Combating Negativity and Staying Positive During Pregnancy

Combating Negativity and Staying Positive During Pregnancy |

Good morning and happy Monday lovelies! This morning I really wanted to take a moment to talk to you all about something that’s been bothering me a lot lately. This isn’t going to be a rant, but I’m hoping it can be a bit motivational for those of you who are pregnant or are planning to have kidsRead more

Why It’s Important To Focus On Self-Care

Over the weekend, an issue got brought up in one of the business Facebook groups I’m in. The topic was self-care and whether or not others felt guilty for practicing self-care. I was really curious to see the answers so I was quick to click on it to check them out. After reading some of the responses,Read more

Life Updates + Daily Struggles

Life Updates + Daily Struggles |

Good morning and happy Thursday everyone! I hope you all are having a really awesome week! I’ve been a little MIA this week so I really wanted to take a moment to check in with you all and kind up update you on things around here. Honestly, nothing major is happening to cause me toRead more

Healthy Snacks for Busy Women

Healthy Snacks for Busy Women |

Sometimes life can get hectic and when life gets hectic, we tend to let our diet and exercise slip. I’m guilty of it. When Zack and I were moving cross-country, I ended up having one big “cheat month”. It was horrible, you guys. I also did not know that I was pregnant yet either soRead more

My Top Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy

My Top Tips For A Healthy Pregnancy |

The first trimester of my pregnancy was very challenging for me. Not necessarily due to symptoms, but more from a mental health aspect. While I already had some great healthy lifestyle habits prior to becoming pregnant, it became harder to keep them up when I just wasn’t feeling like myself anymore. But pregnancy is not theRead more

Creating New Year Resolutions With Your Spouse

This is the second year that Zack and I have decided to create our own New Year resolutions. I saw another couple do this and though “Wow! Why haven’t I thought of that?”. We spend so much time creating goals for ourselves each year, but it’s not typical that a couple would create resolutions together for theirRead more

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A…

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A... |

Last Thursday, we had the long-awaited anatomy ultrasound appointment. I was hoping to have this appointment before the holidays, but I’m really glad my doctor made me wait until 20 weeks because we got to see so much of our little one. Leading up to the appointment, the only thing I was concerned about was whether itRead more

20 Week Bumpdate

I haven’t done a bumpdate since my 15-week mark, so I thought I’d start doing them every five weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy. Today I’m 20 weeks! It’s crazy to think I’ve reached the halfway point already. It’s a little bittersweet, but I’ll be honest, I’m so ready to get through the lastRead more

How to Plan Out Your Editorial Calendar For The Entire Year

*This post contains affiliate links. This past week, I spent a few hours putting together my editorial calendar for the entire year. Of course this is a rough calendar and it’s very likely that I’ll make changes as I go, but it makes my year so much easier when all of my blog content is alreadyRead more

My 2017 Goals & My Word Of The Year

It’s 2017!! I am SO excited for this new year. We have so many amazing things planned for this year with our family and this blog and my career and moving plans (again). It’s going to be a super busy year, but I’m really looking forward to it. This post is going to be a littleRead more