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Military Ball Attire Do’s And Dont’s

This post is sponsored by David’s Bridal. All thoughts and opinions are my own.

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

Military balls are such a fun and magical event in the military community. It’s a time to get dressed up and spend the night dancing and mingling with your spouse’s friends and coworkers. We attended our first military ball back in 2014 and had a blast so I’m super excited that we’ll be attending this year’s ball as well. If you haven’t been to one yet, then I highly recommend attending at least once while your significant other is in the military.  When I found out we were attending, I did a lot of research on it.  I knew it was a big event and I definitely didn’t want to look bad next to my husband.

A military ball is a formal work function for your spouse or significant other. Because of this, it’s important to take the event seriously and be aware of what you’re wearing and know that you are representing your significant other in these types of settings. As we get closer to the military ball season, I wanted to share some of my top do’s and dont’s for military ball attire.

DONT choose a pattern.

This is completely personal preference, but I just feel that most patterns don’t go well with dress blues and other formal uniforms. I’ve seen many worn and they really clashed. It’s best to stick with a solid color that compliments your significant other’s dress uniform.

DO choose appropriate accessories.

Accessories can really make or break a look. I always avoid going over the top with my jewelry. For example, if I’m wearing a chunky necklace, then I’ll choose smaller earrings and vice versa. If I were wearing larger earrings then I’d choose a very small, simple necklace or no necklace at all. Also keep in mind how much bling is on your gown. If it’s loaded with beading then sometimes, it’s best to keep the jewelry to a minimum. Definitely spend some time playing around with your options to see what works with your gown.

DONT pick a gown that shows too much skin.

This will really vary from person to person or even between commands. Everyone will have a different opinion on what is considered ‘appropriate’ for these types of events. The big thing to keep in mind is that a military ball is considered a formal work function for your spouse or significant other. At the last ball we attended together I saw a few too many women who wore short dresses as if they were going to a club or they showed too much cleavage. You don’t necessarily have to be over the top modest, but I do believe that it’s best to keep your assets covered. Slits and open backs can be iffy so if you’re not completely sure about it, then ask someone first!

DO pick comfortable shoes.

Trust me on this. There’s nothing worse than arriving home at the end of the night with sore, blistered feet. Nine times out of ten, your gown will cover your shoes anyways. Also, keep in mind that you’ll be dancing. I personally do not like taking my shoes off and going barefoot in situations like these. It grosses me out a bit. So go with shorter heels that you can easily wear for hours without your feet hurting. Even if they’re not the cutest pair of heels in the world.

DONT choose a prom dress.

In my mind, there is a huge difference between a prom dress and a formal ball gown. When I think of prom dresses, I picture open backs, high slits, see-through materials, and lots of bling. It just screams teen. Being at a formal work function wearing a dress like this just isn’t a good idea to me. When I attended my first military ball back in 2014, I wanted a gown that made me look and feel like the married adult that I was (and still am, obviously).  So I avoided shops that strictly sold prom dresses and stayed out of the teen sections at larger department stores.

DO find an awesome place to shop!

Whenever I have a special occasion coming up, I always end up in my nearest David’s Bridal location. I went in a couple of months ago to begin my search for this year’s gown for the Marine Corps Ball and left with this gorgeous gown and beaded sash that I am completely in love with. Before the appointment, I spent some time on the David’s Bridal website looking at all their gown options so that I’d have a little more of an idea of what I wanted to try on when I arrived. Their site is super easy to navigate and within minutes, I had a ton of gowns bookmarked under my ‘favorites’ folder on my web browser.

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

I booked my appointment for the middle of the afternoon on a weekday so for the most part, I had the shop completely to myself. This allowed me to  take my time and explore all of their gorgeous dress options without feeling rushed or in the way of other customers. Their entire staff was absolutely incredible. Everyone was so nice and helpful as I explored the racks and tried on a long list of gowns. They were even super patient as I tried on the same gown four times just to be sure it was “the one”. I felt completely catered to and it made the entire dress buying experience that much more fun and enjoyable.

With more than 60 years of experience dressing women for all of life’s special occasionsDavid’s Bridal has over 300 stores across the US, Canada, UK and Puerto Rico (click here to find your nearest store). They also carry a variety of styles and sizes: 0-30; 14W-26W by many different designers like Vera Wang. To make it even better, as of July 1, 2016 David’s Bridal offers active service members, reserves, and veterans and their significant others an additional 10% discount in any David’s Bridal location across the United States. Purchases must be made by a service member, spouse or significant other who is able to show a valid Military ID or DD214 at the time of purchase.

Military Ball Attire Do's And Dont's | Keating & Co

This discount can be used in addition to any other sales, coupons, special offers, and discounts being used in the store. Not attending a ball this year? No problem! David’s Bridal can help dress you for any occasion that comes up whether it’s a ball, a wedding, or even just a date night after a long deployment. With David Bridal’s extensive collection of gowns and designers, you’re bound to find a dress for any event. And don’t forget to complete your look with shoes, handbags, jewelry, hair pieces, veils, sashes, outerwear, as well as shapewear, undergarments, and lingerie! David’s Bridal is the one stop shop for all your special occasion needs.

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What tips do you have for picking the perfect ball gown? Will you be shopping at David’s Bridal this year?