Fall To Do List

Fall To Do List | Why Hello Lovely

How is it already fall?! I feel like the summer was super long, but at the same time, it just doesn’t feel like it should be fall yet. But it is. And now here we are spending the autumn in a brand new state. Growing up in New England, I have high hopes for the autumn months. Fall in New England is so wonderful and gorgeous. There are tons of haunted attractions and pumpkin patches and apple orchards. Not to mention all the fall fairs (the best one being the Fryeburg Fair up in Maine). It’s a wonderful time of year. Just as magical as Christmastime. So I’m a little nervous about spending fall in Southern California. The temperatures are starting to chill a bit which I’m super happy about, but I’m just not sure how easy it’ll be to find fall activities here. So there will be a ton of exploring these next couple months.

  • Find a great apple orchard.
  • Finally learn how to make apple crisp – I suck at making apple pies so maybe I’ll be better at apple crisp.
  • Find a couple haunted attractions in the area – there’s one in Vermont called Dead North and I’ve never found one that even comes close to that one.
  • Pick a pumpkin – for some reason, Zack and I never do this, but this year we will.
  • Have a fall photo shoot.
  • Find a fair to go to.
  • Attend a football game – although we’re nowhere near our Patriots, I’d still love to attend a football game this fall. 
  • Have a Halloween movie marathon.
  • See The Girl On The Train in theaters – did anyone else read this book? I loved it!
  • Find a corn maze.
  • Drink a ton of apple cider.

What’s on your fall to do list?

  • I’m usually a hung-ho summer person since I love the beach and pool, but I am SO ready for the fall this year! It’s not exactly New England fall weather around here in Charleston, but I am very, very happy for the temps to finally drift into the upper 70s next week. I’ll take what I can get! Also, I second the apple crisp suggestion–we had the BEST apple crisp last week and I have been dreaming of making another every day since then. YUM!

    • I absolutely love summer! But for some reason, summer seemed to last FOREVER this year lol it was super long. So I’m more than ready for fall, but I feel that I may be slightly disappointed with fall here in SoCal. It’s 102 degrees out today. It’s a bit different from New England haha but I’ll take this over winter ANY day.

      I haven’t had apple crisp in SO long. I’ve been wanting it so bad lately with some french vanilla ice cream. I may need to make it this week lol

  • I want to do all of these! A fall photo shoot is definitely high up on my list, but sadly here in South Carolina, the leaves don’t start to fall ’till December 🙁

    • That was my issue when I lived in North Carolina! And sadly, it may be my issue here in California lol it’s 102 degrees out today. But my fingers are crossed that it cools down just a tad and we get some pretty colors here.

  • Scarlett Ballantyne

    I want to do a pumpkin patch and Fall photo shoot too!

    • The fall photo shoot is a huge one this year. It’s non-negotiable haha

  • I really want to see that movie too…the book was awesome! I’m looking forward to taking my boys on a hayride, and picking apples. We also need to get a big pumpkin!

    • I’m super excited for the movie! I really hope it’s as good as the book. I read the entire book in like two days because I was so hooked on it. So great!

  • This sounds like a great Fall to- do list! I’ve always wanted to visit New England in the Fall. I’m sure there are some great things to do in Southern California as well.

    • Thanks Ryan! New England is gorgeous in the fall. So many beautiful colors and things to do. It’s wonderful. So I very much hope I can have a little bit of that here.

  • LOVE this list! I can’t wait for fall dates and all of the Halloween things 🙂

  • I was going to suggest corn maze but then I saw it on there! We LOVE doing corn mazes around here – but I’m from New Hampshire so I have that New England Fall bias 😉

    So fun! I hope you’re able to do everything on your list and more!

    • Corn mazes are so fun! Especially when they’re turned into haunted attractions. There was a super awesome one down in Gainesville, Florida when I lived down there. During the day, it was kid friendly and then at night, it turned into a haunted walk. So much fun!

