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To My Father On His Wedding Day

To My Father On His Wedding Day| Why Hello Lovely


Never in a million years did I think I’d have the opportunity to be present on your wedding day. It’s crazy to think that in just a few short hours, you’ll be re-married and our family will be bigger and better than ever.

When I married Zack, I remember feeling an overwhelming sense of happiness. A feeling I really can’t put into words. It made me excited to wake up to him every morning. To be there for him in his good moments and bad. To be supportive through all of his career choices and accomplishments. To see him grow as a person and as a husband. There were zero doubts in my mind that I had married my person. The one who would always be there for me and support me through everything this life brings us. The one would push me to be bigger and better. The one who would be my best friend and an amazing father to our children.

I wanted that for you. I wanted you to be happy and find that one person who would make you feel just as amazing as Zack has made me feel these past three years. That one person who would always be there for you and support you through thick and thin. Now, here we are on your wedding day. It makes me so happy to know that you’ve found your person. Someone who has not only brought joy to your own life this past year, but to all of ours as well.

These past few years haven’t been easy for our family. It’s been a roller coaster. But I am so grateful for this amazing woman you’ve brought into our lives. She doesn’t just treat us like her stepchildren — she treats us like we’re her own. And she’s brought another little sister into my life that I love more than I ever could have expected. I no longer have two sisters, I have three. And I couldn’t be more thankful that I’ve been able to get to know these two amazing people this past year.

Dad – thank you for always being my biggest supporter throughout my 24 years of life. Thank you for continuing to love me through every choice I’ve made regardless of whether or not you agreed with it. Thank you for always being on standby when I needed someone to teach me how to cook. And thank you for always making sure we have Frosty the Snowman on our Facebook walls for every birthday.

Jenna – thank you for being such an amazing parent to the three of us. Thank you for flawlessly entering our life and for embracing the craziness that is our family. My dad couldn’t possibly have chosen someone better.

I am so happy to have expanded our family and I wish you both a long and happy marriage. I love you both so much.