6 Changes I’m Making To My Life In 2018

Good morning and happy new year everyone! I cannot believe it’s finally 2018. This wasn’t our worst year, but it definitely wasn’t our best either. It’s been a rather stressful year around here and honestly, at this point I’m feeling drained and mentally and physically exhausted. I’m more than ready to move into 2018 andRead more

Creating New Year Resolutions With Your Spouse

This is the second year that Zack and I have decided to create our own New Year resolutions. I saw another couple do this and though “Wow! Why haven’t I thought of that?”. We spend so much time creating goals for ourselves each year, but it’s not typical that a couple would create resolutions together for theirRead more

My 2017 Goals & My Word Of The Year

It’s 2017!! I am SO excited for this new year. We have so many amazing things planned for this year with our family and this blog and my career and moving plans (again). It’s going to be a super busy year, but I’m really looking forward to it. This post is going to be a littleRead more

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life In The New Year

Easy Ways to Simplify Your Life In The New Year | KeatingBartlett.com

The new year is the perfect time to simplify your life and move forward with a clean slate. I began doing this a couple years ago and it makes entering a new year so much less stressful. Rather than being tied down from everything that happened the year before, I’m free from the clutter andRead more