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Why We’re Saying Goodbye To Military Life

If you've been a long time reader of mine, then you may know that my husband is in the Marine Corps. I really don't talk about it much these days (if ever) simply because it's just not a huge part of my life and we're quite disconnected from this lifestyle at this point as well. We try to keep our ... READ the POST

Our Final Update | 11 Month Check-In

Here we are, guys.  My final update! 11 months are complete and soon I'll have my husband home with me again. As we near the end of this year long separation, I look back on the morning I said goodbye to Zack last August and remember just how impossible this year apart felt. I was devastated as I ... READ the POST

6 Foolproof Tips For Getting Through A Deployment

This post is sponsored by Martinsburg College. I received compensation for this post through my relationship with the Quality Blue Community.  All opinions are my own. Military life is hard.  Deployments and separations are a typical aspect of this lifestyle and it's always a challenge.  It can ... READ the POST

Home Of The Free, Because Of The Brave

Today's post is going to be short and simple!  I just want to wish a very happy Veteran's Day to all those who have served and are currently serving this amazing country.  And of course a special shout out to my husband, best friend, and favorite Marine. Growing up with a great-grandfather who was ... READ the POST

How To Survive The Holidays When Your Spouse Is Deployed

*This post is sponsored on behalf of Lincoln Military Housing, but all thoughts and opinions are my own. With Zack being over 7,000 miles away on the other side of the world,  I know this holiday season will be the most difficult holiday season of my life. And what makes it worse is that I ... READ the POST

Moving & Weekend Recap

I'm alive!  I feel so bad that I've been so behind on my blog life but my personal life has truly been hectic this past week to say the least.  I'm not even 100% sure how to break up the last week into posts so I'm hoping the way I have it set up right now works out okay.  The rest of this week will ... READ the POST