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Moving & Weekend Recap

I’m alive!  I feel so bad that I’ve been so behind on my blog life but my personal life has truly been hectic this past week to say the least.  I’m not even 100% sure how to break up the last week into posts so I’m hoping the way I have it set up right now works out okay.  The rest of this week will most likely be updates and LOTS of photos.  So since this is going to take a while, let’s get started!


Friday had to have been one of the most depressing days of my life.  Seriously.  On the bright side, I only had a few breakdowns while the movers were at the house and then had a complete meltdown in the car as we were driving off base.  So it wasn’t as many breakdowns as I had anticipated.  I did “pretty well” by my standards.

We woke up around 8 that morning, took showers, went on our last coffee run, and then began getting the house cleaned and organized before the movers arrived.  I wanted to get as much done as I could before they got there so that it wouldn’t take as long to get out the door and start our 15-hour road trip to Maine.

11224520_654225418048368_6954873394442545974_nThe movers arrived around 10:30am (although they were supposed to be there between 8 and 10am).  About an hour later, most of the house was completely packed up already.  I knew they’d done this a few times, but I really didn’t think they’d be as quick as they were.  The entire house was probably all packed up within an hour and a half of them arriving.

11888067_654225474715029_1795690129936739751_nSeeing the house all packed up really got to me a few times.  It was hard to see all of our belongings in boxes again.  I feel like we had just moved in a few months ago.  I wasn’t ready to be packing up again and moving on.  At one point, when almost everything was cleared out of the house and loaded onto the moving truck, I sat down on the living room floor and thought about the day we moved in.  We didn’t have couches yet (or any furniture for that matter) so every night was spent sitting on the living room floor, binge-watching The Office.  We’d even bring down the pillows and blankets from our bed to make our space cozier.  I miss nights like those.  We didn’t have much yet.  Typical newlyweds.  But I remember feeling so fortunate and thankful for our nice home and to have him as my husband.

11000040_654225444715032_6840591179109811646_nOkay so enough with the sappiness…I’m making myself cry.

Watching the movers pack everything onto the truck was pretty entertaining.  My family has moved many times and I always thought my dad was a super good packer.  But then I watched these guys and realized my dad might be good, but he’s definitely not a professional.  These guys must be masters at Tetris.  It’s insane.  We had three empty crates to fill up with ALL of our belongings and they were able to get 95% of it into just two crates.  The third was only about half full (if that) and consisted of miscellaneous things like our second couch.  There’s no way I could have packed it as easily as they did.

11846640_654225468048363_5332409020323577842_nOnce everything was loaded into the trucks, I realized that this would probably be our easiest move of Zack’s military career (aside from him going from Lejeune to Cherry Point in 2013 since they were only an hour away and he didn’t have me yet).  We have no idea where we’ll end up next year, but I’m bound to accumulate more furniture while he’s overseas.  If he reenlists again then the move after that will probably include children.  It’s only going to get more challenging.  So I’m fortunate that we didn’t have children involved in this move.

11873395_654270144710562_5377933662547766343_nThe movers left around 2:30pm which wasn’t bad at all.  My goal was to be on our way to Maine by 3pm so it was nice to be on schedule.

The first half of the drive wasn’t the most fun.  We had planned to stop driving around midnight since we had been up all day.  That would leave us with a 6-hour drive on Saturday.  Well by the time midnight rolled around, we were in the middle of the Jersey Turnpike and if you’ve ever traveled on that turnpike, then you know it’s not the best place to get off the highway.  For one, it’s a $13 toll to drive it from start to finish.  We didn’t want extra tolls by having to get off the highway an get back onto it the next day.  Second, you’re too close to the city to get a cheap hotel room.  So we decided at that point, we HAD to make it through NYC and find a hotel an hour or so past that.

Well, 3 1/2 hours later, we finally pulled off the highway and stayed overnight in Connecticut.  The hotel was pretty sketchy (as in our first room didn’t latch closed…at all and there were two men pacing around outside), but we survived.  It was almost 4am so we really needed a place to sleep at that point.


Saturday deserves its own post so I will be posting more about it tomorrow (if you’re my Facebook friend or follow me on Instagram or anything like that, then you probably already heard a little bit about this day).  In short, we arrived in Maine at around 4pm after a 5 hour drive from Connecticut.  We hit some traffic in Massachusetts and a lot in New Hampshire as we were trying to cross the bridge into Maine, but overall, it wasn’t a bad day at all!


Sunday, we slept in a little bit and then I was off to spend time with Chelsea shortly after waking up.  We did our usual Starbucks and shopping for the afternoon.  I really wanted to try to find a new bag at the mall, but unfortunately, I didn’t find anything worth buying.  I must have looked in ten different stores and nothing jumped out at me which is very strange for me.  I always find something to buy while shopping.

11846781_655023904635186_5602788364031814028_nSince the mall was unsuccessful, we went across the street to Chipotle to have some lunch.  I’ve only been to Chipotle a couple times and I’m not too big on Mexican foods, so I really don’t get too crazy with my orders.  I was “daring” and tried the burrito bowl, but legit only had rice, chicken, lettuce, and salsa on it.  Not very exciting, but it was delicious.

11892165_655024104635166_152209256446489602_nAfter Chipotle, we headed to the Old Port (downtown Portland) to check out some of the shops.  I love the Old Port in the summertime.  It’s so colorful and there are tons of little shops you can go into.  It’s also right on the water so you have the nice breeze coming off he bay and there are plenty of places to eat, especially if you like seafood.  I think this is the only thing I love in Maine.  It made me so happy to wander the side streets with Chelsea and go into the shops.  Unfortunately, I still didn’t find any bags that I absolutely had to buy so I left a little disappointed.

11904637_655023944635182_2699678601571860442_nWhile I was in the Old Port with Chelsea, Zack was at his grandmother’s house with mom, Mitchell, and Ryan.  I went back to the house to get changed for dinner and then made a trip to Windham to see them for a bit.  I’m horrible at keeping track of time and estimating it and all that so I really didn’t leave myself enough time to really spend time with all of them before heading to dinner.

11885202_655023937968516_9188636279100331159_nAfter about 30 minutes with family, I had to head back to Portland for dinner with Kendal, Alex, and Miranda.  They spent the day in Old Orchard Beach (OOB) so we decided to all meet up for dinner at Fuji (the best sushi restaurant in the Old Port).   Being me, I was about 30 minutes late to dinner.  They were pretty much starving by the time I arrived.  It was very much worth the wait though.  Fuji is the best!  It’s a little on the fancier side, but it’s a very relaxing environment.  I’m pretty sure the people sitting next to us hated us though.  We got a few stares because God forbid, we talk to one another and laugh during dinner.

Overall, I’d say our first weekend in Maine was a success.  Today is the worst day so far, but it should get better this afternoon.  So far, it’s been nice to spend time with family and see everyone, but I’m already dreading the day I have to bring Zack to the airport and say goodbye.