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How To Tackle Grocery Shopping With An Infant Like A Pro

*This post is sponsored by Binxy Baby. I received free product in exchange for my honest review. All opinions are mine and mine alone.

How To Tackle Grocery Shopping With An Infant Like A Pro |

I remember the first time Zack asked me to do some grocery shopping after Allie was born. I had already taken her out a bunch of times so I had zero anxiety of taking a newborn out in public. But I had never had to manage a baby while grocery shopping. As in, I had no idea how I was going to carry her in her car seat while also pushing a shopping cart. Normally I’d just stick to picking up a couple items here and there so I’d easily be able to just push her in her stroller and carry a basket when needed. But a whole grocery trip was a whole other story. So I was a bit nervous at first.

Thankfully I did it and everyone survived…for the most part. Being a new parent is all about trial and error in order to find what works best for you and your baby so it took a couple trips before I had a good system down. Now, I can easily take her to the grocery store with zero issues. So here are my tips for surviving a shopping trip with a baby:

Stay Calm

First and foremost, stay calm. Seriously. I know that’s easier said than done but this is absolutely necessary to having a successful outing. Kids can sense tension, even as babies. So if you’re going into the grocery store stressed out, tense, and expecting the trip to go horribly then chances are, it will. If you’re freaking out every time you’re little one starts to cry, then it’s not going to make it any better. I guarantee you’ll end up leaving with only half the items on your list, if that. So go into it with a positive attitude and understand that your baby will most likely cry at some point (and if not, then that’s another win for you!). It happens and other parents get it. Don’t stress over it and definitely don’t let this be a reason to stay home!

Be Prepared

If I have a longer shopping trip ahead of me, then I always make sure my diaper bag is fully packed and stocked up. Especially with little toys, extra pacifiers, and formula. Anything that could keep her happy and entertained if she happens to start breaking down in the middle of the grocery store. I typically know what she needs and what will keep her happy so those items are always packed for her. In addition to making sure Allie has what she needs, I also make sure I have a grocery list either written out or typed up on my iPhone in Evernote. Usually Evernote works better so I can check everything off my list without having to dig through my bag for a pen. But either way, have that list handy at all times! That way you’re not wandering the store, trying to think of what else you need.

How To Tackle Grocery Shopping With An Infant Like A Pro |

How To Tackle Grocery Shopping With An Infant Like A Pro |

Work Around Baby’s Schedule

I try to plan for when Allie is fast asleep. So in order to ensure this, I make sure she is fed and changed before leaving the house. Then, most times she’ll fall right to sleep the moment we’re in the car and stay asleep the entire time we’re in the store. Sometimes she’ll wake up when I take her out of the car, but she’s an awesome baby and loves movement. So as long as she’s in motion, she’s happy and very likely to fall asleep. So by the time I walk into the grocery store with her, she’s passed back out again. My biggest tip here to make sure their bellies are full so they’re more likely to fall asleep while you’re out!

Bring A Buddy

When needed, I’ll do the shopping with a friend or wait until the weekend when Zack’s home from work. This makes it a million times easier to do larger grocery trips. Otherwise I can easily become distracted if Allie gets fussy or I’ll forget items on my list. By having a buddy, I’m able to focus on the grocery list while a friend is in charge of keeping Allie happy and calm. Sometimes she insists on being held and holding her while grocery shopping isn’t always doable. So bring backup!

Use A Binxy Baby

If you’ve ever tried shopping with a baby carrier, you know that car seats and carriers take up an entire shopping cart. Seriously. So I’ve only put Allie in the actual shopping cart a handful of times. Up until the Binxy Baby, I would just resort to trying to wear her or just putting her whole carrier in the cart and doing my best to fit as many items in there as I could. Neither system worked very well. Wearing her sometimes hurt my back after a while and putting the carrier in the cart really limited what I could buy. So enter the Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock.

How To Tackle Grocery Shopping With An Infant Like A Pro |

I had seen a few others who have used Binxy Baby with their own babies but I never thought to actually purchase one or put one on our baby registry. But man am I glad I finally have one. This thing has been such a lifesaver.

First and foremost, let’s talk safety because as a mom safety is one of my top priorities when trying out a product like this. I admit I was a little worried at first that maybe it would break and Allie would get hurt or something. I just wasn’t sure how doable the material would be nor did I know how easily it would fit to various shopping carts. So I tested it out in both Target and Walmart and it fit both carts perfectly!

The Binxy Baby Shopping Cart Hammock is made of a thicker fabric and the way it’s put together makes it very durable. It actually holds up to 50 pounds and it even holds your child’s car seat! You just slip the car seat right into the hammock and buckle it in and you’re good to go! This makes it a bit easier when baby is sleeping and you don’t want to take them out of their car seat. It even comes with a seat belt which is perfect for a baby like Allie who’s constantly on the move (I swear she’ll be crawling and rolling over before most babies). So it’s safe to say that this product is very safe to use!

Binxy Baby comes in tons of various colors and patterns and after exploring the Binxy Baby website, I decided to pick up the gray and aqua one. I wasn’t sure if she’d sit still in it or like it as much as she likes her car seat, but the first time I put her in it, she spent the entire trip smiling at me. She loved it! A little wiggly at times, but that’s typical of her. She was very happy the entire time we were out and we got lots of compliments on it as well.

So overall Binxy Baby is a huge win in my book! I now keep it in my car so that I always have it with me whenever I take her out. This is a must-have product for new moms and a complete lifesaver for shopping trips.

How do you handle grocery shopping with an infant?