Our First Family Photos

A couple weekends ago, we had our first ever family photos! I am SO thankful for our friend Brittany who took time out of her Saturday morning to help us with our photos. I’m so unbelievably picky with photos so rather than hiring a professional, I tend to train all friends and family on how to use my Nikons and various lenses. That way I know I’m getting exactly what I want. Plus I absolutely have to be the one to edit as well (I’m crazy, I know!). So it was so nice of Brittany to deal with my bossy self.

We ended up doing our photos at Mission Trails Regional Park here in San Diego. I had done a photo shoot there the weekend before and LOVED the way the photos came out. So I was super excited to go back and do our own family photos. The scenery at Mission Trails is so gorgeous and mountainous. Being from Maine, I’m missing the mountains so much living here and this is the only place I’ve found so far that has that “mountain” feel.

Our photos were a bit of a last minute decision so Brittany and I spend that Friday afternoon at Old Navy searching for the perfect outfit for Allie. She’s growing so fast that she literally had nothing to wear for photos that would have coordinated with me and Zack. So I had to get her a whole new outfit. And while I was at it, I got myself a cute new top as well!

Saturday morning we were out of the house by 9:30 so we could get our photos done first. I had a photo shoot later that night so I wanted to have time to go through out photos and edit them before heading out for work. Thankfully we were out early enough where it wasn’t super hot out quite yet. I think it was roughly 70/75 degrees or so which was perfect considering the three of us were in pants and long sleeves. I wanted so badly for them to have a holiday/fall feel to them so taking photos in shorts and t-shirts just because it’s hot out just wasn’t an option in my mind.

Overall our session was completely perfect! I couldn’t have asked for more gorgeous photos or a more patient husband, photographer and daughter. We arrived at 10am and were completely done with our photos by 10:45! I’m so excited to get these printed off and add them to our Christmas card. So without further adieu, here are our first family photos!




  • Meli

    Oh gosh she is adorable! These turned out great!

  • Joanna Hamp

    The one of Allie hiding half her face in her daddy’s kiss is my favorite! But I love the whole shoot! I honestly don’t know any pro photographers who are willing to let other people take their portraits, so that cracked me up too. 😀

  • So fun! The photos are beautiful and your little one is soooo cute!

  • Your pics are so lovely! Allie is sooo expressive. I love her face in the one where she’s in the middle and y’all are kissing her. So precious.

  • Lisa Roe

    Gorgeous family photos. Your little girl is adorable, love her cheeks and bright eyes!

  • Hanna J Smith

    Awe I love these! Yall will truly treasure these so much!

  • These photos came out so cute! Allie is the cutest.

  • Lauren Falardeau Pariseau

    These came out so good! Love the location in the background and your little girl looks like just the sweetest!

  • Oh my gosh! Allie is the most precious little lamb!! These photos came out so beautifully!

  • Marissa Pedersen

    Aww these are adorable! Your baby is so happy. 🙂

  • What a doll! These are the sweetest photos. Love love love her headband.

  • A great thing to do. It is hard to get a freelance photographer in Japan unfortunately, so most family photos are done in a studio. I prefer ones like these outdoors. Lovely photos.

  • Shannon – Fit SlowCooker Queen

    Omg your daughter is the cutest!! I’m in need of some new family photos myself.

  • Your little nugget is SO cute! And I see your matching blouse and nails. Nice.

  • I love these! So beautiful!