Allie Goes To Sea World

Over the weekend, Zack’s work hosted their annual holiday party…at Sea World! Whaaaat?! How cool is that?! I had never been to Sea World and Allie obviously hadn’t either. So we were super excited to go. Originally we were going to spend this past weekend at Disneyland. We had purchase 3-day park hopper passes lastRead more

Visiting The San Diego Zoo: Africa Rocks Exhibit

Visiting The San Diego Zoo_ Africa Rocks Exhibit|

Over the weekend, we took Allie on her first trip to the San Diego Zoo! With Zack’s mom in town, we knew we wanted to show her the zoo at some point before she left and this weekend was the perfect time to go. The weather couldn’t have been more perfect. It was in the lowRead more

San Diego Bucket List

Our San Diego Bucket List| Why Hello Lovely

We are officially in our final week in Maine as well as on the east coast. This time next week, we’ll be in the car, heading towards our new life in beautiful San Diego. It’s surreal. I’ve never left the east coast before so the trip alone will be an adventure. There will be so many new placesRead more

We Have Orders!

We finally have orders, my friends!  But first, let me give a little backstory. We already had a bit of a plan in place for when he returns home.  I know it’s not realistic to make plans in the military, but we did.  First, we ideally wanted to stay on the east coast, preferably NorthRead more