March Accomplishments + April Goals

March Accomplishments + April Goals |

March Accomplishments + April Goals |

Eeeeek! It’s April! I can officially say that Allie will be arriving NEXT month. I am so super excited about it. But anyways, onto some goals! March was rather successful around here. Or at least it felt pretty successful. While I didn’t achieve all of my goals for the month of March, I still did SO much! I’m rather happy with everything we got done around here so I’m going into April feeling pretty stress-free for a change.


  1. Buy a new car!!! SUCCESS!!!! Ahhh!!! I can’t even begin to tell you how happy and excited I am about this one. We were in a super tough spot with my last Jeep because it just kept breaking down. I was putting way too much money on my credit card because of the repairs and it was starting to affect my credit score. So we literally couldn’t afford to keep fixing it. So we went into our dealership here and within an hour, they had us approved for a brand new 2017 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Like legit. Brand new. It had 12 whole miles on it when we bought it. No idea how we managed to make it work considering my car was worth next to nothing by the time we brought it in AND we still owed way too much on it. But they did it. They got me into a brand new Jeep and I couldn’t be happier!
  2. Take on two new clients. Success! I had the pleasure of working with some amazing women this past month and am now very much wanting to sign some new clients for April. So if you’re in need of a VA, feel free to check out my packages here and shoot me an email at!
  3. Plan my 25th birthday. Fail-ish? I feel like our schedules (or more like Zack’s schedule) is a bit hectic right now so it’s been a little challenging to really find some one on one time together. We literally had to put our schedules on a white board for the next month to figure out when we’ll be home at the same time. So figuring out my birthday has been a bit more complicated than usual. But I do have plans to get my nails done with my friend Brittany today and I’ll probably do something with her on Wednesday (my birthday) as well. So I didn’t completely fail at planning my birthday.
  4. Go on  two date nights with Zack. Fail? I actually can’t remember. But I don’t think we actually set aside specific date nights which kind of sucks, but he’s going to have three weeks off starting next week due to a surgery he’s having on his foot (don’t worry, nothing major!). So we’re about to have a TON of time together. By the time he goes back to work, I’ll be giving birth two weeks later and then he’ll be off again for a bit. So I’m not too worried about finding time with him over the next couple months.
  5. Start Jack’s training. Success! We actually accomplished this one the same day we bought my new Jeep. We were super tight on money after having to move cross-country so we had to wait until we got our tax refund before we could start Jack’s training. But the moment it hit our account, Zack was on the phone with our trainer and scheduling out the appointments. It’s an 8 week program and it includes all the tools we need for him as well which is pretty cool. We started it a couple of weeks ago and so far, it’s going well! So much better than taking him to training on my own while Zack was away. I had his mom there with me, but Jack is truly Zack’s dog. And it shows. Having Zack there helps A LOT. So I have high hopes for this. (Read more: Jack’s Training: Week 1)

In addition to these, I had a few other accomplishments from this past month as well!

  1. I finally got off academic probation. This term has sucked. Completely SUCKED. Actually, school has been challenging ever since I started my graduate program in August. So I’ve had a rough start. For my graduate program, I have to maintain a 3.0 GPA at all times and after failing a course two terms ago, I was well below that requirement. It was really disappointing, but life happens sometimes and school just wasn’t my priority at all. In fact, I debated on dropping out a few times and coming back to my degree later. But this past term, I was on academic probation meaning I could only take one course instead of two and in order to move onto this next term, I needed at least an 83 in the class and in order to get off academic probation, I needed at least a 93. After A LOT of hard work and even some begging to let me submit a couple late assignments, I finished the term with a 95. THANK GOD! So I’m back on track and will officially be done with my masters next February. The end is in sight!
  2. I did my maternity photos. I’ll be sharing these photos tomorrow, but I finally caved in and decided to do maternity photos. I originally didn’t want to simply because I’ve been so uncomfortable with my body this pregnancy, but I decided to do them anyways and I am SO happy with how they turned out. My friend Brittany did an amazing job on them.
  3. I cleaned up and organized my office/nursery. For the time being, my office will be doubling as a nursery so I finally spend some time getting my office cleaned up and organized to make room for her crib and everything else she needs. This included throwing out a TON of miscellaneous things that were shoved in the closet when we got here so I’m feeling so much better now that the room is a bit more organized.


