The Best Parenting Advice…From Zack’s Mom

The Best Parenting Advice...From Zack's Mom |

Back when I first found out I was pregnant, I began brainstorming some great pregnancy and parenting content to share with you all. Since I’m in no position to give actual parenting advice any time soon, I came up with the idea of interviewing our friends and family members who are parents to see whatRead more

32 Week Bumpdate

8 Month Bumpdate |

Yay updates! Isn’t it weird that I only have maybe two more updates before the baby’s born?! Three posts from now, it’ll be her birth announcement. That’s insane! I know I say that with every update, but this pregnancy is literally flying by. It’s been a rather quiet past month around here so I feelRead more

27 Week Bumpdate

Second Trimester Recap |

We have finally reached the end of my second trimester! It’s craziness. Pure craziness. I still feel like I JUST announced this pregnancy like last month and now here I am, stepping into my third and final trimester. I’m so excited for this update because I feel like I’ve come a LONG way since my firstRead more

Combating Negativity and Staying Positive During Pregnancy

Combating Negativity and Staying Positive During Pregnancy |

Good morning and happy Monday lovelies! This morning I really wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about something that’s been bothering me a lot lately. This isn’t going to be a rant, but I’m hoping it can be a bit motivational for those of you who are pregnant or are planning to have kidsRead more

My Top Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

My Top Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy |

The first trimester of my pregnancy was very challenging for me. Not necessarily due to symptoms, but more from a mental health aspect. While I already had some great healthy lifestyle habits prior to becoming pregnant, it became harder to keep them up when I just wasn’t feeling like myself anymore. But pregnancy is not theRead more