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20 Fall Date Ideas On A Budget

Fall Date Ideas On A Budget | Why Hello Lovely

Fall is easily one of my favorite times of year with October being one of my favorite months. There’s just something about that chill in the air and the whole vibe of the season that’s cozy and romantic. It’s the perfect time of year for date nights because it’s not hot and humid like it is in the summertime, but it’s also not freezing outside either. It’s the perfect weather. Or at least it is in New England. It’s still a bit warm here in San Diego, but I’ll get that cooler weather at some point!

I love seeing posts on fun date ideas for the current season, but one thing I’ve noticed is that there are so many posts that are just identical to one another. It’s the usual apple picking and watching scary movies (which of course are on this list as well), but I’m always looking for some out of the box ideas. Ideas that not everyone is thinking of as much. So after asking around and doing some digging, I’m pulled together 20 of my favorite fall date ideas. And they’re all cheap!

  1. Have a scary movie marathon. Order take out, pour your favorite bottle of wine, and spend the night indoors under the blankets. Pick up some of the older scary movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th. Or, if you’re not that into scary movies, then go with movies like Hocus Pocus, Ghostbusters, and Halloweentown. To me, there’s nothing better than a cozy night in.
  2. Spend the afternoon wandering an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. I know this is on everyone’s list, but this is always a must-do for this time of year. It’s just not fall unless you’ve picked apples and pumpkins (and be sure to pick up your favorite fall drink before you go!).
  3. Host a pumpkin carving contest just the two of you. Carve your best pumpkin and have friends and family vote on the best one. Be sure to come up with good prizes for the winner whether it’s a day of no chores or a romantic back rub.
  4. Learn how to make your favorite fall treat. This is high on my list of things to do this month. I’m horrible at making apple pies, but I’m hoping I’ll do better at making apple crisp. Stay tuned for that one! (ideas: pumpkin pie, apple pie, apple crisp, caramel/candy apples).
  5. Make your own apple cider (you can even change it up and make apple cider floats).
  6. Go stargazing. Pack your favorite blanket, some wine and of course the layers (depending on where you live) and spend the night curled up under the stars.
  7. Attend a Halloween costume party (or host your own!).
  8. Go Halloween costume shopping. You don’t even have to buy a costume if you’re not the dressing up type of person. It can still be fun to try on silly costumes and take pictures together.
  9. Spend the day at a farm. Farms this time of year are always full of fun activities from corn mazes to hay rides to apple orchards and pumpkin patches. A day at the farm is perfect this time of year.
  10. Go to a football game. Football season is one of the many reasons why fall is the best. Whether it’s an NFL team or a college team, attending a game can be a ton of fun.
  11. Have a bonfire. Gather your favorite blankets and everything you need to make s’mores. This is the perfect after dark date night and can be done in your own backyard or at a nearby beach (as long as it’s legal where you live).
  12. Go for a drive. I used to love going for drives through the countryside to see all the beautiful fall colors. Grab your favorite fall drink and spend the day exploring the countryside. Stop at local farms and check out the cute country stores.
  13. Spend the day at a fall festival or fair. Festivals are the perfect place for live music, great food, and fun rides and activities. Not to mention tons of cute little farm animals that you can feed and pet.
  14. Go horseback riding. Go off into the countryside and see all the beautiful fall foliage. You can even bring a picnic for a beautiful lunch or dinner break.
  15. Plan a date to a haunted house or on a haunted hayride. Be sure to ask around to find the best one in your area!
  16. Tour a local brewery and have fun sampling all the fall brews.
  17. Decorate your home together. Whether it’s pretty fall decorations or you’re turning your home into a haunted attraction. Gather all your favorite decorations and spend the afternoon putting it all up.
  18. Have a chili cook-off to see who can make the best chili. Invite friends to be taste testers and determine the winner. You can then use the leftovers to make chili nachos while you watch Sunday football.
  19. Spend the day at the park. Bring a pizza or a picnic and throw around a football or frisbee. You can even bring a kite if you have enough wind.
  20. Go to the zoo. We are huge fans of zoos and animals so we’re always looking for a reason to go. And since it’s chilled down a bit, it’s likely the animals will be out a bit more rather than looking for shade.

What fall date ideas do you have?