by David Guetta

I love hearing your recommendations!  What songs are a must have on your workout playlist?  


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