How To Get Fit During The Holiday Season

How to Get Fit During The Holiday Season | Why Hello Lovely

As much as I love the holiday season, it’s the worst when it comes to keeping up with your health and fitness goals. Why it is that we all just nonstop eat from October 31st all the way into the new year? We have Halloween where I admit, I ate WAY too much chocolate (in my defense, it’s because we literally got maybe five trick-or-treaters all night. So we had a ton left over). Then we had Thanksgiving yesterday which is THE eating holiday of the year. And now we’re heading into the Christmas season where we’re drinking way too many holiday drinks at Starbucks and snacking on all the delicious holiday treats our families are making us. It’s never-ending.

Then we all enter the new year with the goal to get back in shape which, let’s all be honest, how many of you actually stick to this? Unless you already work out consistently, I’m guessing this resolution maybe lasts a month or two. Don’t feel bad. We’ve all done it. This year, I plan to keep off that extra holiday weight and keep myself in shape and looking good. So here’s how I plan to do it:

Don’t drink your calories.

Yes, this means you probably shouldn’t be having a Starbucks holiday drink on a daily basis. As delicious as they are, there’s just so many sweeteners in them. They’re literally just sugar and caffeine. Amazingly delicious and addictive, but try to limit the number of drinks you’re purchasing each day as well as throughout the week. I’ve gotten myself down to 2-3 of them a week and I now only order them in grande size rather than venti. So that’s a start. Instead, be sure to drink plenty of water and keep yourself hydrated.

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Keep up your work outs.

This is super important. You must keep your work out schedule running smoothly and consistently. Or, if you don’t already work out, then this is the perfect time to start! Find a gym in your area, get a membership, and start making it a priority each week. If you don’t have the money for a membership, then check out YouTube for some awesome at-home work outs you can do in your spare time. It doesn’t have to be every day and it doesn’t have to be an intense workout, especial if you’re not already in the habit of doing it. Start off slow if needed. Even just getting up and moving helps a ton! So take your dog for a walk or go for a jog in the morning. As long as you’re up and moving, you’re making an effort!

Find your motivation.

It can be super challenging to find the motivation to work out and eat healthy this time of year. Especially when these aren’t already habits of yours. If you’re having a hard time motivating yourself to go to the gym, then check out this handy post right here. For me, my biggest motivator is having a body I’m proud of. And man have I worked hard for that this past year. Whatever your motivation may be or how you get yourself to the gym, find what works for you and do it!

Chose a workout buddy.

Having a work out buddy helped me so much when I first started working out. It made it more fun to go so rather than dreading it, I looked forward to it. Plus I had someone else telling me to get off my butt rather than having to motivate myself to do it. Then once it became a habit of mine, I was easily able to get myself to go without needing a friend to go with me. Now, I actually prefer to work out on my own so that I have the focus I need to have a good work out.

Eat at home.

This saves SO much money in addition to being better for you. By eating at home, you’re better able to control how much you’re eating and what it is that you’re eating. I have this horrible habit of just grabbing something to eat when I’m out running errands and it’s typically not the best food choices. Unless I end up at Panera. Panera is always a good option, if you ask me. But if you eat before leaving the house, then you’re less likely to eat a lot while you’re out.

Set realistic goals.

If you’ve never worked out a day in your life, then it may be a bit much to set a goal to work out 5 days a week. Is it impossible? Of course not! But don’t set yourself up to fail either. Allow yourself to ease into it. Also take into account how busy your schedule may be during the holiday season. I tend to slow down slightly when it comes to my workouts this time of year because I’m just so busy with the blog. I take on a ton of extra work this time of year. So even though I still try to hit the gym 5 days a week like usual, I’m perfectly okay with settling for 3 days due to my crazy schedule. This is a much more realistic goal. So try to set smaller goals that are attainable, but will still help you reach your overall goal!

Get plenty of sleep.

Sleep is so crucial! I don’t know what it is about this time of year, but my sleep schedule just goes out the window some weeks. Maybe it’s all the caffeine I’m drinking from Starbucks holiday drinks or maybe it’s the insane workload I tend to take on for the blog on top of my graduate courses. I’m not sure. But I always have to try a bit harder this time of year to get a full 8+ hours of sleep each night. And, being pregnant, I happen to be tired all the time now so it’s easier to allow myself to sleep in when needed. If I’m well-rested, then I’m better able to tackle my to do lists and stay on top of everything throughout the day.

Indulge every once in a while.

Yup. I said it. Have a treat every once in a while. You really don’t have to say ‘no’ to every treat that comes your way. It’s the holidays! It’s the time to eat! Just be sure to have some self-control and limit the amount of junk you’re eating. Don’t make it an everyday occurrence and you should be good!

