How To Create The Perfect At-Home Coffee Station

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How To Create The Perfect Coffee Station |

Working from home, I go through a ton of coffee. I’m sure many of you can relate if you’re a fellow blogger, small business owner, mom or just a busy woman on the go. Mornings in our household are centered around our morning cup of coffee. In fact, I’m drinking some now as I type this.

For Christmas this past year, my husband bought me a brand new Keurig to add to our kitchen. I had been wanting to upgrade my coffee station for a while now, but he never saw the point in spending money on a Keurig…and then we moved to San Diego and I found myself at Starbucks on a daily basis. It was getting expensive. So he caved in and bought me a new coffee maker.

I was thrilled when I opened it up. You would have thought I’d gotten an Apple Watch or something. I couldn’t have been more excited. And of course he made sure to buy me K-Cups, a couple new coffee mugs, the filter system, and of course some Folger’s coffee. So I was all stocked up and ready to go (can you say best husband EVER?).

I had opened it up pretty late in the day so I was way too exhausted to set it all up at that point. But the following morning, I just couldn’t fall back to sleep after Zack left for work so by 5:30am, I was in the kitchen, unpacking it all. I’ve always wanted a full coffee station in my home so since Zack wasn’t home to tell me it was “dumb”, I spent a good hour rearranging our kitchen as well as the cabinets to make room for my new coffee station. I was super impressed with my little coffee spot so I wanted to share with you all how I went about putting it together so that you to can create one in your own home!


I had to be a bit more creative with mine because our kitchen is super tiny here. Like horribly tiny. Counter space just doesn’t exist and we’re currently obsessed with buying new appliances. It’s a problem. So I really had to do some rearranging to make everything “fit”. I knew I wanted it closer to the fridge so that I could easily access the creamer without having to walk across the kitchen every time so that was really my deciding factor right there since I can’t exactly move the fridge.

How To Create The Perfect At-Home Coffee Station |


This will vary from person to person, but for me this included: my Keurig and its many accessories, coffee cups, Folgers Coffee, K-Cups, sugar, creamer (or in my case, easy access to the creamer), and other miscellaneous coffee station items like teas, hot cocoa, spoons, etc. Pretty much anything you need to make your coffee in the morning.


Our cabinets are super tiny so having everything on one shelf like I wanted it was a little more challenging. To make this work, I poured the sugar and coffee into separate mason jars. This is a super cute way to store them and they take up so much less space as well. I then put the rest of the sugar and coffee on a higher shelf and just restock the mason jars when needed. I’d love to buy a drawer at some point for the K-Cups, but for now my system works as is.

Also in this cabinet, I have my teas, hot cocoa, K-Cups, our larger coffee pot and a few other miscellaneous things that I may need within arm’s reach. Really only the essentials since the shelf isn’t that large and can’t hold everything under the sun.

As I mentioned above, my station is right next to the fridge so that I have easy access to creamers as well as my cold brew coffee for the days I’m wanting to change it up a bit. While my kitchen isn’t large by any mans, I’m lazy some mornings so having the fridge right there is great!

Our coffee mugs are actually stored across the kitchen so to keep everything together, we bought this super cute coffee cup holder at Bed Bath & Beyond. There are plenty of more extravagant coffee cup holders out there, but since our kitchen is so tiny, we decided to stick with a super basic one so it didn’t take up too much space. I then chose some of my go to coffee cups and moved them to this counter so that they’re right there in front of me as I’m making my coffee.


There’s no better way to make sure something works than to take it for a test drive. Hence why many women love to carry around items they’re interested in purchasing while they’re shopping before fully committing (anyone else do this?). From here, you can make some final adjustments to your station so that it’s fully functional and fits your needs. Once you add those finishing touches, you’re done! You now have a super cute little coffee station for those days where you just need a cup of coffee stat!

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How To Create The Perfect At-Home Coffee Station |

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Do you have a coffee station in your home? Do you plan to enter the Folgers Jingle Contest?


  • Marie Morgan

    Life without a Keurig and coffee could not exist!

  • My wife is a coffee FREAK and she’s starting to turn me into one too. Great post and great ideas for me to try in our house! Happy V-day!

  • Cadri

    Love my keurig so much! We just recently had to create a whole area for our coffee too because I got a keurig from my boss for Christmas and then my parents bought me then ninja for Christmas! Obviously they know I love coffee! ? ☕️ add those two plus all the cups, we have a whole area now!

    • Haha I feel that a designated coffee station is crucial for people who drink a lot of coffee. I’m obsessed with mine. And now we have a smoothie station in our kitchen as well. We just bought a NutriBullet and it’s fantastic!

  • So cute! I’ve been looking for inspo for a coffee station and this helps!

  • I really need to create a space like this. Working from home, has it’s perks and unlimited coffee is one of them. 🙂

    • I’ve seriously debated on creating a coffee station right in my office haha that’s how obsessed I am. Maybe once we move again next year and I have a little more space. It would be just like a “real” office environment lol

  • Diana

    I love my coffee station! It’s possibly the most used and valuable space in our home. 🙂

    • Ours was our most used space util we bought a NutriBullet a couple weeks ago. Now we have a smoothie station haha we use both on a daily basis.

