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Non-Maternity Wardrobe Must-Have's | KeatingBartlett.com

Even before I got pregnant, I was very against ever having to purchase maternity clothes. Call me crazy or “unrealistic” or ridiculous. But maternity clothing just isn’t cute to me. Maternity clothes are big and it’s not attractive and most of all, it’s expensive. It’s just as expensive as regular clothing, if not more so it’s insane to me to even think about buying a whole new wardrobe when you’d only be wearing it for a few months. And call me spoiled or picky, but buying secondhand wasn’t an option. SO with all that said, I was determined from day one to keep my weight gain under control and improvise with my wardrobe whenever needed.

Thankfully I’ve been so very fortunate to have been able to wear my normal wardrobe for my entire pregnancy. A couple of family members had bought me maternity leggings and a pair of maternity jeans back around Christmastime and even now, at almost 9 months pregnant, they don’t fit whatsoever. Tags are still on them. So rather than wasting money on clothes that don’t make me feel good about myself, here’s my top NON-maternity wardrobe must-have’s.


Buying maternity jeans was just not an option in my brain. Noooooo thank you. So instead, I opted for two great pairs of jeggings (both in my normal sizes…one pair in a small and one in medium). I spent maybe $10 on each pair at Walmart and LOVE them. I’ll definitely continue to wear them even after pregnancy. They’re super comfortable and you can’t even tell they’re not real jeans. Which was a bit of a surprise to me considering they came from Walmart. I’m not a fan of Walmart clothing whatsoever. The quality just isn’t there for me. But when I saw these, I was instantly amazed with how much they looked like normal jeans. So I was sold!


Sorry, but I’m one of those people who truly believe leggings and yoga pants can be worn as pants (but ONLY if they’re not see-through!! PLEASE check this first before leaving the house!!). I LOVE them. Athletic wear in general just makes me feel amazing for some reason. It’s just as great as a good pair of heels. Maybe my brain just connects my work out clothes with how awesome I feel when I work out. So my brain just naturally releases endorphins when I have work out clothes on (is this a crazy theory? haha). Plus athletic wear is stretchy! How perfect is that for pregnancy?! When I’m home or even just out running errands, I’m almost always in leggings or athletic wear.


Cardigans are one of those items that you don’t have to buy maternity. If they don’t button, then there’s just no need to buy new ones (although I’ve seen people do it…). So I lived in my cardigans and comfy sweaters throughout the winter months along with my comfy leggings and/or jeggings. It’s already my to go winter look paired with cute boots so this didn’t require too much altering.

I did, however, buy longer tank tops from Target to go under them to accommodate the bump. I bought them in a medium so I had a little stretching room if needed and now they’re my all-time favorite tank tops. I swear I’ve bought them in every color Target carries (I’m a huge tank top and jeans kind of girl!). Target’s maternity section had the same exact tank tops as well so if you’re wanting to go maternity, then you can. But they’re literally the SAME top, but cost like $5 more. Which didn’t make sense to me whatsoever. In the women’s section, these tanks were $10 each, but I bought them on sale for about $6. That’s a win!


If you live in a warmer state or are pregnant throughout the summer months, I totally recommend stocking up on maxi dresses! Not only are they super comfortable and airy, they’re loose! So you can wear them even after pregnancy as well which is a huge win in my book. Every woman needs some cute dresses in her wardrobe and maxi dresses are perfect for all pregnant women.

I bought a few super cute dresses from Target and even picked some up at Forever 21 as well. All super cheap. I think the ones I bought at Target were between $15 and $25 or so and then at Forever 21, they were all under $20. My two favorites were even under $15, actually. So it’s not too challenging to find one that fits your budget! I could easily wear these dresses every single day and be so happy. They make me feel super pretty while still being comfortable and making my bump look cute as well. No pregnant woman looks horrible in a maxi dress!


I’m literally obsessed with loose tops. I’m not sure what it is about them, but I can’t help but buy more whenever I’m out shopping. I really need to branch out a bit once the baby arrives and expand my wardrobe past my tank top and jeans look. But my love for loose and flowy tops has literally saved me from having to buy new shirts during my pregnancy. And not only are they super comfortable and easy to wear with a bump, they’re good at hiding my bump as well.

I’m not saying you should want to hide your bump or anything negative like that. Bringing a baby into the world isn’t a negative thing, it’s exciting! But sometimes I just don’t want the attention that goes along with having a baby bump. I’ve made it this far without people asking (or not asking) to touch my bump and I’d like to keep it that way. Plus you then get sucked into sooooo many questions which then leads to people wanting to give their advice. There are rare occasions where I love showing it off, but most times I just don’t want someone pointing out and reminding me that my abs are gone. So loose tops are my best friend.


I’m currently really loving bralettes. I’ve gone on a little bit of a shopping spree with them these past few months and at this point, I have at least one of every color. But they’re just so cute and comfy and they look awesome under those loose tanks I was telling you about. And they’re perfect for pregnancy simply because of the lack of underwire. I wear a ton of sports bras at home as well so it’s less constricting. I never had this issue pre-pregnancy because I didn’t have boobs, but now I love when I can wear a cute sports bra or bralette instead of an actual bra.

What are/were your favorite non-maternity wardrobe essentials?



  • As someone who hopes to get pregnant in the next year, I love this! Definitely saving this for later!

  • Glad you’ve figured out a system for being BOTH stylish and comfy during this stage of life!

  • Jen

    I loved my maternity clothes, I know it isn’t for everyone but I was definitely thankful for it. I never found them to be unattractive, Target and Old Navy always had such cute stuff that didn’t break the bank. I was able to still wear a few pieces from my normal wardrobe but I found maternity clothes more comfortable.

    • I don’t know what it is, but maternity clothes just always looked so big and awkward to me haha and I never gained a whole lot of weight this pregnancy either so even the pieces our family bought me STILL don’t fit. So I’m very glad I didn’t end up buying any ahead of time. But that’s so great that you were able to find another spouse who needed them!! I’m always seeing spouses looking for cheap or free maternity clothes. I probably would have done the same thing if I had purchased any.

  • I love all these too! I can’t imagine buying maternity clothes for myself either. It sounds like a waste of money.

    • I am SO glad I didn’t buy any. I’m now almost to the end and even the pieces friends and family bought me for Christmas STILL don’t fit. And they’re all smalls. So even if I wanted maternity clothes, they still would have been a little bit of a waste considering they don’t fit haha I’m in this weird in between area.

  • Lisa McDermott

    Honestly I was the same way in the beginning with maternity jeans but they have been a lifesaver for me and I found some for $10! I’m so not down To spend $150 on them though so I guess I got lucky I found some cute ones for cheap!

    • That’s so great you were able to find some jeans for cheap! Jeans are so horrible to buy sometimes because they’re just so expensive. My jeggings have been my lifesaver. They look and feel amazing! I’ve been so fortunate for them haha

  • Leighann Hall

    Love this! I tried to go as long as possible without buying maternity clothes and saved a lot of money!!!

    • I’m so glad you loved this! I adjusted my wardrobe as I went as well, but I’m so glad I didn’t have to buy actual maternity clothes. Even the pieces my family bought me for Christmas STILL don’t fit. And they’re all smalls haha so I lucked out there.