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Father’s Day Weekend Recap

Father's Day Weekend Recap | Keating & Co

Happy Monday!! Am I the only one who just LOVES Monday’s? I’ve noticed that since I quit my full-time job last year, Monday’s have become one of my favorited ays of the week. My Monday mornings aren’t spent half asleep at a job I don’t want to be at. Instead, they’re spent sleeping in a little bit and enjoying the morning laying in bed with my puppy (and Zack when he’s home). I can wake up and start my day when I’m ready to. It’s lovely. I end up with so much more energy and motivation to get work done when the day is based on my own schedule. This is one of the many reasons why I won’t go back to a 9-5 any time soon.

Anyways, it’s Monday which means I have some updates and a weekend recap. First order of business: the updates. I mentioned a couple weeks ago that I’m ready to expand Keating & Co and make it bigger and better. I still plan to do this, of course, but I think I’ve officially determined that a whole new site will have to be built. In order for it to succeed, I need to separate my blog and business. I am finishing up the business plan for it all this week and then as of next Monday, I will be looking for an intern! So if you’re interested in learning more, be sure to look for it in your newsfeeds. You can also leave your emails in the comments below and I can add you to my “intern applicants” email list OR you can directly email me at

Father's Day Weekend Recap | Keating & Co

Next, we have our weekend recap! Saturday was super busy around here. As many of you know, I just moved into Zack’s mom’s house a couple weeks ago as we prepare for Zack’s homecoming and our move out to California. Well she just got a new apartment about a mile from her old one so we’ve spent this past week gradually moving everything from Apartment A to Apartment B. Saturday was the official moving day. We woke up early that morning, grabbed some coffee and breakfast from Dunkin Donuts and started the moving process. Luckily my mom has some amazing friends who offered to come over and help us with the move. It made it so much easier when it came to the heavier pieces of furniture.

We started at around 9am and by the early afternoon, everything was moved into the new house and half unpacked. It went pretty quickly as far as moving goes, but I’m very much done with this whole moving thing. This was my 14th move since 2009 and our move in September will be #15. It’s a bit crazy and you’d think I’d be a professional by now. Once we’re all moved into our new home in California, I have zero plans to move again any time soon.

Saturday night was spent getting some boxes unpacked and getting the internet all set up. It shouldn’t have been as challenging as it was, but it took 4 different representatives from the cable company (almost an hour total on the phone) to figure out that our wifi modem was hooked up to the wrong cable outlet. Apparently when they turn on the internet, it only works on ONE of the cable lines rather than one. Which I have never heard of and I think that’s super weird. But for some reason, it took 4 people to even come up with the idea of it possibly being hooked up to the wrong one. So we switched it to the cable line right next to it and voila! It worked instantly. It really wasn’t an option to have it not working considering we were already behind on the new season of Orange Is The New Black. We were determined to watch the season premiere that night.

Father's Day Weekend Recap | Keating & Co

I was very lucky to have Father’s Day off so I was able to spend the entire afternoon with my family. I left the house earlier than planned so that I could grab some coffee and run some errands before I met up with everyone. I was having a great morning until I got to Walmart…where I dropped my beautiful iPhone 6…on the concrete floors. Now typically I have my LifeProof case on it. I have it on every single day. But for some reason, the night before, I really wanted to change it up and use one of my pretty cases for a day or two. So I switched cases and added my tempered glass screen protector and called it good. Well now I completely regret that choice. My screen shattered due to the fall.

Like any twenty-something in 2016, I instantly panicked and honestly, I was almost on the verge of tears. Mainly because I knew Zack would kill me when he found out. My phone has a habit of breaking within 24 hours of us arguing over whether or not I can upgrade my phone (no joke. This happened in 2013 too. I wanted the Galaxy S4, he said I had to wait of for my upgrade, and the next day, my S3 shattered…a couple nights ago, I wanted the iPhone 7 when it comes out, he said I have to wait until my upgrade next summer and then yesterday, my phone shattered…what a coincidence, right?!). I drove over to Verizon and thankfully I had kept the insurance on it so a new iPhone 6 will be arriving in the mail tomorrow. Unfortunately, there’s a not so pretty deductible that I had to pay, but it’s still MUCH cheaper than buying an $800 iPhone or fixing the screen for $300+. So it had to be done. Now I’m just hoping it can make it the next 24 hours without breaking down completely. So far so good. Keep your fingers crossed for me.

Father's Day Weekend Recap | Keating & Co

Once I got over the initial shock and panic of breaking my phone, I finally drove over to my stepmom’s parent’s house for our Father’s Day festivities. We spent the afternoon drinking and talking and getting to know everyone. I’ve only met my new grandparents a couple times and I had never met any of my new aunts uncles or cousins. So it was super nice to meet and get to know everyone before their wedding in September. Everyone was so nice and welcoming. I am so thankful to have such a great family. I’m really looking forward to my dad’s wedding this fall when we have everyone important in the same room at the same time. My biological family, my step-family, my in-laws. Everyone together. I couldn’t be more fortunate to have one big family where all parts get along. I couldn’t ask for more.

Father's Day Weekend Recap | Keating & Co

After our usual family photos, we all had to part ways. My stepmom, Jenna had to go to work for a bit, Hannah had to go to her dad’s, and I had plans to watch Orange Is The New Black and drink some Mike’s Hard with my mother-in-law (literally a nightly occurrence). We did Taco Bell for dinner and curled up on the couch to do some binge watching. Although it was a very busy weekend, it was nice to not work on anything. My computer was closed for the majority of the weekend, I didn’t touch emails, or blog work or anything like that. I was present and living in the moment which I really need to do more often. It was such a good weekend and I hope this week is just as amazing.

How was your Father’s Day weekend?


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