  1. Begin setting up the nursery. Now that the office/nursery is cleaned up and organized, I’d really like to put together the crib and start setting it all up. That way I can get an idea of where everything will go and how it’ll all be organized. It’s a little challenging because this apartment is so tiny so I’m not quite sure if everything will fit. But living in California is super temporary so we’ll have a ton more space once we buy a house back home and move next summer.
  2. Purchase one big baby item off our list. I’d really love to buy the car seats this month. I’ve been having so many dreams where I go into labor early and my anxiety is wondering if it’s a sign. As of right now there’s zero reason to think I’d go into labor early, but it happens no matter how health your pregnancy is. So for my own anxiety and sanity, I’d like to have the car seat purchased and ready to go just in case!
  3. Choose our hospital and get registered! The number of things I still have yet to do between now and when the baby arrives is insane. And I still feel super alone and lost in it all as well. I’m 7 weeks away from her arrival and I don’t even know where I’ll be giving birth yet. It’s a problem. It’s literally just assumed that I somehow know what I’m supposed to be doing right now…even though I’ve never done any of this before. So some help would have been lovely these past eight months.
  4. Put together my blogging schedule for my “maternity leave”. I fully plan to take some time off from my blog once the baby is born so I’m already looking ahead to those weeks. I’m hoping to take on some guest posts as well to lighten the load a bit so I’ll be re-opening my guest post application in the next few weeks. Ultimately, I’d love to have everything completely scheduled out by early May. Social media included. So April will be a busy month!
  5. Increase my work outs. I’ve been making it a priority to keep up my work outs and healthy eating throughout my entire pregnancy and it’s helped a ton in keeping me happy and healthy in the process. It’s even helped contribute to my slow weight gain and lack of stretch marks as well which I am so incredibly thankful for. But even though I’m still super big on working out, I’ve also been trying to listen to my body a lot more as well so I can have a good balance of physical activity and rest when I need it. So most weeks, I work out 3 days a week rather than my usual 5. Some weeks, I even only work out once if it’s a busier week or I’m not feeling too hot. Now that we’re just 7 weeks away from our baby’s arrival, I need to get serious and get back to my 5 days a week. I’d hate to lose all my progress and ruin everything I’ve worked so hard on at the last-minute. So I’m starting my week with some yoga this morning and will then spend Tuesday-Friday at the gym!

What did you accomplish this month? What are you goals for April?



  • Carly

    I love the idea of setting monthly goals!! I need to make a goal list, myself! Congrats on the soon to be little one! I wish you the best of luck and all of the happiness in the world! What a blessing!

    • I’ve been setting monthly goals for myself for as long as I can remember haha I’ve always been a goal setter. So now that I blog, I love sharing it with my readers 🙂 and thank you so much! We’re getting so excited for her arrival!

  • Jen

    I know you are so relieved to be off academic probation, grad school while pregnant is no joke.

    • Grad school in general is no joke and then adding a pregnancy to it is like a joke haha I don’t even want to think about doing homework half asleep while feeding a baby. It’s just going to get more challenging. But thankfully I’m less than a year away from being completely DONE so I just have to push through it 🙂

      • Jen

        Having a baby for the last 7 months of grad school was definitely eye opening for me, but I realized that I had to take advantage of nap times and when she went to sleep at night. It’s also okay to set the baby down in a bassinet so you can get things done. I had to do that numerous times when I had to knock out assignments. Utilize your husband to the fullest as well. Kyle was amazing during that time (as much as he could be with his crazy schedule) and because E was bottle fed it made it easier for him to help with that when I needed it. You’ll be just fine! 🙂

  • I can’t wait to see you sweet little babe! And heck yes, you DID get a lot done! Bonus points for getting so much done while pregnant.

    • Haha thanks Amanda! I’m super fortunate that I’ve been fully functional throughout my pregnancy and have been able to continue my routines like normal. It’s a little more challenging some days because I’m SO tired sometimes, but I’m making it work! lol

  • Sounds like you had a pretty successful March! Good luck with your April goals.

  • Finding a good place for dog training is hard! We have a Bernese Mountain Dog (he’s 5 mo) and he’s super well behaved, but we’d like to get him professionally trained. Sorry your schedules and grad semester has been so rough! It sounds like you guys have a lot on your plate!

    • It’s definitely harder to find a good trainer when your dog has more severe issues. I couldn’t be more thankful for our trainer here. Our dog actually loves seeing him every weekend. It’s amazing. And we definitely have a ton going on right now lol we have it pretty well balanced now, but man am I tired by the end of the day!

  • Cool accomplishments and goals. This makes me inspire to enjoy more on this blogging habit. Just felt bad a little with your birthday plans and your dates with Zack. But am still glad you’re working on those.

    • Thank you! We’re used to the busy schedules. My husband’s been in the military for almost 7 years now and his schedule now is actually a lot more manageable than his past schedules. We went through a time where we were both working full time and literally never saw each other (he worked nights and I worked days). It’s hard, but we make it work 🙂

      • Same here, I can’t blame you. Busy schedules, but we’re both on the same track of finding time to be together. Glad you guys are doing awesome as a married couple

  • Ahh definitely get all the baby stuff together asap! I ended up having my daughter 10 weeks early, so between going back and forth to the nicu, and then an open heart surgery at a different hospital, we got so behind on getting everything set up, but now that she’s home, everything is coming together. I can’t wait til you have your little girl! It’s such a crazy, but awesome ride 🙂

    • We just got her nursery put together today!! 🙂 I was super nervous about going into labor early (I legit have dreams about it on a weekly basis) so I’ve been more than ready to get everything together for weeks now haha so I’m definitely feeling better now that we have 90% of our registry purchased and her nursery completely put together 🙂