Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A…

Gender Reveal: Baby Bartlett Is A... |

Last Thursday, we had the long-awaited anatomy ultrasound appointment. I was hoping to have this appointment before the holidays, but I’m really glad my doctor made me wait until 20 weeks because we got to see so much of our little one. Leading up to the appointment, the only thing I was concerned about was whether itRead more

20 Week Bumpdate

I haven’t done a bumpdate since my 15-week mark, so I thought I’d start doing them every five weeks for the remainder of my pregnancy. Today I’m 20 weeks! It’s crazy to think I’ve reached the halfway point already. It’s a little bittersweet, but I’ll be honest, I’m so ready to get through the lastRead more

Prenatal Yoga Benefits For Expectant Mothers

Prenatal Yoga Benefits For Expectant Mothers |

The moment I found out I was pregnant and had it confirmed by doctors, I knew I wanted to get involved in some prenatal yoga classes. I used to do yoga throughout high school and was beginning to get back into it with my sister, Hannah before we moved so I was eager to get startedRead more

15 Week Bumpdate

15 Week Bumpdate |

As promised, this is my first trimester recap. If you missed our pregnancy announcement, you can check it out here. The first trimester seemed to go by super quickly, but that’s because it’s practically over by the time you actually find out you’re pregnant and see a doctor. Which, by the way was a superRead more