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Our Cross-Country Road Trip | Day 4

Our Cross-Country Road Trip Day 4 | Why Hello Lovely

Start: Nashville, TN | End: Oklahoma City, OK
Distance traveled: 678 miles | Time: 10 hours
States driven through: Tennessee, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.
Cities driven through: Memphis, TN; Little Rock, AR; Oklahoma City, OK.

Well folks Friday morning was not the best. We woke up to a dead car battery which has been giving us problems a lot this past week. Luckily someone at the hotel was able to jump it for us and then we got a whole new battery an auto store down the road. Everyone was super sweet and helpful and we were back on the road within 45 minutes. Thank God we have a savings account for things like this. One of the many reasons it’s important to save in your twenties. I read an article not too long ago (maybe on the Huffington Post? I don’t remember) on why people in their twenties shouldn’t save money and I thought it was the most ridiculous article I’ve ever read. Yes, it’s good to have fun and enjoy life but situations like these are much less stressful when you know you have that money set aside already. I’m just saying. Save money kids!

Anyways, we started our day at about 10am as opposed to 9 like we had originally planned and within minutes we were back on I-40 and cruising westward. By the time we got an hour from Nashville, we were just about sick of Tennessee altogether. Memphis was super easy to drive though even with traffic and construction and before we knew it, we were driving over the Mississippi River into Arkansas. Just like entering a new time zone, I was just as thrilled to be entering a state I had never been to before…even though there’s legit nothing in Arkansas. It was all fields to and from Little Rock so I took out my MacBook to get some work done instead.

Our Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4 | Why Hello Lovely

I did think it was super cool that the state was so flat though. Growing up in New England, I was always surrounded by a mix of mountains and oceans and there was NONE of that out there. Which was a little sad, but at the same time it was cool to be able to see for miles and miles. Just straight fields and endless blue skies. I couldn’t live there, but in a weird way it was a nice change of scenery. Oklahoma was pretty much the same way except there were more trees. Not a whole lot going on there either. I’m glad the weather was so beautiful though. We had a short five minutes of rain at one point in Arkansas, but other than that, it was sunny and 90+ degrees out. It did rain bugs at one point though. I kid you not. I thought it was raining but once we looked closer, we realized it was just bugs hitting the windshield. Yes, there were THAT many bugs. Our poor Jeep looks horrible. We have to rinse it off every time we stop

Our Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4 | Why Hello Lovely

We arrived in Oklahoma City at around 9 o’clock that night. It was super strange to be driving through the middle of nowhere for so many hours just to randomly come to a big city. The signs said we were 3 miles from the city and yet it was nowhere to be found. It literally came up out of nowhere. Super odd. But the hotel we chose last night was a million times better than the one we had in Nashville. WAY better. I didn’t feel like I would be murdered walking to my room or have our car broken into while we were sleeping. We even got our room upgraded so we had a king sized bed as opposed to a double. So much more space to spread out.

Our Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4 | Why Hello Lovely

I was starving by the time we arrived so I ordered some Chinese food from the room. I’ve been craving it for weeks now but Zack hasn’t so I haven’t had it in a while. I was rather excited when it arrived. I crawled into bed with it and watched some Family Guy and Friends with Zack. It was super relaxing until a thunderstorm hit. Our poor puppy is scared of them so he immediately ran to the bathtub to hide from it. I felt so bad for him. Thankfully the storm didn’t last long so he came crawling back into our bed once it was over.

Our Cross Country Road Trip: Day 4 | Why Hello Lovely

Day 4 is officially complete! Now off to tackle the rest of Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona! Flagstaff, here we come!


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