3 Of The Best Drugstore Foundations

3 Of The Best Drugstore Foundations | Why Hello Lovely

Good morning lovelies and Happy Monday! Today I’m sharing some of my favorite drugstore foundations with you all. I follow a ton of beauty blogs, but the one thing that I’ve noticed is that so many of them share high-end products that not a whole lot of people are spending money on. Don’t get me wrong, I love exploring places like Sephora and trying new products, but I just cannot justify spending $45+ dollars on a single foundation just because it has a fancy brand name and packaging. I just can’t do it. Skin care products are a whole different story because some of us just have horribly frustrating skin. But with how quickly I go through makeup, I’d be spending hundreds of dollars on makeup each month which is completely insane if you ask me. I’d much rather buy coffee!

With a good majority of my readers being between the ages of 18 and 25 (ish), it just wouldn’t be helpful to most of you if I shared products you couldn’t afford or aren’t wanting to spend money on. And I have a lot of you who are students and parents as well. So that just doesn’t make sense. So every beauty product I ever share with you all will be super affordable and easy to find in your local drug store. With that said, my top three best drugstore foundations can all be found at Walmart, Target, ULTA (or wherever it is that you buy your makeup!) AND they’re all under $10. How perfect is that?!

3 Of The Best Drugstore Foundations | Why Hello Lovely

Maybelline New York Dream Matte Mousse | 5 Stars

I’ve always been a huge fan of the Dream collection by Maybelline New York. The coverage has always been so amazing for me. The matte mousse is my favorite in that collection. It’s thick enough where it provides great, all day-coverage but still light enough to where it doesn’t feel like I’m wearing makeup and it doesn’t have that caked on look like some thicker foundations do. It’s also really easy to blend and it matches my skin tone perfectly. I use this one a lot for quick touch ups as well. I always have a backup in my bag because it’s that easy to throw on if a pimple makes a reappearance or if my under eye area is looking a little dark. If you’re not a fan of the smooth mousse, then it also comes in foam and liquid as well. It also came in more of a cream form, but I’m not sure if it’s still being sold. I see it every once in a great while, but definitely not as often as I used to. Either way, it’s a whole collection so I guarantee you’ll find one that works for you.

3 Of The Best Drugstore Foundations | Why Hello Lovely

Maybelline FIT Me Foundation | 4.5 stars

As you can see Maybelline is one of my favorite makeup brands. It’s rare that I ever have a bad experience with them. Especially with their foundations. The one thing I love about this foundation is its shades. Out of all the foundations I’ve ever tried, these tend to match my skin tone the best. I have super fair skin most of the year and it can be such a challenge to find a good foundation that truly matches my skin tone. This one covers such a wide variety of skin tones. I can’t imagine someone having a hard time finding one that works for them. This foundation comes in liquid form and is super lightweight as well. It’s also very easy to blend, BUT the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s sometimes not enough coverage. I find that in some weather conditions (like heat and humidity), it sometimes fades away after a while. So that can be a little frustrating. But it’s such a minor issue, that I only took off .5 stars because of it. Other than that, I love it and I currently own about 4 of them. So that should show you how much I love this foundation.

3 Of The Best Drugstore Foundations | Why Hello Lovely

Rimmel London Stay Matte Foundation | 4 stars

This one is super similar to the Maybelline New York Dream Matte Smooth Mousse foundation in terms of coverage. It lasts all day for me and is great at covering blemishes and discolorations of my skin (not to mention the millions of freckles I have so that’s a huge win in my book). It stays put through heat and humidity and is relatively easy to blend as well. The only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s harder for me to find a shade that truly matches my skin tone. It’s much easier for me to wear it in the summer months when my skin is slightly darker, but the rest of the year, my skin is way too light for it sometimes. Either way, this is still one of my all-time favorites!

I also want to add that, I apply all of my foundations with the pink brush pictured above. I used to apply my foundations by hand waaaay back in high school until I realized just how bad that can be for your skin. Not to mention it made my fingers super oily sometimes. So I then switched to sponges and nowadays I use this brush. I LOVE it. I apply my foundation in a circular motion and it makes it so much easier to blend in and get even coverage. I’ve also noticed that I tend to not use as much foundation when I do it this way either. So it’s a win/win in my book. I highly recommend picking one up and try it out sometime!

What foundations do you swear by?

  • Jen

    I love the Rimmel Stay Matte foundation! It’s definitely one of my favorites.

    • Isn’t it amazing?! I hope you have better luck than I do with finding a good shade. My skin is just too pale for it sometimes.

  • Whale of a Tale

    I always use L’oreal products because they are french and thus have a load more laws governing what kind of chemicals they can put in them. I used to love the dream Matte Mousse!

    • I love L’Oreal. I have no idea why I don’t use them more often. I might have to pick up a few products by them this week and try them out. I got so hooked on Maybelline New York and it kind of just stuck haha so 9 times out of 10, I buy something from that one brand. I’ll try to branch out more!

  • I used to love the Fit Me foundation! My favorite drugstore one of the moment is the CoverGirl Clean Matte BB. It has a great matte finish and lasts ALL DAY. Love it!

    • I don’t think I’ve ever tried that one! I think I’ve maybe only tried one or two foundations by CoverGirl and I wasn’t a fan so I kind of just never went back to them. But I’ll have to pick that one up and try it out! 🙂

  • Awesome! I have to check some of these out. Lately my makeup routine has been getting a taaaaad bit expensive but I also want to find something that really works for me. Thanks for sharing girl!

