San Diego Bucket List

Our San Diego Bucket List| Why Hello Lovely

We are officially in our final week in Maine as well as on the east coast. This time next week, we’ll be in the car, heading towards our new life in beautiful San Diego. It’s surreal. I’ve never left the east coast before so the trip alone will be an adventure. There will be so many new places to see and things to do. New restaurants to eat at, beaches to visit, towns and cities to explore. It makes me excited just thinking about it! Over the last couple months, I’ve been gathering ideas for what we should do while we’re stationed in California. I’m sure I’ll be adding to this list as we go, but I think this is a good starting point for now.

  • Visit our friends in North Carolina (read more here)
  • Stop at the Grand Canyon
  • Drive down route 66…while listening to the song.
  • Eat in Little Italy
  • SeaWorld
  • San Diego Zoo
  • Go whale watching
  • Attend an air show on base
  • Go deep sea fishing
  • Kayak in the bay
  • See the sunset at Sunset Cliffs
  • Cruise the Pacific for dinner (read more here)
  • Check out a Padres Game at Petco Park
  • Take the ferry to Coronado Island
  • See the sea lions up close at La Jolla
  • Balboa Park
  • Attend Coachella
  • Disneyland
  • See the Ellen Show live
  • Take a trip to Vegas
  • Travel to Hawaii
  • Travel to Denver
  • Cruise to Alaska?
  • Visit Napa – vineyards
  • San Francisco
    • See the Patriots play in San Francisco
  • Drive up the Coastal Highway
  • Travel to Los Angeles (read more here)

I am SO unbelievably excited to start this journey and re-build my life with Zack in a brand new place. This is going to be an amazing adventure and I’m more than ready for it all to begin!

Have you traveled to San Diego? What else should I add to our list?

  • I’ve never traveled to San Diego before but I do have some family that lived there for a while and said it was their favorite city to be in. Have fun on your road trip!

    • I’ve heard so many great things about San Diego! Everyone I’ve talked to that’s been said it was a great city so we have high hopes for it at this point haha hopefully we’ll love it just as much.

  • I love your bucket list all great things! Definitely check out Disneyland, Seaworld and the San Diego Zoo! My family took a few trips down there as a kid and it was a blast! I would love to go back again. My friend went to Coachella a few years ago and loved it! If you get a chance, I would recommend checking out the Redwood National Forest in Northern California! And if your in Northern Cali, you might as well drive up to the Oregon Coast and visit Lincoln City and Newport. It is definitely worth it!

    • Thanks for the recommendations!! I’ll add all of those to the list. I’m so excited to see some of the scenery out there. A friend of mine gave me a huge list of National Parks to check out so I’ll have to highlight the ones that everyone recommends.

  • YAY! So excited for you guys!

  • So excited for you! Starting fresh in a new place with your husband will be so good! Dustin and I are leaving for our new home in Utah in two weeks and I’m so excited to start in a new place with him! Fresh starts are the best!

    • Thanks Chelsie!! We’re super thrilled and can’t wait to get there. Moving is so much fun. Where are you living now?? I’ve been so behind in blogging lately so I didn’t even know you were moving haha I need to get back to it.

  • Thanks for the suggestions!! I’ll add the wineries to the list. I’m always open to finding a new place to drink haha I’ll add the rest of those as well. I can’t believe I forgot to add Yosemite and Sequoia National Park. And I’ll check out that post too! 🙂

  • You’re going to love it! Let me know on the night you go to a Padres game, there is a great little secret speakeasy by Petco Park that we love to visit and share 🙂

    • I ‘ll let you know!! I know we’ll be there a lot next season. Especially when the Red Sox come to town lol