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The Honest Company Subscription: Is It Worth It?

The Honest Company Subscription_ Is It Worth It? |

First off, I want to start out by saying that this post is not sponsored in any way. I don’t have any affiliate links for The Honest Company and I purchased all of these products with my own money. I’ve always been super interested in The Honest Company, but have heard a lot of mixed reviews on their products and the quality so I wanted to test out their subscription service for myself and give you all a full review on it!

We started their subscription service in early July. We figured we could try it for a month and if we liked it then we could continue it and if not, then we could always cancel and use another brand. I had ordered their free sample and really liked them so I figured we’d go all out and try the big box. We’ve now been using them for almost two months now and just got our second shipment sent to us this past week so I figured it was time for a little review for you all!

What is The Honest Company?

The Honest Company was founded by Jessica Alba because she wanted baby products that were both safe and effective. She believes that what you put in and around your body is important so all of her products are made with safe ingredients and materials so you never have to worry about harmful chemicals and what they’re doing to your child’s body. And she doesn’t just sell baby products. The Honest Company has so many great products for moms and their homes including cleaning products, laundry products, and even makeup! So really anything you use on a daily basis can be purchased through The Honest Company. It’s a great option for those who want to avoid using harmful chemicals in their homes and/or on their bodies.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription costs $80/box and contains four packs of wipes (72 count) and 6 packs of diapers (44 count). So this gives you a total of 264 diapers and 288 wipes. Using The Honest Company app on your smart phone (or the website on your computer), you can personalize your account with your favorite diaper prints and sizes and even set a schedule for how often you want your order to be sent to you. I think you have the option of choose between every 4, 5 or 6 weeks depending on how quickly you go through your box. We first ordered from them in early July and our first box lasted us 6 weeks! So $80 every 6 weeks wasn’t bad at all in our mind.

You can also add products to your bundle each month and get a 25% off discount on those products! So if your child is needing more shampoo and bubble bath then you can add it to your bundle and you’ll get those in the mail every month along with the diapers and wipes. We have yet to add products to our bundle simply because we’re still stocked up on everything, but I love that I have this option and I get a discount on the products I add. It makes it so much easier than having to run to the store every time I run out of something. So that’s a basic breakdown of the subscription service and how it works.

The Honest Company Subscription: Is It Worth It? |

Product Quality

First we have the diapers. We love these diapers and I really don’t have too many complaints about them. The only issue we have is with their nighttime absorbency. They’re just not the best option for overnight sleep. Since Allie sleeps through the night, she sometimes goes a good 9-12 hours without being changed. Because of this, it’s important that she has a good diaper on. For us, The Honest Company diapers just didn’t always work for us on these long nights. During the daytime, they’re awesome and we’ve never had issues with them, but I’m also changing her every single time she pees. I’m not waiting hours to change her just to save on diapers. So there’s never an opportunity for them to leak. We’ve also never had an issue with them with poopy diapers either. No major blowouts or anything like that. So it’s just nighttime that we have the issue of leakage. Rather than putting her into a diaper by The Honest Company, I’ll throw on some Pampers Swaddlers instead. So this isn’t a huge issue for me.

Next we have the wipes. Now I thought I hated the wipes. When I first tried the wipes, the one thing that really bothered me was how difficult it was to pull the wipes out of the packaging. It wansn’t something you could ever do with one hand. They all stuck together so when you tried to pull one out, you’d get a whole chunk of wipes. So that meant you had to pull out the wipes first before taking off the diaper and hope you have enough rather than pulling them out as you go. So I was really disappointed there. It wasn’t the end of the world for me, but it wasn’t very user friendly.

BUT I just received an email last week from The Honest Company and apparently those wipes were temporary. Since I had just started the subscription, I had no idea that those wipes were different from their original ones. So in my most recent package, I got those original wipes and they are sooooo much better! You can actually pull out the wipes easily with one hand and the packaging is so much better as well. So I’m a happy camper now. And their quality is great! They’re a bit thinner than the other wipes I’ve used but they work just as well and they’re super soft! So I’m loving these wipes a lot!

Product Selection

First off, we have the diapers. You have a TON of print options for you diapers and in each box, you’re able to choose up to 6 patterns to be sent you in your next bundle. We even had the option of ordering Red Sox themed diapers! So there are a lot of options there. You also have a ton of options for products to add to your bundles as well. Like I mentioned above, you can add products to your bundle and get 25% off those items by adding them. The Honest Company literally has everything you can think of: travel wipes, wipes dispensers, shampoo, conditioner, face and body lotion, body wash, bubble bath, sunscreen, diaper rash cream, diaper bags, formula, laundry detergent, vitamins, makeup, cleaning products, etc. etc. etc. So I’d say they have a great product selection for new moms!

The Honest Company Subscription: Is It Worth It? |


Everyone wants to know about price! Is the price of this subscription worth it?

In-store, I always felt that The Honest Company was a bit on the pricey side. And I know a lot of moms will agree with me on this. A 44 pack of diapers costs $13.99 at Target compared to a 44 pack of Pampers for $8.99. The Pampers is obviously the better deal here. The Honest Company subscription costs us $80 for four packs of wipes (72 count) and 6 packs of diapers (44 count). So this gives us a total of 264 diapers and 288 wipes to last us a month. So let’s do a little math here.