    • It’s so easy to spend money on makeup lol I literally have to budget for it sometimes. I tend to just buy more every single time I’m at the store. My bathroom is like a mini ULTA store sometimes haha

  • I have always used Estee Lauder make up. It was the first brand I ever bought and I have stuck with it ever since. It was the lady behind the Estee Lauder counter who taught me to apply make up and told me what colours suited me so I just bought what she recommended because I just don’t have a clue with that kind of thing!

    • I’ve never tried anything by Estee Lauder (that I can recall). I actually completely avoid those counters at all costs when I’m in larger department stores like Macy’s haha I already know I’m not going to spend $40+ on a single product no matter how much I love it. So I just don’t go there lol

  • DT

    I haven’t tried any of these before but I would love to try the loose powder one. I am sucker for buying new makeup *guilty*

    — DT | Here I Scribble

    • I’m a makeup hoarder! haha I currently have about 8 foundations in my collection right now. I just always feel the need to buy something new whenever I’m at the store lol but it’s a great way to try new products and i love having options when I go to do my make each day.

  • Rachel Dhupar

    i have used 3 Of My Favorite Drugstore Foundations
    november 21, 2016

    I have used Maybelline matte mousse. Definately my favourite in in this list.

  • I wish drugstore worked for me, but I’ve never found one I love. Fortunately I’m not wearing as much makeup as I used to so my higher end stuff lasts a long time! I have that same brush, but the beauty blender took over my life!! Such a smooth finish!! Go into Sephora and get a sample of the makeup forever HD for fun. It’s my fave. I get samples there all the time lol. 🙂

    • I used a beauty blender for a little bit, but I just don’t understand the hype haha it just didn’t work the way I wanted it to and t ended up switching back to a brush. I love it so much more. For me, it’s just so much easier to evenly distribute my foundation.

  • As much as I love an affordable foundation, that is one of two or three products I do not mind splurging on in the high-end department. I just tend to find a better product in general in high-end foundations, especially since a lot of them are not formed with parabens/sulfates/oils and are cruelty free (Both Maybelline and Rimmel are not crulety free and it makes me so sad, so I try hard to not buy from them, although I LOVE Maybelline lipsticks. The struggle!) But I do love the L’Oreal Pro Glow foundation and that’s pretty affordable!

    • I would love to use products that are better for your skin and are cruelty free, but man that price tag just gets me haha I feel like I buy makeup so often that upgrading to high-end products would make it so much more stressful to replace products as they run out. I DID, however, cave in and buy my first ever high-end foundation the other day when I was at ULTA. I’m sad to say I already love it haha but it’s good to have backups that can be found at drugstores as well. And Maybelline lipsticks rock. I love them too! lol

  • Natasha Smith

    I love the Maybelline FIT as well! I also love L’Oréal particularly the Infalliable Pro Matte collection.

    • So many have recommended I try out some L’Oreal foundations so I’m going to have to go to out and find some today to try out 🙂 although my foundation drawer is a bit full as it is. I’ll have to expand their home soon haha

  • megkerns

    I so need a new foundation! Mine is just melting off these days- I’m even considering forgoing it entirely! #NakeyFace

    • Oh gosh I couldn’t imagine not putting foundation on in the morning haha even on my lazy days, there’s at least a tinted moisturizer on my face. Otherwise I just feel completely gross lol

  • Ana Ojha

    I too love Dream collection by Maybelline New York. It looks perfect on my skin!

  • Lisa Rios

    When it comes to beauty products I always love trying out the best ones and Maybelline is one of my favorite brand too when it comes to makeup. I would love to try that Dream collection as well for sure.

    • I’ve literally tried almost every foundation by Maybelline at this point. I’m that hooked haha they just always seem to work the best for me.

  • Devina Vadera

    Thanks for sharing! Im always looking for drugstore recs!

  • LOVE LOVE LVOE all 3 of these! Especially the Stay Matte by Rimmel London. Works so well with my oily skin.

    • These are my top three that I’m constantly re-buying! Definitely my go to’s. I always have them in my collection lol

  • I picked up L’Oreal True Match today to try it out! So I’m excited to see if I love it.

  • Rachel Golden

    I love Maybeliine, but I tried this Fit Me foundation two summers ago and my face broke out like crazy! I did decide to wear Kat Von D foundation, but it lasted me an entire year, so the $30 price tag was hella worth it! (I’m also a hella broke college grad, so this long lasting factor was a HUGE selling point for me.) But i love love love Maybelline in general 🙂 My poor skin just doesn’t do well with drug store foundation

    • My face can be super sensitive to some foundations too. I actually think one of them in my collection is causing me slight issues, but I change them up so much that I haven’t been able to pinpoint which one it is. Maybe I’ll have to stop using the FIT Me Foundation for a bit and see if that one’s it! And how on earth did you make a foundation last an entire year?! Girl, tell me your secrets haha I’m buying a new foundation every couple months or so.

  • Dana Brillante-Peller

    I don’t use a foundation but love that you can find great ones at drugstore and not have to pay a fortune!

    • I couldn’t even imagine not using foundation haha I’d look like a zombie. Pus I have freckles that I can’t stand. They must be covered at all times. Even right now as I type this, it’s first thing in the morning and I haven’t hopped in the shower or done my makeup or anything like that and I’m already feeling icky! haha