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Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

Phew! The holidays are officially over. Does anyone else feel slightly relieved and a bit more relaxed this morning? Don’t get me wrong, I love the holiday season. But for some reason, I just wasn’t in the holiday spirit this year and this past month has been so incredibly busy and stressful around here. So I’ve been very much looking forward to getting through the holidays and moving into the new year.

This year’s holiday season is a little bittersweet. While I am so thankful that Zack had the entire day off from work to celebrate with me, it’s also our very last Christmas together as a family of two. Which is a bit weird to think about. It’s just been the two of us and Jack for over three years now so it’ll be a bit of a change adding a baby to the mix. This time next year, we’ll have a seven month old. So weird! But so exciting at the same time.

We started Christmas a few days early in our home. We had originally planned on not doing gifts for each other this year because I’ve been without a car for a month now. If you follow me on Twitter then you probably already know this since I’ve been complaining about it almost nonstop. I’m hoping to have it back tomorrow or Wednesday!! But anyway, I haven’t left the house in about a month, making it incredibly challenging for me to buy him anything. So I figured we just wouldn’t do gifts this year. Well my dear husband came home from work Friday with gifts…

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

Half of me was super excited because he’s great at picking out presents, but then the other half of me was slightly pissed off because I then looked like a horrible wife for not having presents for him too. So now I owe him gifts once I have my car back. About an hour after he got home, we lost power and 30 minutes later, I found myself opening my gifts because he was too impatient to wait until Christmas Day. This has turned into a bit of a tradition in our home. Most Christmases, we tend to exchange our gifts on Christmas Eve rather than Christmas Day. I really enjoy it because it’s just between the two of us so it makes it more intimate and personal.

I was so thrilled to open my gifts and see that he bought me a Keurig. I literally complain about my traditional coffee maker on a daily basis. It’s a little spoiled of me, but I just always wanted a nice Keurig instead. Plus being pregnant now, it just doesn’t make sense to make an entire pot of coffee when I’m only going to have a cup or two.  Not that I would typically drink an entire pot on my own anyway, but still. I needed and wanted something that allowed me to easily make one cup at a time. Not only did he buy the Keurig, he also bought the K-Cups, the filter system, and the matching carafe so that I have the option of making fun pots of coffee if needed (he also bought me a Boston Red Sox Alex and Ani bangle to add to my collection!…in addition to the hundreds of dollars worth of makeup I just bought as well…he’s a winner!).

We must have spent a good 30 minutes that night getting my new coffee station all set up in the kitchen so that I’d be all set and ready to go the following morning. You know you love coffee when you’re this excited about a coffee station. It really came in handy this weekend with having him home and celebrating the holidays. We used that Keurig a lot. It was definitely worth every penny.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

We didn’t do a whole lot Christmas Eve. Zack worked that morning which was actually a bit of a rough morning around here. He didn’t have the best work day and by 7am, I was quickly reminded why we always kiss and say ‘I love you’ before we part ways for the day. I don’t think too much about Zack being a cop simply because his work day doesn’t typically consist of much. He always comes home telling me how boring his day was so there’s never anything for me to really worry about when he’s at work. But Saturday morning was different and being home alone and pregnant with our first baby didn’t help. Everyone is obviously safe and sound otherwise this post would be very different. But it wasn’t the way I wanted to start my day and I was more than happy for him to come home that afternoon.

The rest of the afternoon was spent relaxing around the house and running to Walmart to do some grocery shopping. Apparently Walmart here closes at 6pm on Christmas Eve and we arrived at 5:30. So we literally only had maybe 15 minutes to buy everything we were needing. They were then closed Christmas Day as well which is a little strange, but thankfully we were able to get in and out in 30 minutes. Others were literally kicked out. That’s how seriously they took their 6 o’clock closing time. Does Walmart close where you are? I completely understand them wanting to be home with their families but I’ve never lived somewhere where literally everything closes down for the holidays. EVERYTHING. So it was a little weird to us.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

Christmas morning was super relaxed for the most part. We slept in a little bit that morning since Sundays are Zack’s first day off each week (his “weekend” runs from Sunday-Tuesday each week). When I say we “slept in”, I mean we were still out of bed by 7:30. We really don’t know how to sleep in anymore these days. Same with staying up late. We never make it to midnight anymore. It’s horrible given that we’re only 24. But we were up by 7:30 and while I was getting dressed and doing my hair and makeup for the day, Zack was in the kitchen getting the coffee started and giving Jack his Christmas gifts. I don’t know what he’s going to do when the baby arrives. That dog is SO spoiled. He got some bacon treats as well as three new stuffed animals from our family so he was pretty entertained all morning.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

