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Gift Guide For The Sports Enthusiast

*This post contains affiliate links.

Gift Guide For The Sports Enthusiast | Why Hello Lovely

1. New England Patriots Jersey  |  2. New England Patriots Roadside Emergency Kit  |  3. New England Patriots Watch  |  4. New England Patriots Beer Mug Set  |  5. New England Patriots Toaster

Zack is a huge fan of football and the New England Patriots.  Because of this, nine times out of ten, he wants more Patriots gear so that makes it a bit easier when it comes to shopping for him.  If I ever run out of ideas then I know he’s bound to love anything football related.  There are so many great gifts you can buy a sports enthusiast.  Since Zack’s favorite team is the Patriots then this gift guide will have more of a Patriots theme, but of course you can find any of these items in any team you choose.

For men, you have the basic football jerseys and beer mugs that all men love, but then I also found this awesome toaster.  I had no idea they went as far as making NFL themed toasters.  I couldn’t have this in my own home, but it would be a super cute addition to a man cave or bachelor pad.  I also found this roadside emergency kit which would be a great addition to anyone’s car.  Especially if you live in New England.  We get so much snow here and cars are always breaking down.  It’s important to be prepared in case of an emergency.  The last item I found was this really nice NFL watch.  Ever man could use a good watch.

Gift Guide For The Sports Enthusiast | Why Hello Lovely1. New England Patriots Wine Glasses  |  2. New England Patriots Alex & Ani Bangle  |  3. New England Patriots Crock Pot  |  4. New England Patriots Cutting Boards  |  5. New England Patriots Lounge Pants

Men aren’t the only ones who can be huge sports fans.  Zack’s officially got me hooked on his football team and I’m now in need of some football gear.  I wouldn’t mind these Patriots themed wine glasses, crock pot, and cutting board for football Sundays.  I’m really not big on cooking, but these items would be perfect for entertaining in our home before the game.  The next item on my wish list is these Patriots themed lounge pants.  I love changing into comfy clothes at the end of the day and these look super cozy!  Lastly, I’m wanting to add the Patriots Alex and Ani bangle to my collection.  I’m obsessed with collecting bangles by Alex and Ani so this one is high on my wish list.

Do you have a sports enthusiast in your life?  What to plan on buying them?


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