5 Benefits of Drinking Water

5 Benefits of Drinking Water | Why Hello Lovely

5 Benefits of Drinking Water | Why Hello Lovely

5 Benefits of Drinking Water | Why Hello Lovely

5 Benefits of Drinking Water | Why Hello Lovely

One of the best things I’ve done for my health was replacing my soda intake with water. I decided to do this back in March 2016 with the goal to keep it up for one month. It’s now October and I’m still going strong. I didn’t think this simple change would come with so many health benefits. I honestly just chose to do it because I knew soda wasn’t good to be drinking on a daily basis and I really needed to get more water in my system. It was my first step towards a healthier life. Now here I am and I’ve never looked back. It’s crazy to me how much better I feel  just from this one simple change. Not only do I feel better, but I look better as well which I hadn’t expected at all. So I want to share with you my top benefits to drinking water every day as well as how you too can increase your water intake.



It’s crazy to see the difference in my skin just from eliminating soda from my diet and drinking water throughout my day. I never even thought of my skin when I chose to make that switch and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with how much clearer my skin looks nowadays. I have far less breakouts and when I do get that occasional pimple, it’s so much easier to get rid of than it used to be. This alone is a reason for me to continue drinking water over soda.


After just a couple of months of drinking more water, I noticed I felt less off a need to drink coffee. Of course I still have a cup when I feel like it, but at that point I was drinking it for the taste rather than because I needed it to get me through the day. It felt great to wake up in the morning and be able to instantly start my day instead of taking an extra hour or two just to get out of bed. I love feeling more energized.


Your muscles need to stay hydrated in order to work at their full capacity and prevent muscle fatigue. This is extremely important if you work out a lot or are very active in your everyday life. I found it much easier to get through my workouts and build muscle when I was hydrated. I really did notice a difference when I worked out on days where I wasn’t drinking as much compared to the days where I drank a the recommended amount. I read somewhere that a person should drink about 17 ounces of fluid before working out (about two hours beforehand) in order to prep your muscles for any physical activity. So it’s important to get in those fluids!


This one’s pretty basic. Drinking more water helps get rid of waste through sweating and urination which can reduce your chances of getting kidney stones and infections. Not only that, but it keeps all your internal organs working properly and at their full capacity.


Although it doesn’t actually make you lose weight, choosing water over other high-calorie drinks is a good step in the right direction if you’re trying to lose a few pounds. I didn’t lose weight from switching to water, but I did notice a huge change in my abdomen because I wasn’t as bloated anymore.  My stomach flattened out after a couple of days and made it that much easier for me to make it toned.


Sometimes it can be challenging to get in the recommended amount of fluids needed. I remember thinking 64oz of water was a lot and at first, it was tough to even get in half of that. But these five tricks have worked really well for me over the past seven months.

  1. Carry a water bottle! Mine is a 32oz bottle and I re-fill it constantly throughout the day. Having it on me at all times makes it easier for me to choose water and get in the recommended amount.
  2. Drink water at meal times rather than soda or alcohol.
  3. Eat more fruits and vegetables. These foods have high water content which can keep you more hydrated throughout the day.
  4. Change it up. If you’re getting tired of the same old water every day, then add some flavoring! I love adding lemon to my water which has added benefits than drinking straight water. Berries also a great choice to change-up the flavor. You can also go for a carbonated water if you’re craving the carbonation that you’d get from sodas.
  5. Track it. Like I mentioned above, I have a water bottle that is 32oz. Based on the typical, 8 classes of water a day rule, I only need to fill up my water bottle twice in order to meet the recommended amount. This makes it so much easier for me to track how much I’ve had and how much I still need.

Between tracking my water intake and having my water bottle with me at all times, I tend to drink way more than the recommended amount. It’s a great system that works well for me!

What are your reasons for drinking more water? How do you manage to drink enough fluids throughout the day?

  • These are great tips! I also have a water bottle, and aim to drink the whole thing before lunch, between lunch and when I leave work, and then from when I leave work until bedtime. And adding flavor definitely helps a ton!

