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Our Cross-Country Road Trip | Day 3

Our Cross-Country Road Trip Day 3 | Why Hello Lovely

Start: Havelock, NC | End: Nashville, Tennessee Distance traveled: 671 miles | Time: 12 hours
States driven through: North Carolina and Tennessee.
Cities driven through: Raleigh, NC; Knoxville, TN; Nashville, TN

Day 3 of our road trip was a success. We spent another 12 hours in the car, traveling from North Carolina to Tennessee. I never realized how long these two states are. I wanted to drive further than Tennessee, but we had already pre-determined that we’d be traveling about 12 hours a day in order to get there in 3-4 days. So we drove from 9 am to 9pm.

This leg of the journey was very uneventful and rather boring so this is going to be a super quick update. Literally nothing happened. We decided to take I-40 all the way across the country but for some reason my GPS just didn’t want us to when we were driving towards Raleigh. So many issues. North Carolina is constantly adding roads and bypasses off the major roads so half the time, the GPS thought we were off roasting and kept trying to re-direct us onto roads that didn’t exist. Then we finally got back on track and about ten minutes later I realized it was trying to make us take I-30 instead. So again we had to re-route to get back up to I-40. It was quite frustrating. It probably took us 30 minutes longer than it should have to get onto the right highway.

Once we got onto I-40, it was a million times easier. Not much traffic and we got to drive through the Smokey Mountains which were super pretty. I really enjoy driving though the mountains but Zack hated it. I think it’s because he can’t go a constant speed. The roads had a lot of hills and turns so he was constantly having to turn off the cruise control. I happened to love it though. I tried to take photos but the photos just didn’t do it justice at all.

For the most part, the entire drive was super quick and easy. I worked from my MacBook for the first half of the drive until it finally died. We have an outlet in the car, but unfortunately, I couldn’t access it to plug it in and keep working. So I switched to working from my iPhone which is what I’m currently typing up this post on while we sit in traffic in Knoxville, TN. I’ve never been to Knoxville but so far, I’m not a fan of the traffic.  Although I think it’s because there’s an accident somewhere ahead of us. Or at least that’s what I thought I heard on the radio. Either way, we’ve been in bumper to bumper traffic for a good 30+ minutes now.

Our Cross Country Road Trip: Day 3 | Why Hello LovelyWe finally got out of traffic after a little over an hour. It was insane. We were at a standstill so we just sat in the car eating and Facebooking the entire time. We don’t even know what caused the traffic. All of a sudden we were back up to 65mph and we both looked at each other super confused. So I’m not sure what that was all about but we were super excited to get out of it.

The rest of the drive wasn’t bad at all. Jack was excellent in the car yet again which made the drive so much easier and less stressful on all of us. I really was so worried about traveling so far with him but so far he’s rocking it and handling it like a champ. We arrived at our hotel in Nashville at around 8 o’clock CST. It was super strange to look at my phone to see we had essentially gone back in time. I’ve never been off the east coast so this was a bit more exciting than it would be to most.

We didn’t choose the best hotel so that’s my only disappointment from the day. Since Jack isn’t good with people right n0w, we absolutely have to go with motels since they have the doors on the outside of the building. It makes it so much easier for us to take him in and out without having to pass too many people. So this really limits us on what hotels we can choose. We found one close to the highway and let’s just say, it was pretty sketchy. Like the door needs to be locked at all times kind of sketchy. I even felt icky taking a shower. Not the best.

Although the hotel was crap, I’m so glad we decided to break down the trip into 12 hour days. It was so much more doable than our 17 hour drive to north Carolina earlier this week. Rather than feeling completely exhausted when we arrived at the hotel, we had time to shower and relax. We spent the rest of the night curled up in bed with some take out food and some Netflix. Much less stressful than driving into the middle of the night. Hopefully the rest of the trip goes just as well.


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