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The Giant List Of Things You Can Do On Your Day Off (besides watching Netflix)

The Giant List Of Things You Can Do On Your Day Off | Keating & Co.

I love days off, but there’s just nothing worse than having a day off that lacks productivity. It drives me insane! Some people can spend their days off curled up on the couch with some snacks and Netflix, but not this girl! Don’t get me wrong, I love relaxing and catching up on my television shows. Zack and I are huge fans of binge watching Netflix and watching movies. But I just cannot make a day out of it. Especially with the weather getting more and more beautiful. Why spend the day watching Netflix when there are a million other things you could be doing?? So here’s my giant list of things you can do on your next day off.

  1. Wash and clean out the car.
  2. Do a deep clean of the house (the perfect time to tackle those hard to reach places…or the tasks you’ve been putting off for weeks now).
  3. Organize your closet and donate old clothes to a charity.
  4. Organize your finances (and pay any bills that need to be paid!).
  5. Organize your business.
  6. Clean out your social media profiles.
  7. Clean off your computer/phone/tablet.
  8. Declutter your home.
  9. Re-organize your music playlists (am I the only one who loves doing this??).
  10. Clean out your makeup/beauty products (there’s bound to be some old ones in there that need to be thrown out!).
  11. Clean out the refrigerator (and restock if needed).
  12. Clean up the yard (maybe even start a garden!).
  13. Start on a home improvement project.
  1. Read a book.
  2. Learn how to do something new.
  3. Explore some personal development techniques.
  4. Update your resume.
  5. Take on a part time job.
  6. Go back to school or find some helpful/fun classes you can take.
  7. Volunteer your time to a local charity or organization.
  8. Pay it forward (pay for someone’s groceries or do something nice for someone else).
  1. Hit the gym (or join a gym if you’re not already a member).
  2. Find a new jogging path and go for a jog.
  3. Join a fitness class!
  4. Take your dog for a walk/jog.
  5. Go for a bike ride.
  6. Try out a new dance style.
  7. Find a relaxing yoga class to destress for an hour.
  8. Get a massage.
  9. Treat yourself to a spa day with a manicure and pedicure.
  1. Go for a hike.
  2. Spend the day at the beach.
  3. Visit a National Park.
  4. Visit a local zoo.
  5. Go camping for the weekend.
  6. Go on a picnic in a nice park.
  1. Run all those errands that you’ve been meaning to do.
  2. Start a blog.
  3. Take on a new hobby.
  4. Go to the movies.
  5. Miniature golfing.
  6. Bowling.
  7. Try out a new wine.
  8. Have a cocktail at a local bar.
  9. Grab coffee with an old friend.
  10. Spend time with your kids and/or spouse/significant other outside of the house.
  11. Call a friend or family member just to say ‘hi’ and catch up (better yet, stop by their home and visit…with their permission, of course!).
  12. Find a local festival to check out.
  13. Go to a concert.
  14. Find a new restaurant to try out in your town.
  15. Treat yourself to ice cream.
  16. Go window shopping (or actual shopping if you have the money).
  17. Take a day trip to a nearby city or town.
  18. Go to a baseball game.
  19. Be a tourist in your town.

Of course there are so many other things you could do with your time off, but this is a good starter list for those of you who need some ideas. By the end of the day, you’ll feel much better knowing you accomplished something on your day off rather than spending it in bed, watching Netflix.


What do you do with your day off?