  • Love this! I just upgraded my Keurig this year and am LOVING the new one. I brought the old one to work, so now I really never have an excuse to buy coffee out instead of making it!

    • I’ve never owned a Keurig before so I’m REALLY loving it right now haha I’m so happy he finally caved in and bought me one. He bought me a NutriBullet a couple weeks ago too so we’re all set in the kitchen right now haha

  • So cute!! I don’t even drink coffee that often but I want my own coffee station in my kitchen!! Maybe a tea station instead though 🙂

    • Haha a tea station is a great substitution if you’re not a big coffee drinker! We have a coffee station and a smoothie station and both get used multiple times a day lol we love them.

  • Tracie B Threadford

    I have a coffee station in my kitchen. My keurig 2.0 and go figure I drink Folgers Black Silk. I won’t be entering the jingle contest because I can’t carry a tune in a bucket lol

    • Folgers Black Silk is amazing! Easily one of my favorites. And I don’t blame you! I’m sure Folgers doesn’t want to hear my entry hahaha

  • Lauren Norton

    This is great! In my new apartment, I need to make a coffee station. Right now I keep my coffee in the freezer (keeps it good for longer and since I buy fancy coffee, I want it to last a long time), my sugar in the right cabinets, and my mugs in the left. So I do laps in the morning. BUT it helps me get my steps in. I do wish that everything was close and convenient on mornings when I’m in a hurry, though. Thanks for sharing!
    xoxo Lauren | Glitter & Grandeur

    • Our kitchen isn’t big enough to get steps in haha it’s so horrible. We hate apartment living so much. But it literally drove me crazy to keep doing circles every time I needed something just to make a simple cup of coffee so I’m really glad I moved things around and created my little coffee corner. Makes life so much easier AND I don’t leave the kitchen feeling dizzy haha

  • Penniless Prairie Girl

    Great post! I love my little coffee station so much! Everyone should have one.

  • Joscelyn | Wifemamafoodie

    I love the idea of a coffee station! I’ll need to find a little corner to make my own!

    • I love this corner of our kitchen! We now have a smoothie station as well haha we’re in desperate need of a bigger kitchen. I’m already online house shopping for when we move next year. A large kitchen is high on my wish list.

  • I love my Keurig! I noticed once we purchased a Keurig my Starbucks and other coffee shop expenses went down quite a bit! They are just so easy to use. A coffee station is a great idea, I hope I have enough room to create one in my new apartment. I usually have a cabinet shelf full of tea and extra K cups that aren’t in my K-Cup drawer.

    • I still buy so much coffee when I’m out, but it’s definitely not a daily basis anymore which is nice lol I can just make my coffee at home and go straight into my office without even having to get dressed and leave the house lol I definitely plan to have a much larger kitchen when we buy a house next summer. That way we have more space for things like this.

  • Here’s my question. Can you use something other than K cups with the Keurig? I spent an extended vacation/work session at a friend’s place and she had a Keurig which was convenient but those cups are super expensive when compared to simply buying beans or even pre-ground coffee. She said you could use ground coffee but she didn’t know how to do it and I couldn’t figure it out! #ExasperatedAndPoorer

    • You absolutely can use ground coffee in it! 🙂 there’s a little K-cup insert that you can buy pretty much anywhere. It’s like less than $5 at Walmart or something like that. And you can fill it with your favorite coffees! It’s super awesome! We use this more often than the actual K-cups lol

      • That’s great to know because I’ll be back at her place soon!

  • Kari Jonard

    We just bought a new coffee pot that can brew a pot of coffee, a kcup, or a cup at a time of any ground coffee. We are very happy with it!

    • That’s super cool! Ours has that flexibility as well and it’s so handy. I love having the option of brewing either a single cup or a whole pot without having to switch coffee makers lol and Zack uses the coffee pot setting every morning for work to fill his travel mug so it works super well.

  • If I was a coffee drinker I would definitely set up a coffee station in my kitchen, but I’ve never liked the taste of coffee. I find that it smells absolutely wonderful, but my love for coffee stops there. Tea however I drink by the boatload, lol! I have my tea stuff in different parts of the kitchen, I should really work on having it all together in once place.

    • I used to be one of those people who drank coffee and nothing but coffee all day, every day haha thankfully I now realize how bad that is for you so I stick to my one cup in the mornings. But I don’t know what I’d do without it some days lol I’ve tried to get into tea but have only found a couple I actually like. I’d really like to try more though!

  • Mine too!! But now we all of a sudden have a smoothie station in our kitchen as well so I’m not sure which one I like more now haha

  • I’m such a coffee addict and love my coffee in the morning at home. One of the best things 🙂 🙂

    • This is perfect for coffee addicts! 🙂 we begin every morning with coffee. Although lately, we’ve been opting for iced coffee. But this station is still the most used space in our home.