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55 Fun Things To Do With Toddlers This Summer

It's almost summertime and I'm already thinking ahead to all the fun things we can do with Allie this summer. This time last year, Allie was a teeny tiny baby so while we still got out of the house and did everything we planned on doing, Allie wasn't old enough to comprehend what we were doing. The ... READ the POST

3 Fun and Easy Summer Hairstyles

*This shop has been compensated by Schwarzkopf. #KeratinKBondPlex #sponsored Good morning everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. I am super excited about today's post!! Now that it's getting warmer here in San Diego, I've been looking for ways to keep this long hair of mine up and ... READ the POST

June Beauty Favorites

Is anyone else here completely hooked on trying new beauty products? I love it! If I end up in Sephora then it's guaranteed I'll leave there with $150 worth of products...every. Single. Time. I have zero self control. Some therapy may be helpful for me somewhere down the road. Apparently June ... READ the POST

My Top Products For Beachy Waves

*This post contains affiliate links. I may earn compensation if you choose to make a purchase. Summertime is easily my favorite time of year. Life in the summer months is just so laid back and I love spending most of my free time at the beach or relaxing by the pool. Because of this, my beauty ... READ the POST

Self-Tanner Hits and Misses

If you've been following me on Instagram this summer, you know that I have gone absolutely crazy when it comes to trying out new self-tanners. Unfortunately, I am extremely pale and burn super easily so I just cannot tan naturally like a normal human being. I burn the moment I step out into the sun. ... READ the POST