  • Marissa Pedersen

    I love all these activities so much! Attending football games with a hot chocolate in hand is the best.

    • I love a good football game! Last year, I was living in Maine and my younger sister invited me to her high school’s homecoming game. I graduated from that same school and hadn’t been back in years so I went with her and had a blast! It was kind of nice to be back in my hometown.

  • Sounds like a good list to me! Believe it or not I have NEVER been apple or pumpkin picking; I need to add it to my list. I always thought it was cliche and silly but as I get older, I definitely want to go! Not to mention I live in Long Island and there are tons of farms & options here. I also CANNOT wait to see Girl on the Train! Loved the book & movie looks great.

    • How have you never been apple or pumpkin picking?! haha my parents brought us every single year and by my teens, I thought it was kind of dumb. Now that I’m a married adult, I miss it like crazy so I make sure to do it each year. We’ll definitely do it with our own kids too 🙂 and Girl On The Train is going to be amazing! (I hope). I really have high hopes for it since I loved the book so much.

      • I know, it’s a travesty! I’ll go this season…promise 🙂

  • Jen

    Your list sounds amazing to me!! I love apple and pumpkin picking, it’s so much fun!

    • It’s not fall unless you go apple and pumpkin picking. It’s like you’ve completely skipped the season if you don’t go haha so I’m very much determined to find a place to go here.

  • These are all great things to do this fall! I have the majority on my list. I’m so excited to get our pumpkins, pumpkin craft beers, and carve them!

    • Zack and I have yet to carve pumpkins together so we’re definitely going to have to do that this year. It used to be a big tradition in my home growing up so I’m already excited for it.

  • Halloween Movie Marathon sounds like so much fun!

    • Right?! I especially love good a Michael Myers marathon this time of year. All those older scary movies. They’re perfect for fall.

  • A Halloween Movie Marathon sounds like fun! 🙂 I also want to see The Girl on the Train. And haunted attractions are definitely on my to-do list! My friend and I have one that we absolutely love here, but we’d also like to check out some others.

    • My family always found us a good haunted attraction every year growing up, but Dead North in Vermont tops them all. I have yet to find one scarier than that one. It’s half a corn maze walk and half haunted houses. And it’s literally in the middle of nowhere. Like to get there from my dad’s old house, it took an hour and a half. And an hour of that is spent driving through endless fields. You arrive and instantly realize how easy it would be for someone to murder you and hide the body haha

  • Finding an apple orchard is key! The best part of being from NY in the fall is all the apple choices. I hope you find something great!!

    • That’s what I loved about living in New England! It was always super easy to find places to go apple picking. Orchards were everywhere. I’m thinking it may be a little more challenging here in San Diego, but I’m determined to find one haha

  • kp

    Apple cider is so delicious!! I don’t drink it too often but now I’m going to have to buy some ASAP!

    • I love a hot apple cider. It’s so delicious and perfect for those chilled autumn nights. I’m already craving it!

  • Nicole F

    This sounds like a great bucket list for fall. I still haven’t read The Girl on the Train. I might see the movie before the book just so I’m not disappointed 🙂

    • I highly recommend checking out the book! Even if you end up being disappointed by the movie lol I really enjoyed it.

  • I wanna see Girl on the Train too! The book was wonderful.

    xoxo, Jenny

    • It was definitely one of my favorite books. Kept me on the edge of my seat the entire time. I read it in two sittings because I was that hooked lol

  • I’m so excited to see the Girl on the Train!

  • I’ve actually never been to an apple orchard. Sounds like I need to put it on the list! Happy fall!

    • You are the second person to comment on this post saying they’ve never been apple picking haha I’m very surprised by that. I really thought this was something EVERYONE did. Especially as kids. You’ll definitely have to add it to your list!!

  • I need to go pumpkin patching! haha but I also need a new photographer since we just moved. So I’ll have to add that to my fall to do list.