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A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch

A Trip To The Pumpkin Patch |

Happy Monday everyone! It’s been a while since I posted and I must say, the break has been lovely! I’ve had another project in the works this past month and a half so life has been a bit hectic around here. But I’m finally in a place where I can get back to some life updates and consistent blog posts so I’m super excited to be back!

Over the weekend we took Allie to her very first pumpkin patch! I know she’s still super young and wont even remember our little trip, but it was more for us. I love celebrating all her firsts and I’m really happy that she’ll have all these photos to look back on when she’s older. After asking around, we decided to try out Bates Nut Farm. It was about a 45 minute drive from our house and is out in the “countryside” so I was excited to escape the city for a few hours.

The drive there was super pretty although I wish mountains here were like mountains on the east coast. The east coast is full of gorgeous trees and here it’s just rocks…literally. But the drive was still nice nonetheless. The weather was also perfect for a trip to the pumpkin patch. It wasn’t fall weather, BUT it wasn’t 100 degrees. I think it was in the mid to high 70s so it was a good, bearable temperature.

Getting to the pumpkin patch was relatively easy, but it was way more packed than I had anticipated. It’s literally this giant pumpkin patch and festival in the middle of nowhere and yet EVERYONE was there. Thankfully finding parking wasn’t horrible and the crowd wasn’t too bad once we got in either. We were easily able to push Allie around in her stroller so neither one of us had to wear her. Surprisingly she stayed awake the entire time which I LOVED! She tends to take naps when she’s in the car or in her stroller so I was really happy that she was awake the whole time.

She didn’t seem very interested in the animals at the petting zoo, but she was very distracted by all the people and kids. As you can see from the photos later on in this post, she’s looking away a vast majority of the time because she wanted to see what everyone was doing. She’s a huge people watcher these days.

I’m very glad that we were smart enough to eat before leaving the house (and then we had dinner plans with friends that night) because there was a TON of food options here. It was like being at a little fall fair or festival. There were lots of delicious fair food options like kettle corn and funnel cake and caramel apples. It was hard not to buy it all but we both stuck with some fresh squeezed lemonade which was absolutely delicious. Very refreshing for a warm day.

There were also petting zoo areas, live music, a rock climbing wall, a cute little country shop, hay rides, the pumpkin patch (obviously), bounce houses, games, and so much more! I imagine parents of toddlers and older kids spend hours (and probably a few hundred dollars) there every fall. It was the perfect fall attraction for families which explains why it was so busy when we pulled in.

After exploring for a bit and checking out the animals, we decided to head on over to the pumpkin patch. This was the real reason why I wanted to come. We didn’t do anything fall-like last year and now that we have Allie I want to make sure we’re doing these things with her every year. Plus it’s her first fall! I want her to have these photos to look back on AND I wanted to take her five month photos in the pumpkin patch as well. So I came fully equipped with my Nikon, a couple lenses, a blanket and even our letter board. Yes, I was that mom. But that’s what she gets for having a photographer for a mom.

Since I was more preoccupied with Allie’s photos, Zack took the time to actually pick out our pumpkins. We got a large one for the two of us and a small one for Allie. Like anything you hand a (almost) five month old, she immediately put the pumpkin in her mouth when Zack handed it to her. She was a complete mess by the time we got her back to the car. She was playing in the dirt and touching the pumpkins which turned into mud when she mixed it with the drool on her face. She then decided to chew on her white top which resulted in very muddy clothing. She ended up getting a “bath” with baby wipes when we got to the car along with a new diaper and onesie for the ride home. But at least she had fun!

Once we chose our pumpkins, we decided to head home so we could check on Jack before heading to dinner. We had just enough time to drive home and hang out with the puppy dog for 30 minutes so we used that opportunity to relax for a few minutes and get cleaned up before heading out again. Overall, it was a really good day as a family. I don’t know what it is, but having a little one makes outings like this so much more fun than it was before we had her. I really loving seeing her explore her surroundings and meet new people and see new things. The whole world is brand new to her so I love being there for all her firsts.

Have you gone to a pumpkin patch this year?



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