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Blogging Q&A | Your Questions Answered!

Blogging Q&A: Your Questions Answered | Keating & Co.

Good morning and happy hump day!  I cannot believe we are already halfway through the week.  As some of you may know, I go to school online and am majoring in communications and public relations.  We discuss blogging and social media a lot in some of my classes and people are always and amazed when I tell them I blog.  This amazement then comes with many different questions, which I don’t mind at all!  I love answering people’s questions and clearing up any confusions they may have to the blog world and what exactly it is that I do.  So I thought it would be fun to create a little Q&A type of post to help answer the top questions I get most frequently!

What exactly do you do?

I am a military lifestyle blogger.  Basically, I write a lot about my life as a military spouse.  Everything from the highs such as attending military balls to the lows of year long separations and frustrating work schedules.  I write about it all.  But what is it that I get paid to do?  In short, I get paid to promote other blogs, companies, products, services, etc.  Other bloggers can purchase ad space in my sidebar and in return, I promote their blog throughout the month through social media mentions.  This gets their name out there and helps to grow their blog.  Companies, on the other hand, pay me to write posts on their products, services, or the company as a whole.  It’s my job to spread the word on whatever it is they want me to promote.   In short, I pretty much work in marketing.

How many shares does one need to get before the sponsors come calling?

This one is kind of of a loaded question. There really isn’t a set number of shares or page views one needs to have to start getting sponsors. I started selling ad space on my blog when I was at around 2,500 monthly page views which for me was a lot since I had just started working on it full time about 3 months prior to that. In order to get into selling ad space, I gave away free ad space for a month to get people into my sidebar and then most of them ended up paying to stay there for an additional month.

Now I’m also a member of a few blogging networks as well. Blogging networks tend to have membership requirements including a certain number of monthly page views. I’m now at about 5,500 a month which, again, I feel like is a lot but some networks require you have at least 20,000 per month. Either way, these blogging networks are awesome. They help connect me with awesome brands and products which is how I get a good majority of my sponsored opportunities.

What sort of deadlines do you deal with?

For the most part I have about 2-3 weeks to get a blog post completed for a client. Sometimes it’s only 1. But most times its very doable. I also have a few affiliates that I work with as well and sometimes they send me promotions and sales to promote on Twitter the following day. But for the most part I have a good amount of time to do things.

How is the pay structured? Are you paid per blog post, or per like or share?

I get paid per post.  The amount varies greatly depending on the network I’m working through or the company I’m working with.  Some pay as little as $50 for a post, while others pay around $200 or more for a post and the social media promotions that go along with it.  So it’s not a bad part time income. I’d love to take it to full time but I don’t want my entire blog to be sponsored posts. So I’m still finding that healthy balance of sponsored posts and my life/fun posts.

If you could put a number on it, how many hours a week would you say you work on your blog?

Honestly, I probably put in the same number of hours I would at a full time job. There’s always blog maintenance to do or networking or emails to send out and respond to or editing and scheduling blog posts and social media. I’m technically unemployed right now while I finish school but I honestly don’t see how I could fit a full time job into my schedule without giving up my blog.  I’d love to turn it into a full-time income.

What are affiliate links?

Affiliates are great!  I work with Erin Condren, CoSchedule, and A Small Orange the most.  Here’s how they work: I’m given a link/code to share with my readers.  If you happen to sign up or purchase anything through that link, then I get a commissions.  For example, with Erin Condren, you get $10 off your first purchase and then I also get $10 added to my account to use toward my next purchase as well.  I tend to save these up for when I go to purchase my next planner.  I try to use affiliates that work in everyone’s favor, not just my own.

Do you ever actually meet with anyone in person or is everything done online?

For the most part, everything is done online. I have met a few blogging friends in person though! I met a fellow military spouse who also blogs and we found out we were stationed at the same base! So that was super cool. We got together for coffee dates a few times. Other than that, everything is pretty much done online.  I’d love to start attending blogging conferences at some point too!

I hope this answers some of your many questions!  If you happen to have any more, feel free to shoot me an email or ask me in the comments!  I love hearing what you all are curious about!

What other questions do you all have regarding bloggers and what we do?