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7 Ways To Combat Postpartum Depression Before It Arises

Postpartum depression can be a scary and challenging topic to talk about. No mom wants to go through 9 months of pregnancy only to be left feeling depressed. Motherhood is supposed to be beautiful, isn't it? Aren't those first few months supposed to be the happiest months of your life? While this ... READ the POST

25 Ways To Reconnect With Yourself Today

Sometimes when life gets hectic, it can be easy to forget to take the time to focus on ourselves. We're all guilty of it at some point or another. And honestly, you probably don't focus on yourself enough. Putting "me time" on the back burner can leave you feeling run-down, overwhelmed, stressed, ... READ the POST

Life Updates + Daily Struggles

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a really awesome week! I've been a little MIA this week so I really wanted to take a moment to check in with you all and kind up update you on things around here. Honestly, nothing major is happening to cause me to be so ... READ the POST

Blog + Life Updates

Happy Tuesday!! How are you all doing today? I hope you had an amazing weekend. Life was super crazy around here as I moved out of my friend's house and into my mother-in-law's house. It's so strange, but exciting that we're starting to prepare for Zack's homecoming already. Seriously though, where ... READ the POST

Living With Depression and Anxiety

Happy Monday!  I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I honestly just spent a lot of time sleeping and watching Netflix and really just relaxing.  For the most part, I was pretty disconnected from my phone and computer aside from answering a few emails and talking to Zack.  It was very ... READ the POST