How do you plan to stay fit throughout the holiday season?

  • Jen

    I agree with keeping up your workout routine, it can definitely be hard though. I am in the middle of marathon training so hopefully that keeps me in check. I hope you are doing well! 🙂

    • Thanks Jen! I’m doing better this past week than I have been. It comes in waves lol good luck with your marathon training!! It’s on my bucket list to run a marathon one day, but the running part is what’s preventing me from doing it yet haha

  • Having a workout buddy is what has helped me the most. Between forcing me to go work out, and socializing with me while we’re there, it’s the only way I do it!

    • Workout buddies are awesome for beginners or those who aren’t as into working out on their own. It’s the socializing that actually makes me hate having a work out buddy now that I’m in the habit of going on my own haha I’m super focused when I’m there. I like to put my music on and ignore the world.

  • Stephanay Jnote

    I need to follow these tips and get back on track. I do eat out a lot bc I am often at a live musical event but maybe eating at home more often. And yes to a workout buddy. Might help if they are as motivated as you!

    • We eat out A LOT. We love it mainly because I cannot stand cooking haha but we try to eat in a bit more around the holidays because our schedules are just so busy and we’re already eating horribly and there’s just so much more to pay for this time of year.

  • Elizabeth Johnson

    Eating at home and finding a buddy are so key for me! I like to cook so eating at home is an easy one for me to do. I know just what is going in my food and I have all the control. Having an accountability partner also really helps me. Keeping me on task. 🙂 Great post!

    • I wish I loved to cook, but I just can’t stand it haha so we eat out a lot. I just tend to work out more to make up for it. But we’re trying to get better about it.

  • Ashley Stephenson

    I have been doing really well keeping up with my workouts so far! We are going on a cruise 2 weeks before Christmas so hopefully that doesn’t mess me up!

  • Jill Wood Nunn

    The not drinking your calories is a big one for me. I would do so much better if I would stop doing that. Thanks you supplied me with some great tips.

    • It’s so hard this time of year! I love hot cocoa and lattes and Starbucks holiday drinks. They’re perfect for the chilled weather and snow days. I’m a sucker for them haha most times, I’ll just make up for it with a ton of water and extra work outs. But I need to get better about it.

  • Neely

    YES YES YES to not drinking your calories. I am addicted to hot cocoa but not the best for me

    • Oh gosh hot cocoa is the best. I’ve been meaning to buy some for the house and just haven’t yet. But I am SO hooked on holiday drinks this time of year so I’m trying to watch out for those.

  • Emily Bendler

    Love these tips!! Yes to not drinking your calories and indulging once in a while. Otherwise you’all binge!

    • It’s all about moderation this time of year! I’m not one for dieting nor do I promote it on my blog either. But keeping track of how often you’re eating junk compared to how much you’re eating good, healthy meals is so important. Have that latte or that extra piece of cheesecake if you want it. But be sure to not indulge ALL the time.

  • Okay, I need a post about how to GET fit during the holiday season ;o) These are great tips, and I definitely need to pay attention to not drinking my calories! I’m so bad about that!

    • I admit, I’m horrible about it too. I need to take my own advice and get better about it haha but I just LOVE holiday drinks this time of year. They’re perfect for the chilled weather and snow days.

  • Loved this post! It’s so great to treat yourself, but you also need to stay on track with workouts, diet, etc. Thank you for the motivation and for sharing!

    • Thanks Kiara! I’m so glad you found this helpful. It’s all about moderation and this time of year, it’s even more crucial to keep track of those things because it’s so much easier to get off track.

  • Such great tips! This is such a hard time to keep up with it – especially to match all of the eating 🙂

  • This post is SO good…any I am currently failing at allllllll!!! I am trying though! I just need to cut back on the ole Starbucks – and find my motivation again! 🙂

    • Thank you! 🙂 I’m so glad you love it. I’ve done much better with my Starbucks intake this past week and a half but only because my car has been in the shop…so I haven’t been able to get to Starbucks haha but hey, it works!

  • Keeping up with the workouts is probably the hardest part with so many gatherings occurring!

    • Since we’re 3,000 miles from family and don’t have friends here, the gym is the only human interaction I get most weeks right now haha so I guess I “luck out” there. But it’s always harder to keep up with it when we’re back home visiting our family.

  • Drinking your calories = ME! lol It’s awful. Having accountability partners helps tremendously. The competitor in me loves my Fitbit because it motivates me to get up and win challenges.