6 packs of The Honest Company diapers in-store would cost us about $85 so that already shows you that you’re saving money with the subscription. Add in wipes and you’re spending just over $100 for 6 packs of diapers and 4 packs of wipes. So it’s already clearly cheaper to do the subscription service than it is to purchase The Honest Company in big retailers like Target. But is The Honest Company cheaper than buying that same amount of Pampers? No. For 264 diapers, you’re looking at spending about $55 with Pampers and for 288 wipes, you’re looking at another $15. This gives you a total of $70. So you’d be saving $10 with a brand like Pampers. But I don’t personally feel that $10 is really that big of a deal at the end of the day. So for me, I feel that the price is worth it!

The Honest Company Subscription: Is It Worth It? |

Common Complaints

Before I purchase a product, I tend to read through the reviews first to see what other moms are saying and there were a few complaints that seemed to be pretty common. So I just want to highlight some of those top complaints and address them!

Diaper Complaints

  • Absorbency. The first issue I saw a lot of moms complaining about was the absorbency that I mentioned earlier. A lot of moms said they had issues with their diapers leaking which I can totally see because Allie cannot wear these diapers at night. But during the day, I don’t see how this would be an issue if you’re changing your child more often. Allie’s never been in the same diaper long enough for it to leak or cause issues like this. And I know it sounds basic, but even making sure your child is in the right diaper size and you’re putting it on them properly helps a ton. If they diaper is too big or small then it can easily cause leaks.
  • The lack of an indicator strip. With popular brands like Pampers, there’s a stripe that goes down the front of the diaper that changes color when your child has peed. Yes, it’s super handy sometimes, but I don’t feel that you need a color changing strip to tell you your child is wet. Our parents all changed our diapers no problem without the strip. So to me, this is such a first world problem.
  • Caused rashes. This is always going to vary from baby to baby. There’s not a diaper brand out there that doesn’t cause a rash to some baby. I personally haven’t had issues with rashes on any of the diaper brands I’ve used on Allie, but I know it’s super common for some babies because they have such sensitive skin. So I’d recommend trying the free sample first and go from there!
  • Uncomfortable? I saw a couple reviews saying the diaper dug into their child’s sides and caused marks and rashes from wear. I actually found this one to be a little odd. I really think they had this issue because they were either 1. using the wrong size diapers and/or 2. trying to put put the diaper on too tight. We haven’t had this issue so I’m curious to know if any of you had these issues with any diapers you’ve used!

Wipes Complaints

  • The smell. I personally don’t notice any particular smell? To me, they smell like wipes!
  • Hard to get out of the packaging. I saw this one a few times as well. I’m not sure how long the temporary wipes were on the market, but I know for a fact that these consumers were talking about the temporary wipes. The difference between the temporary wipes and their actual wipes is huge. I completely agree that those temporary wipes were horrible when it came to taking them out of the packaging. They weren’t accordion folded so it was quite obnoxious. They’re now back to selling their original wipes and these are fantastic! AND they’re accordion folded so they’re super easy to take out!
  • Rashes. Again, as mentioned above, every child is different! I always recommend buying small packages first to test out on your little one before committing to a whole subscription or value pack. We haven’t personally had issues with any rashes with the wipes!
  • Mold. This was an issue that’s been brought up a lot recently. I was super worried when I saw this because of course I don’t want to be using moldy wipes on my child. I actually ended up opening up the packages I had just to make sure they were all okay (and they were!). So I know this is a scary concern, but the company seems to be awesome at addressing this issue and offering refunds and/or sending new product for free to those affected. On their website, they actually have a place for you to enter your product’s lot number to see if yours were part of a recalled group. Thankfully, mine were not. So knowing that the company handles this issue effectively, really helps in keeping my trust in them. With a product like wipes, I feel that mold can easily happen regardless of the company.

The Honest Company Subscription: Is It Worth It? |

So, is it worth it?!

Yes! Looking at everything I mentioned above: product quality, price/discounts, product selection, etc., I would definitely say that this subscription service is worth it! Here are my reasons:

  • The company. I’m a HUGE fan of the company itself. I’ve purchased many other products by them and have always had good experiences. It helps that I also completely adore Jessica Alba as well. But I just find this company to be a really good, authentic and trustworthy brand.
  • Price. While you may not be saving a TON of money, the subscription lasts us 6 weeks! So $80 every 6 weeks for diapers and wipes is great! And you really do save a lot in the long run by ordering these diapers and wipes with the subscription service than you would by purchasing them in-store.
  • The ingredients/materials. I also feel that the materials and ingredients used in their products makes this worth it as well. For just $10 more, I can have products that are safer to use on our daughter and in our home. I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals and skin irritations.
  • Convenience. I find that it’s also so much more convenient to have everything shipped right to us so we’re not having to run to Target every week to buy more (although we’re already at Target for other miscellaneous items on an almost every day basis!). They make it so easy to go online (or use the app) and customize your order to fit your needs. If we happen to go through more diapers than usual, then I can go online and change our shipment date. It’ll automatically ship to us every month without us having to worry about it so I always know we have more diapers and wipes coming. I never have to worry about running out. So the convenience is a huge winner for me.
  • The cuteness factor. While this shouldn’t be the only reason you purchase a certain brand, it still helps, right? How can you resist those cute pandas on her butt?!

So at the end of the day, we’re loving our subscription with The Honest Company! I personally feel that it’s worth every penny and have had a very positive experience so far! I’d recommend these diapers and wipes to anyone!

Have you tried The Honest Company subscription? What did you think of it?