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LDR 101 | Keeping The Spark Alive

LDR 101: Keeping The Spark Alive | Keating & Co.

One of my biggest worries when Zack left was our ability to stay close and keep the spark alive.  Of course I knew we loved each other and would do everything we could to make it work out, but I legitimately worried that the distance would somehow ruin our entire marriage.  I’ve seen it happen plenty of times to know that it’s possible.

Although he’s on the other side of the world, I’ve felt closer than ever to Zack these past couple months.  I never expected to get butterflies every time he texts me or to smile when I wake up to a good morning text. There are so many simple things that we do on a daily basis that has really helped us stay and feel connected to one another.  So here are my top ways of keeping the spark alive!

Schedule Skype dates.

Sometimes just seeing each other’s faces and hearing their voice can be so helpful to a long distance relationship.  I always feel a bit better when I can hear Zack’s voice.  It’s so calming to actually hear him reassure me that everything is okay and that he loves me and can’t wait to see me.  Unfortunately, we have yet to make Skype or FaceTime work out for us, but we hope to try it again this weekend.

Send good morning/good night texts.

Since we’re in very different time zones, good morning and good night texts are crucial for us.  I love waking up to good morning texts even though it’s nighttime where he is and I like when he takes the time to say goodnight to me even though it’s the middle of the day there.  I’m not sure why, but this makes me feel so much closer to him.

Communicate daily.

No joke, I just got advice from someone the other day who insisted it wasn’t important to talk to your significant other every day…I almost died.  Texting is currently my only form of communication with Zack.  If we just randomly stopped talking for no reason, then what?  Communication is key to any successful relationship.  It is important to communicate daily.  If your schedules don’t allow a phone call or Skype date, then send your partner check-ins throughout the day to let them know you’re thinking of them and to see how they’re day is going.  I always smile when I receive an unexpected text from Zack.  It really brightens my day!

Plan for the future.

I can’t even begin to tell you how much we have planned for the next few years.  Buying a home, starting our family, graduate school, starting my career, Zack getting out of the military.  It’s all so exciting to think about.  It’s really helped to talk about those things.  It makes it easier for me to picture an end to the distance and focus on all the positive things we have planned for our life when he returns.

Remember the little things.

On our anniversary this year, Zack remembered to text me right at midnight to wish me a happy anniversary.  I honestly thought he had forgotten about it.  It had been October 5th there for a good 13 hours and he still hadn’t said anything to me.  I even hadn’t heard from him in hours because it was the middle of the day for him and he was at work.  But right at midnight, I got my anniversary text.  Even in the middle of his work day, he still managed to keep an eye on the time and text me right when it hit midnight on the east coast.  This meant so much to me and really helped to put me in a not so crabby mood for the rest of the day.

Send snail mail.

I’ll admit, snail mail to Japan is a bit pricey.  So I probably wont be sending it too often.  But sometimes sending gifts or handwritten letters can really brighten your partner’s day.  It shows that they took the time to create something you’d love and send it your way.  It’s so different from sending a “love text”.  To me, a love letter is way more personal.

Do things together.

I know you two are apart, but there are actually tons of things you two could do together.  If you’re able to, get on Skype or FaceTime and watch the same movie together.  Pick a show on Netflix to binge watch together and then talk about it at the end of every season.  Zack’s currently catching up on Supernatural and I’m supposed to be doing the same so we can start season 12 (?) together when he comes home next year.  We are also both on the path to working out more and eating better which is great because I feel like I’m not alone in it.  We’re doing it together even though we’re thousands of miles apart.  Get creative!  There are tons of things you can do together!

What do you do to keep the spark when your significant other is away?