    • My husband is currently my biggest motivator. It helps so much. Whenever I’m having a day where I’m just not feeling like going to the gym, he’ll remind me how upset with myself I’ll be if I don’t go. Or he’ll remind me of that extra piece of pie I had after dinner last night. I instantly drop everything and go at that point haha

  • My fitbit is helping me immensely already… mostly because I have great challenge buddies! Having a partner is definitely great advice!

    • I would love to get a Fitbit soon. Since I’m currently working from home and don’t have friends here, I spend so much of my day in my house, sitting in my office, working. I get to the gym 5 days a week, but I definitely need to be getting up more often throughout the day.

  • Great! I love seeing other people staying mindful of self discipline during the holidays. It definitely is a struggle I think we all face! Good for you 🙂
    I have intense will-power so I am usually more fit during the holidays due to maximizing this awarenes.
    But not everyone can be disciplined that easy.I just happen to have an athletics background..

    I have a couple of really awesome blogs to add for this post!!

    Heres my FREE workout downloadable:

    Here’s my high energy playlist that goes to that workout:

    And here’s my Home Remedies for a Hangover: (not that I suspect you’ll be drinking since you’re newly pregnant lol but for your readers)


    • Thanks for sharing so many great posts!! I’m definitely checking them out now 🙂 I’m sure I wont need the hangover recipes any time soon, but next summer, I’m sure I will a few times. I’ll be dying to have some fruity summer cocktails. And I too am usually super good at motivating myself. It’s so hard to get into that habit, but once you’re in the habit of doing something whether it’s going to the gym every day or eliminating bad foods from your diet, it’s so much easier to keep up.

  • I’m trying my hardest to eat at home and not go out to eat. It’s hard, but I know it will be worth it!

    • Eating at home is hard for us too. But mainly because I cant stand cooking haha thankfully, I’m very good about what I order when we do go out so at least I have that going for me!

  • Joyfully Frugal

    This is so tough but so important! Especially the sleep and eating at home pieces. Those are the keys for me.

    • Getting enough sleep is so important! I always feel so much better and more motivated to have a healthy day when I got a good night’s sleep. It’s those days where I’m extra sleepy that I end up eating horribly or skipping the gym.

  • Kelli-Anne Harris

    I have struggles with finding just any kind of motivation to work out. I do walk and do Yoga, while being pregnant to atleast keep myself calm but also committing to a healthy diet and workout routine has been unsuccessful. I have been apart of groups to help myself be accountable but I just started using my Achievemint app to track my steps daily and it seems to help motivate me in the end since it does After I give birth in march I am going to start back and really find the best diet and workout plan for me.

    • I’ve had a harder time keeping up my workouts while pregnant simply because it’s harder to see results right now. It doesn’t matter how much I work out my abs, they’re still not going to be showing again for a while. And that’s SO hard for me to accept and makes it hard to keep myself motivated as well. But I also know that working out has so many amazing benefits for both myself and our baby and I’m determined to not gain any excess weight either (aside from the baby weight of course lol). I want my body to be able to bounce back afterwards. So it’s super important to me that I keep my work outs as consistent as I can.

  • Amanda Marie

    Thank you for this! I really struggle during the holidays. Finding a workout buddy is probably the best you can do, just to at least keep you accountable.

    • I’m so glad you found this helpful! I always loved having a work out buddy when I was first getting into the habit of working out. It helped me so much. Now, I’m able to motivate myself to get to the gym without having a buddy 🙂

  • Not drinking your calories is huge! I can’t wait for my sister aka my workout buddy to get back from winter break. She goes to college in the town I live in. I’ve been really conscious this holiday season since our wedding is in April.

    • Not drinking your calories is definitely my biggest struggle this time of year haha I now live about a half mile from Starbucks and I find myself there WAY too often ordering a holiday drink. They’re just so good! And growing up in Maine, our closest location was an hour away. So I’m making up for all those lost years haha

  • TravelingWellForLess

    These are great tips, especially the one about eating at home first. It’s really easy to oeverat at parties. I tend to drink my calories. So I just hit the gym harder the next day.

    • Thanks! I’m so glad you found this helpful! And I’m totally guilty of using a work out to cover up bad food choices too haha I do this far too often. I’m thankful that this actually works for my body and that I’m able to get away with it.

  • OnceUponADollhouse

    These are great suggestions. We allow ourselves to eat and be merry during the holiday season. We also keep up with intense workouts and don’t stray from our routine.

    • Thank you! I’m generally very good about what I put into my body food-wise. It’s harder right now with being pregnant AND it being the holidays, but I’m pretty proud of myself so far haha and if I happen to slip, then I just make up for it at the gym.