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Milspouse Gift Guide

This post is sponsored by Dell, however all opinions are my own.

Milspouse Gift Guide | Why Hello Lovely

Alex & Ani | Keurig | Beauty Gift Sets | Stemless Wine Glasses | Dell Computer

It’s Christmastime which means it’s also time to bring out some great holiday gift guides!  I don’t want to bombard your feeds with a million gift guides, but it’s so hard to choose just a few to do.  I hope to bring you one gift guide every week from now until Christmas (probably about five total).

Today’s gift guide is for the military spouse in your life.  Military life can be challenging to say the least and Christmas is a great time to help out a military spouse and show them you care and are thinking of them.  There are so many great gifts out there that any military spouse would love, but I decided to choose five of those items for today’s gift guide.

Alex & Ani.

I’m absolutely obsessed with Alex & Ani bangles!  I have a USMC one and I wear it every single day of my life.  I think his grandmother was the one who purchased it for me for my 23rd birthday.  It’s just nice to know I always have a little piece of Zack with me wherever I go.  If the military spouse in your life already has one for her husband’s branch, then there are plenty of other options on the Alex & Ani website!  The next one on my wish list is a paw print for our fur baby.


What military spouse doesn’t love and/or need coffee in their life?  Oh right, we all do!  Coffee is my go to drink every single morning.  It’s a great way to get me through the first half of my day and sometimes it even gets me through the second half of my day as well.  I know I’d love to receive a great coffee maker for Christmas.

Beauty gift sets.

I love getting beauty products and gift sets for Christmas.  I’m happy with anything that contains lotions and bubble bath mixtures and face masks.  I’m a typical girl.  Life can get hectic sometimes so this gives me an excuse to relax more and pamper myself.  I always feel better after a nice bubble bath or a manicure or even just by using a new, good-smelling body lotion.

Stemless wine glasses.

I’ve never met a military spouse who doesn’t love a good glass of wine.  And honestly, sometimes we just need it!  After a long day of dealing with whatever it is that I’m dealing with that day, it’s always nice to end it with a glass of wine and some Netflix.  I know these gorgeous glasses will be on my Christmas list this year!

Dell computer.

It’s no surprise that military spouses are hooked on technology.  Our phones and computers are lifelines for us.  They connect us with loved ones back home as well as our spouses while they’re overseas.  They allow us to be “present” for birthdays and holidays and other special occasions throughout the year.  Because of this, a new computer makes the perfect gift or any military spouse.  Thanks to technology, Zack and I were able to Skype with his family to open presents with them on Christmas day last year.  I can even have face to face conversations with him now that he’s stationed overseas.

Dell offers an awesome military discount to our servicemen and women to help make these purchases more affordable.  You can also receive an additional 10% off coupon if you reach out to Emily Crisman via email at  Every military spouse needs and deserves a great computer to keep them connected with their loved ones.  So brighten someone’s Christmas by purchasing them a Dell computer!

If you’re a military spouse, what gifts do you have on your Christmas wish list this year?


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