Moving Forward | My Thoughts On The 2016 Election

Moving Forward: My Thoughts On The 2016 Election | Why Hello Lovely

Good morning/afternoon everyone! Happy Wednesday! How are you all doing and feeling today? I know this post is coming at you a little late in the day, but I’ve just been at a complete loss of words this morning. I originally had another post scheduled for this morning and then felt weird about posting on a day like today. So I removed it from the schedule and now I’m here and I’m posing and I’m feeling a whole lot of emotions. I debated a lot on whether or not to post my personal beliefs here. It can be such a touchy subject and I really love the community that I’ve created around this blog. At the same time, I’ve always felt welcome to post my feelings here. You all have always been so amazing and supportive through everything life’s thrown my way these past couple years so I’m choosing to open up and share some thoughts and feelings with you all this morning.

I in no way want this to cause any arguments. I love all my readers regardless of who you may have voted for yesterday or what your own views and opinions are. Everyone is entitled to have those opinions and think freely. That’s part of what makes this country so amazing. All I ask here is that everyone keeps the comments section positive and supportive!

Like many others, I watched last night’s election like a hawk. I had so many windows open on my computer, live streaming the election day coverage on multiple news stations. I then had multiple windows open on my iPhone, refreshing the polls to see the latest updates. It was probably the most stressful election I’ve had in my lifetime. Growing up, I was never into politics. I’m still not, really. But I always felt that these things just didn’t affect my own life. And at those ages, maybe it didn’t. I wasn’t paying taxes or looking to have an abortion or anything like that. So in some ways, I guess maybe they didn’t affect me as much.

But now I’m 24. I’m at an age where I’m better able to understand politics and how these elections can impact my own life as well as the lives of others. I’m better able to determine what I need as an individual as well as what others in our country need as well. I can make educated decisions and I love having the right to be apart of something as big and amazing as a presidential election. I remember when I voted for the first time back in 2012. It was much more exciting than I thought it would be. Like this year’s election, I was glued to my computer, watching the polls and was thrilled when they announced Obama would continue his presidency for another term. It was amazing to know that I contributed to his win.

Moving Forward: My Thoughts On The Election | Why Hello Lovely

This year, our votes mattered even more. Everyone came into this election with very different views. Being a woman, I knew right from the start that there was no way I could ever support Trump as our next president. No questions asked. Just seeing and hearing the way he treated women, minorities, members of the LGBT community and those with disabilities was enough for me to determine that I couldn’t support him. We live in a country where we’ve come so far in terms of equal rights. I was so proud to see our country elect its first African American president. I was proud when we re-elected him. And I was proud when states started approving gay marriage. It’s baby steps, but compared to the world our parents, grandparents and great grandparents lived in, we’ve come a long way. And to me, our country took a huge step in the wrong direction last night.

Just skimming Twitter and Facebook, it saddened me to see so many people fearful. Afraid that their families would be torn apart or their rights would be taken away. Afraid of another World War or worse, another economic depression. I myself am scared. How do we even begin to explain this to our children (or future children)? If I were to have a daughter, how would I explain to her why she lives in a country where she’s not treated the same as men? Where she doesn’t have the same rights. Where rape-culture is accepted. Where she doesn’t have control over her own body. I can’t even imagine what parents are going through right now. And what scares me even more is that I live in a country where so many people think those things are okay.

I am so fortunate to so have so many beautiful, strong, amazing, independent women in my life. I’m fortunate that I have so many people in my life who love and support me and my right to stand up for my own beliefs. I don’t know what the future holds for women in this country. For minorities. For members of the LGBT community. For those with disabilities. The future is one big question mark right now. Full of unknowns. And that’s terrifying.

Our country is very divided today. For once, I really am so hopeful that we’re all wrong in how we feel about him and the possible outcomes of this election. I hope that promises are kept and this country is able to reunite to make some big, positive changes. I hope to see this country continue to move forward rather than backward. Today, I’m doing my best to be hopeful. At this point, that’s really all we can do.

How do you feel after this year’s election?

