Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A…

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A... |

Last Thursday, we had the long-awaited anatomy ultrasound appointment. I was hoping to have this appointment before the holidays, but I’m really glad my doctor made me wait until 20 weeks because we got to see so much of our little one. Leading up to the appointment, the only thing I was concerned about was whether it was a girl or boy. It wasn’t until we arrived at the hospital that I realized just how many other things they’d be looking at with this ultrasound. What if the baby’s brain wasn’t developing properly? Or the heart? What if the heart had randomly stopped beating since my last appointment? What if they were missing fingers or toes? What if they had extra fingers and toes?! Am I the only one who went into this appointment with these thoughts? I was genuinely concerned at that point.

Thankfully after a TON of photos, everything looked normal in there. This was by far the coolest appointment we’ve had. It was neat to see how much the baby was moving around, yet I couldn’t feel any of it which was super strange. We could see the heartbeat and their spine too. Their little hands and toes. The last time we had an ultrasound, I was at 8 weeks, 5 days and this time I was at 20 weeks, 1 day so the picture was much different this time around. So much bigger and more active. Just being able to see the baby almost made me tear up. It was our first real look at our first child. So amazing!

The only downside, was that the baby was moving a lot. A lot as in, it took twice the normal amount of time to get the photos we needed and when it came down to determining the gender, they just didn’t want to sit still. We had a good view of their butt for the longest time because they absolutely refused to turn around. I swear, I would have been so mad if we waited all this time just to go home with no answer. The one big thing I wanted from this appointment and the baby just wouldn’t cooperate with us.

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A... | Why Hello Lovely

If you’ve been following along for a while now, you know that we were very much wanting a boy. The name was picked out two years ago and every time we picture out little family, we have boys. We didn’t even bother to choose a girl’s name these last few years or during this process because we were so dead set on it being a boy. However, from the very beginning of my pregnancy, I’ve had a very strong feeling that our baby was a girl. I wasn’t sure if I was just having anxiety and being negative or if I truly knew it was a girl. I had one friend tell me that you just have a sense when it comes to those things. So even though we were still hoping for a boy, my brain was telling me it was a girl.

While I was super excited to find out the gender, I was terrified of how I’d react if I found out it wasn’t a boy. I pictured myself breaking down into a ball of tears, completely disappointed by the outcome. How horrible would that be? To be told that you have a healthy, beautiful girl yet you’re completely upset about it. Who could be upset about that? It made me feel like a bad mom just thinking about it. But after a ton of maneuvers and lots of photo attempts, we finally got a clear shot of the gender…

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A... | Why Hello Lovely

Baby Bartlett is a GIRL!

And while I pictured myself for weeks breaking down in tears over it, I didn’t. Well, not upset tears anyway. I instantly cried because I was excited and so very happy to have an answer. Happy to know that it was actually a she and she is absolutely beautiful. I’m already completely in love with her and so excited to finalize our registry and begin shopping for everything she’s going to need. But I’m a bit concerned as well. Zack and I both have stronger personalities so I always knew those traits would obviously be passed down to our children. But I imagined those traits being easier to manage in a boy than a girl which is part of why I was so dead set against having a girl.

Even in the ultrasound appointment, she was already stubborn as can be. Refused to cooperate and sit still long enough for us to get photos of her. I was shocked the ultrasound technician was able to get 7 or 8 really good ones for us to take home. In addition to that, I know she’ll be super opinionated and loud as well. Her toddler and teen years are going to be SO much fun (insert eye roll here). But on the bright side, we know she’ll get our good traits too. She’ll be intelligent, driven, hardworking, loving, strong, independent. She’ll be a good mix between a girly girl and tom boy. She’s going to be absolutely amazing and I can’t wait.

It feels so real all of a sudden. I mean, I know I’ve been pregnant for 20 weeks at this point, but in all honesty, I just haven’t been excited about it. I’m still wording this horribly. I’m excited, but this process just hasn’t been the way I had envisioned it. I guess that’s a better way of putting it. Family and friends are 3,000 miles away and we have zero friends here. So there was no big, fancy announcement and we can’t do a gender reveal party and get everyone involved. I wont get a baby shower or anything like that. I’m still not sure if anyone will be here for the birth (I think my family is, but they’re figuring out the dates). I really have no one to be excited with here aside from Zack and he’s a guy. Men don’t show excitement like women do.

Then you have the fact that I’m not handling the body changes very well so I just haven’t been embracing the baby bump. Then I’m getting soooo many questions, comments and concerns from friends and family (and even random strangers) which haven’t been helping whatsoever. So I just haven’t been as excited as I thought I’d be about this whole process. I’ve had zero interest in the registry and picking out things for the baby and shopping or any of that. I even cringe when I’m in public because I just don’t want people to notice I’m pregnancy. It’s essentially been one giant mess.