Since our families are 3,000 miles away, we tend to spend the holidays on FaceTime with everyone so that we can celebrate the holidays “together” as a family. We started the morning with opening everything in our stockings and saying good morning to family and then parted ways for a bit while we waited for his family to all gather in the same home. While we waited, Zack was super sweet and cooked breakfast while I straightened up the living room and finished my hair. It was so nice to be able to ease into our day together. There was no running around and nothing was rushed. And I even enjoyed being able to have coffee and breakfast with my husband for once. We continued that morning tradition this morning as well with a chocolate chip pancake breakfast. I’m loving it. I think it would be super cute if we could continue this every morning that he has off. Especially once the baby is born. It’ll be a nice family time every morning before starting our day.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

After breakfast, I FaceTimed with my two youngest sisters, Alex and Hannah. Hannah spent the morning at her dad’s house celebrating the holiday so she FaceTimed me once she was home and with Alex so I could talk to them. I miss these two like crazy. I find myself texting them almost every single day now that I’m thousands of miles away. Alex is my go to person to vent to about just about anything and everything under the sun. She’s a good listener. And Hannah is my go to for all beauty and makeup talk as well as anything regarding my anxiety. And the two of them text me for almost everything. I feel like a second mom sometimes. It’s good practice for when the baby’s born!

Since the girls had to get ready to go to a Christmas party with the rest of the family, I let them go and got back to our own holiday celebration here. At that point, Zack’s whole family had gathered at his aunt’s house so we got them on FaceTime and streamed them to the TV so we could open presents with them. Technology is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t imagine not having Apple in our lives. We all have iPhones so it’s super easy to talk to one another. And thanks to Apple TV, we were able to stream it to the TV so we didn’t have to sit directly in front of the phone all day. It was perfect and it allowed us all to talk and open our presents together as a family.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

The very first gift we opened up was from Zack’s mom. She made us this gorgeous rustic sign with our names on it for out home. She had made a really nice sign for her sister as well which I loved so I was so excited and happy to see that she had made one for us as well. Now I just need Zack to hang it up in our living room! It’ll look perfect once we move back home and have a more rustic style home. I’m so excited for it! In addition to this super pretty sign, Zack got a lot of New England Patriots themed items. This is a theme every year for him. This year, it was a lot of bathroom items. So now our spare bathroom is 100% decked out in football accessories. He loves it. He got some really nice shirts and a Patriots jacket as well which looks super good on him. So he is all set in terms of his Patriots theme for right now.

I got a ton of clothes and some baby items as well. Our new baby now has a bib, three onesies, and a teddy bear/blankie. All Patriots themed, of course. Our child better like sports at this point. I don’t know what Zack would do if they grew up hating sports. But I’m already so excited for the baby to be born so we can try out all these cute clothes on them. We’ll be finding out the gender next week so stay tuned for that post! It’ll either go live Friday or the following Monday. We are SO excited for it and our families are just as thrilled about it as well. This baby is already very much loved.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

Once we were done opening gifts, we said goodbye to our families and started the clean up process of the living room. Within 30 minutes, we had the entire house put back together and cleaned up which made the rest of the day so much more relaxing. We really wanted to go out and have a nice lunch together since it was our last Christmas just the two of us so we set out to find a place that was open. This was a very difficult task as not even McDonald’s was open on Christmas here. Again, this is super weird to me! But after searching for an hour trying to find a place, we finally ended up at Shogun which is a Japanese steakhouse and hibachi grill. Our first date was at Shogun in Jacksonville, North Carolina and we even celebrated our first wedding anniversary there as well. So we’re big fans of it.

By this time it was a bit later in the day than we had planned to eat lunch so we ordered larger meals and decided to do something small and quick for dinner instead. Zack ordered the steak and shrimp meal with fried rice and I had the seafood combination (shrimp, calamari and scallops) with steamed rice. It was delicious, but we were both so full afterwards. I felt and looked like I was carrying twins at that point. It felt so nice to get home and change into leggings and relax on the couch for the night.

Our Last Christmas As A Family Of Two |

We spent the night watching movies. The first one we watched was Sausage Party. If you love insanely inappropriate movies, then I highly suggest this one. We laughed our asses off the entire movie. It was horrible, but great at the same time. Check it out if you need a good laugh. We then crawled into bed and watched Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates. Another super funny and cute movie if you’re in need of something to watch! Earlier this week, we watched Central Intelligence and Bad Moms. Also amazing. We’re big movie people. We’ve been watching movies all week! So if you ever need a recommendation, let me know!

Overall, it was a super good and relaxing holiday with him. The perfect final Christmas as a family of two. I have zero complaints. I’m already looking forward to next Christmas when we have an adorable little seven month old to celebrate with. It’ll be absolutely perfect.

How was your Christmas weekend?



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