5 Ways A Year of Long Distance Improved My Marriage

5 Ways A Year Of Long Distance Improved My Marriage | Why Hello Lovely

Today marks three years of marriage for me and Zack. Three years already. That’s crazy to me. This time last year, Zack was overseas on a tiny island. He had been away for about a month and a half at that point and I was sitting here feeling completely miserable and lonely. I’m glad this year’s anniversaryRead more

4 Reasons Every Couple Should Go On A Road Trip

4 Reasons Every Couple Should Go On A Road Trip | Why Hello Lovely

As many of you know, Zack and I just completed our very first cross-country road trip together. We took a trip down to North Carolina to see some friends for a couple days and them merged onto I-40 and took it westward. A cross-country road trip has always been high on my bucket list so IRead more

9 Month Check-In

9 Month Check-In | Keating & Co.

First off, can we just give my “baby” sister, Alex a round of applause for my awesome new blog images (pictured above, in my sidebar and in my about me!)? I finally got to upgrade my Nikon this past month so we’ve been out playing with my new lenses this week and I couldn’t loveRead more

7 Month Check-In

7 Month Check-In | Keating & Co.

Another month down!  Whoo!  But didn’t I just do my 6 month check-in like last week??  This month really flew by.  This is going to be a super short check-in since my blog was down for the last 24 hours and I didn’t actually think I’d get to post today.  Now that we’re past the halfway point, I’mRead more

My Thoughts On Setting Boundaries In A Marriage

My Thoughts On Setting 'Boundaries' In A Marriage | Keating & Co.

Alright everyone, I have a topic here that may be a bit touchy to some people.  Before I even begin, let me just say that I do understand that every marriage is different.  What works for our marriage may not work for others and our own personal beliefs may differ from yours.  That’s perfectly okay!Read more

8 Lessons My Parent’s Divorce Taught Me About Marriage

8 Lessons My Parent's Divorce Taught Me About Marriage | Keating & Co.

I was 21 when my parents finally decided to call it quits.  I had spent years watching my parents marriage slowly crumble and honestly, I wasn’t surprised when my dad announced he was finally done.  In some ways, we were all a bit relieved.  It was Summer 2013. I had just graduated with my businessRead more

When Marriage Gets Hard

When Marriage Gets Hard | Keating & Co.

Marriage is hard.  There’s no questioning that.  But I was up for the challenge when I decided to marry Zack.  I wasn’t scared of how much work it would be or whether or not we could handle it because together, I know we can handle anything.  But adding the military and over 7,000 miles of distance toRead more

A Beginner’s Guide To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship

A Beginner's Guide To Surviving A Long Distance Relationship | Keating & Co.

I’ve been in three long distance relationships in my short, 23 years of life.  Zack and I even fell in love long distance.  I was living in Vermont with my dad and Zack was stationed in North Carolina.  We fell in love from 900 miles away and even started out our marriage long distance as well.  NowRead more

Our 2016 Marriage Resolutions

Our 2016 Marriage Resolutions | Keating & Co.

This year, I wanted to do something a little different.  Of course I did my usual New Year’s resolutions, but then I also wanted to do ones specifically for my marriage.  This year apart has been such a challenge for us so far.  We argue more than we’ve ever argued before and some days weRead more

I Don’t Want To Be A Military Spouse

It is 6 o’clock in the morning and I’m just hours away from yet another airport goodbye.  Zack has been home for three weeks visiting for the holidays and it went by way too fast.  Now we’re making the drive to Boston so he can catch his flight back to Japan.  It’s yet another dayRead more