But there was something about finding out the gender, seeing our daughter on the screen, and picking out her name that made everything fall into place. I woke up the following morning and was more than excited to go to my prenatal yoga class. I wasn’t hiding my tiny bump under a cardigan or large sweater or jacket. I was excited to tell people about the pregnancy and excited for strangers to notice. One of the women who works at the gym I go to was the first to notice and rather than crying over the fact that someone noticed my increase in size, I was excited to talk to her about it. No tears whatsoever. All of a sudden, I feel a million times better and so much more accepting than I have been these last 20 weeks.

In five short months, we’ll have a daughter. It’s so surreal and so unbelievably exciting!!

How did you react when you were told your baby’s gender wasn’t what you were hoping for?


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  • So excited for you both! She’s going to be adorable and a boss baby 😀

  • Jen

    There really is nothing quite like finding out the gender of your baby. When we found out E was a girl it was such a surreal experience. I did get emotional because of all we had been through because like you said it finally made it feel real. I am so happy for you guys and that is one lucky little girl! 🙂

    • Thank you so much Jen! 🙂 I really didn’t anticipate crying. I mean I thought I’d cry if I didn’t get what I wanted, but I didn’t think I’d cry legitimate tears of joy lol I felt so ridiculous. My husband never knows what to do when I’m upset and crying so he kind of just awkwardly put his arm around me and made fun of while I sobbed uncontrollably hahaha it was a really special moment though. I instantly warmed up to the idea of having a little girl and now I am more than thrilled about it.

  • I knew without a doubt that our first baby was a girl–I didn’t have a preference either way, but I just KNEW she was a girl. Three and a half years later, she’s turned into the most amazing, talkative, smart, funny little kid, and I cannot imagine life without her spunky little self. Congrats on your little girl, and I’m so happy that everything looks good with her. You’re halfway there!

    • I’ve been telling Zack for months now that it’s a girl. I just knew it for some reason. But he kept insisting it was a boy. He also knew I was pregnant, weeks before I actually found out so I thought maybe he just knew those things haha turns out I was right 🙂 she’s going to be a pretty amazing little girl and I am so incredibly excited for it.

  • Lauren Jane

    Teen girls can be a blast/I have the best one ever! Congratulations!?

    • Haha on rare occasions. I wasn’t a fun teen. I admit that. I also have two sisters and now have a third stepsister as well. The youngest two are in their teens. They’re amazing girls, but man do I feel bad for my dad haha

  • Congratulations! I’m so so so happy your baby is healthy and looks perfect! Such a blessing. Those 20 weeks appointments are a big deal! You know I have two girls, and I can’t imagine my life any other way. Of course I wonder what it would be like to have a son, but we couldn’t be one ounce more obsessed with our girls. Wait until you see Zach with her. Your heart will melt 100 times a day. There’s just something about daddies and daughters. It’s so incredible!

    • Thanks so much Erica! She’s so beautiful already. I’m already so in love with her. Zack is amazing with kids so I really look forward to seeing him with her. He had a friend back when we were stationed in NC who has a daughter and at the time she was like 1 or so and the two of them were so close. I always loved seeing him with her.

  • Congratulations!!

  • Corrina

    My oldest (now 18!) was supposed to be a girl, but I dreamt the entire time he was a boy. I refused to take tags off any of the clothes. Sure enough, when he arrived everyone was in shock but me. I remember crying over it once when he was a few weeks old that he would never play in the WNBA (he comes from tall stock!) but I would not trade him for the world. I actually ended up with two boys that are the light of my life.

    • My husband dreamt of having a son that would go on to play for the NFL lol this little girl already has football onesies. So I was actually super nervous that he was going to be disappointed if it were a girl. But so far, he seems to be pretty on board with it. We still plan to get her involved in sports and activities and all that good stuff so who knows. Maybe she’ll end up loving it and go pro someday haha

  • So so exciting! Congrats!!

  • So excited for you! I remember those ultrasounds, it really was almost surreal yet so amazing.

    • Thank you!! 🙂 it was definitely a really amazing appointment. It was so cool to see her on the screen and actually see her moving around and all that. I have next to no pregnancy symptoms so the only thing I have as proof that I’m pregnant is a small bump haha so it made it so much more real to actually see that she’s in there.

  • Yay that’s so exciting 🙂 I want one boy and one girl but who knows how it’ll work out haha.

