• Gayathri Ramdas Sreekanth

    Nice post and you have touched upon so many details which is important to new parents while making this decision. For us where we come from I.e India, kids sleep with the parents until the age of 5-6 sometime even in the same bed ! Although it might come off weird, we just couldn’t do it any other way. One of the prime reasons being that it nurtures much more emotionally independent kids and even a stronger bonding. That’s how it’s being done since generations. But ofcourse to each his own!

    • Thanks for sharing that with me! I don’t know much about other cultures in that sense so it’s super interesting to me that families there room share for so long. I feel like here, it would be considered weird if your child is still sleeping in the same bed haha it’s so cool to see the differences between cultures 🙂

  • This brings back memories of so many sleepless nights! You make really good points and I think it’s always best for new parents to do what makes them feel most comfortable when raising their child.

    • Thank you! It’s definitely been some trial and error here for the last month, but at this point she’s actually almost sleeping all the way through the night which is crazy to me. I’m very glad we have a system that works well for us. It really helps in ensuring that everyone is able to sleep as much as possible.

  • I don’t blame you for wanting her closer! I’d definitely want her close for that reason as well. And having her close to us is soooo nice. I’m super thankful that we’re all sleeping so well. I think we’re planning to keep her in our room for the full 6-12 months like recommended as long as everyone is still sleeping well. She’s actually almost slept all the way through the night the past few nights too! So we’re playing it by ear for now and going with the flow 🙂

    As for breastfeeding, I was just never comfortable with it. I can’t really explain it. I understand it’s natural, it but it’s just something that’s always made me very feel uncomfortable and weird. I’m much more comfortable with formula feeding. And co-sleeping is just so dangerous for so many reasons. My doctors were always very supportive of every choice we made for our child but they flat out told us not to consider co-sleeping (which we had already decided against anyways) so I took that very seriously and plan to stick by it 100%.

    • Gina Spyropoulos

      That’s awesome that she is sleeping so well!

      Fed is best – that’s our motto over at mommamusing.com. 😉 We bottle feed right now, too.