  • Ayanna

    Well said. The fear that many of us face is real. I have 3 daughters and during this election I tried to stress to them the importance of and what a privilege we have to be able to vote. Not focus on all the negative things going on. All we can do now is stay hopeful and prayerful at a time in our country were we are so divided.

  • Rae

    I couldn’t vote for either one of them. I’ve had friends discriminated on because of their skin and religion. I’ve had friends killed by undocumented immigrants. I’ve sat with my husband in the waiting room at the VA and heard the stories of men who have been waiting months to access the services they were promised. I’ve been paid less than a man with less education than I do. Had the outcome been different last night, I would have felt the same way.

  • Karissa Ancell

    Having a daughter who is now old enough to understand some of what is going on with this election. She’s 10 so she only sort of understands it. Having her made me even stronger in my beliefs and now more afraid than ever. I don’t want this man to make decisions for her life and body for the next few years. All we can do though is try to have faith in the system to keep him from doing any lasting harm. It’s not easy but it’s all I can do.

  • So well written & almost like you took the words right out of my head! Spread kindness, that’s what we need to do now. Xx

  • Well said. I voted 3rd party as I’m completely fed up with the 2 party system. I knew that there was a slim to none chance of winning as a 3rd party voter, but I have a clean conscience that I didn’t vote for a man that doesn’t represent what I believe in. I’m sad that so many of my friends are hurting (I am, too as a minority woman) but I am hopeful that this will open our eyes as a country at how incredibly divided we are. Now, more than ever, we need to come together as a nation despite our differences. We need to celebrate our diversity instead of vilify it. I pray that in 4 years we can at least claim that we have made greater strides towards become united while being kind and gracious toward one another. Hate begets hate.

    • I voted 3rd party too! Holla!! 🙂 I too have a clean conscience. Neither of them aligned with my beliefs and either of their wins would have been a disappointment to me anyway. As expected, I woke up disappointed, but what makes me sadder is the gloating, the mudslinging, and the hurtful words I see being thrown from one friend to another. Neither “side” is any more inclusive and/or accepting of sex, race, religion, etc… because acceptance doesn’t come from one particular party, but from people. Sadly, the divisiveness of today has shown me how closed minded or bigoted ANYONE can be.. regardless of party. I, too, pray that we can move forward in unity and respect to live in freedom among those we live and work alongside each day. <3 I have no idea whether our beliefs even aline, but I so agree with what you said, Vanessa, and I stand shoulder to shoulder with you!

      • I just checked out your blog and I think it’s safe to say that our beliefs align 🙂

  • I tried to refrain from social media today. It has been nothing but disheartening things being said from both sides. I do not care if someone voted for this candidate or the other. We have a right to vote for who we feel is best fit. I do however, think there is no reason to disrespect someone for their beliefs. People are no longer friends because they can not respect one another for having different opinions. This is why America is great (well at times because we have our faults). We are a melting pot of so many beautiful people. We should not be scared or ashamed to be who we are. I hope that in time we can come together and move forward. It is going to take a lot of time. Great post!

  • This has been the toughest election to watch, by far. It blew my mind how nasty supporters on both sides were toward each and how critical everyone was of their fellow Americans’ opinions. I’m just happy it’s all over!

  • LoveinTheAirForce

    I voted third party, so I can wipe my hands clean of all this, but it really bothers me how angry and depressed people are about the election. What bothers me most is that most people in my feed who were Hillary supporters are touting how we need to come together and love each other, but then immediately turn around and spread hate about Trump supporters. It’s like, I know you all disagree with the other side, but you’re essentially saying that you want to love this country while hating half of it. I understand that it would be almost exactly the same if Hillary had won (but with the roles reversed), but that doesn’t make it okay.

    If we’re really serious about coming together as a country, we need to accept what’s happened and find ways to make ourselves and communities better regardless of our political parties. We all have more in common than we realize. There’s no need to demonize each other.

    End of rant.

  • The last few days have been so, so hard to watch. I’m also hopeful that things will turn out better than we expect. We have to hope for that!

    • This is one of the very few times where I really do hope I’m wrong. I would love to see him succeed and continue to improve our country. Who wouldn’t want that?! I just haven’t had very high hopes for it. i’m trying to keep my expectations realistic.