  • Thanks Emmy! 🙂

  • Thanks Christina! 🙂

  • Marie Barber

    Congratulations!! I love the excitement of the gender scan ive never really had a preference but we have 2 girls and a boy 🙂

    • Thanks Marie! I think the closer we got to the 20 week ultrasound, the less of a preference I had. If that makes sense. We always imagined ourselves having boys, but I really knew from day one that it was a girl. I just knew it. So I think I had been mentally preparing myself for that so by the time the doctor told us it was a girl, I just didn’t feel the disappointment that I had anticipated. Instead, I was thrilled 🙂

  • Chrstie

    Congratulations! Such an exciting moment!

  • Congratulations! How exciting!

  • Kelli-Anne Harris

    Congratulations! I was honestly hoping for a girl but I’m having a boy. I didn’t really think to do anything creative with a gender reveal. I’ve seen a lot of cool ideas on social media though. Really enjoyed reading this post.

    • Thanks Kelli! I literally thought of my gender reveal ideas AFTER revealing the gender to everyone haha so now I’m a little sad that we couldn’t make it more fun, but that’s what you get when you’re 3,000 miles from family.

  • Alicia

    Congrats!!!! That’s such exciting news!!!

  • Ashleigh

    Oh my gosh contrats! Girls are so fun! This is such a fun time for you!! Best of luck for the rest of your pregnancy!

  • Kelsie Kleinmeyer

    Congratulations, lady! That is such a special moment. I definitely went into our 20 week afraid about all of the things that could be wrong, so I totally know what you mean. We felt really good about it, and then later they told us they had some concerns and wanted to do follow up scans. The way I found out was really terrible because I was all worried with no answers. But they were just precautionary and everything turned out to be okay in the end. I think that the more you see your baby in scans and hear their hearbeat (And watch your belly grow and move), the more in love you’ll fall with them. It takes time and everyone is different, so none of that makes you a bad mom at all if it takes you longer! You’ll rock it!

    • Thank you so much Kelsie! I always love reading your comments. They’re always so sweet and inspirational. They really make my day. I’m so glad everything ended up being okay with your scans! We should be hearing about ours in the first week of February, but from our 20 week appointment, it looks like everything should be good (I hope). But I completely agree that seeing the baby and hearing the heartbeat makes all the difference. Even seeing her little heartbeat on the ultrasound was really cool to see. It really just solidified the pregnancy in my brain and helped me to see that there really is a baby in there and everything is okay. And like you said, it makes you completely fall in love with them. Our doctor walked out of the room for a minute after handing us the photos of our baby and I instantly broke down balling my eyes out. My husband looked so confused because he wasn’t sure if I was happy or sad haha but I was just so happy to see her and know that everything was okay in there. I’m now beyond impatient for her to arrive!

  • Aw, that’s so exciting. I know you were hoping for a boy, but I’m glad you’re excited for a girl. To tell you the truth, I’m the exact opposite! I only want girls and am terrified of having boys, haha. We’ll see what happens when we start trying!

    • Haha thanks Chelsie! We were so dead set on having a boy so I’m really happy I wasn’t too disappointed when we found out it’s a girl. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for you that you get the girls you want! haha

  • awesome!!! Girls are so much fun (coming from one who has two)! I was certain I was going to cry at my anatomy scan for my first baby, because I so wanted a girl; I was scared of having a boy. Thank goodness I got over that fear since a little man is coming our way soon!

    • Haha I have three sisters so I very much wanted to add some boys to the mix. But honestly I don’t think my dad would have had any idea what to do with a grandson haha like I said, he has four daughters and never wanted boys so it would have been whole new territory for him. But I’m so excited for your little family and love seeing your updates!! I hope the girls are excited! 🙂

  • Congratulations!! I’m so glad that finding out the gender is making your pregnancy more positive for you!!

    • Thanks Kelsey! I was really hoping this would be the turning point for me in my pregnancy so I’m SO glad it was haha this past week has been so much easier on me mentally.

  • Congratulations! Enjoy every moment with your beautiful baby girl!

  • Thanks Rachel! 🙂 we’re both so excited and happy. So far, she’s happy, healthy, and beautiful so we really couldn’t ask for more.

  • Thanks Lianne! I’m actually really not as excited about all the dresses as some moms are haha this little girl already has NFL onesies and bibs and all of that.

  • Tatyanna Picou-Baptiste

    Congrats on your little girl! Gender reveals can be a lot of pressure because we know what we have always hoped for. But in the end, I think we all are just happy for a healthy baby.

    • Thanks so much Tatyanna! 🙂 my preference for a boy definitely wasn’t as strong by the time we had our ultrasound. At that point, I just wanted a baby that was healthy and had 10 fingers and toes haha