    • Thanks Laura! That’s a great way to break it down! I’ve actually never done that. I just know my water bottle has to be filed up x number of times throughout the day lol so I’ll have to start using your method instead!

  • Amen! I have to admit, I don’t understand how people can NOT drink water! I used to drink very little water, and now I honestly feel sick and dehydrated if I’m not constantly hydrating throughout the day. I can completely feel a difference in my body!

    • Right?! One of my sisters, actually doesn’t like water at all. Not even flavored waters. She drinks a lot of gatorade, milk, and Pepsi so I guess the first two aren’t bad. But I couldn’t imagine not drinking water! It’s literally all my husband and I drink haha

  • I am the WORST with this, but trying to get better! I’m one of those freaks who doesn’t “need” water so sometimes I just…forget? I’ll go hours at work not having any and I’m also in & out of meetings and can’t always get it anyway. I am working on it, though, I know how important it is!

    • I drink A LOT throughout the day. It’s crazy how much I randomly pick up my drink when I’m at my desk or out with friends. It’s like an instinct. If I have a drink, I’m going to continuously be drinking it. So for me, it’s just important to make sure that drink I’m reaching for is water and not something like soda haha

  • I’ve always been a big water drinker at home. As kids we might have had one glass of juice but mostly we drank water. BUT I’m not always great when I’m out and about. Now that I’m breastfeeding I never leave the house without my water bottle. I’m not sure why I waited so long to get in that habit.

    • I rarely drank water as a child and never thought much of it until last year. My husband went overseas and I decided it was time to improve my health. So water became one of the only things I drank. My husband and I always grab a bottle of water before leaving the house so we always have water with us throughout the day. It’s also the only thing we order to drink when we’re out too lol

  • Leslie Nichole

    I have a 25oz Shakeology shaker i take with me to work. My goal is to drink at least 2 a day. I love adding lemon to my water too, its so refreshing.

    • Adding lemon is such a simple change yet it makes such a huge difference. Water tastes too plain without it this days lol

  • Michelle

    When one of our kids comes to us with an ailment, we always tell them to drink water. We live in the high desert, so the most common reason for problems is dehydration. Water is key!

    • My husband lived in Japan this past year and within a week of him arriving, he was in the hospital for dehydration. And this guy drinks A LOT of water so we were both very surprised by that. A few people out there even died from not getting enough water. But it just shows how important it is to stay hydrated. Water is really all we drink these days.

  • I love adding lemon slices to my water! I’ve definitely switched my drinking habits so that I drink more water and not soda or juice… unless it’s cold pressed juice.

    xo, Elizabeth

    • I’m a HUGE fan of juices. Especially orange juice. I could drink it all day haha but lemon water is SO good for you so I try to stick with that as often as possible lol

  • I’ve started this whole thing where I drink water when I’m craving chocolate… because I ALWAYS crave chocolate… I think it’s helping me!

    • That’s similar to what I did with my soda intake! Whenever I craved a cold Pepsi, I’d drink some water instead. I should start doing that with my chocolate addiction too. Then I’d have no problem getting in enough water haha

  • I so need to do this. I’m pretty good about drinking water during the summer months since it’s so hot, but I need to work on keeping it up during the winter!

    • Winter months are so much hotter if you’re in a state that has seasons haha I’m just not wanting cold water as often if it’s cold and snowy outside. So I agree that summer months are way easier!

  • Jen

    When I got pregnant I had to stop drinking cold water, it gave me a horrible upset stomach so now I drink a ton of room temperature bottled water.

    • Oh gosh! I’m SO picky with my water. It has to be cold and it has to be from a bottle. I cannot drink from the sink and it can’t be room temperature haha so that would be an issue for me. I just recently became okay with the idea of ordering water at restaurants but only because my other two go-to options were alcohol or soda. So I figured I could suck it up in those instances haha

  • Lauren Norton

    Great tips! I am a singer so it is super important for me to stay hydrated (vocal folds are the last muscle to get hydrated even though they are the smallest – weird, huh?). I have to track my water ever since I quit drinking sodas . I find that I don’t get thirsty as often but I still need to keep drinking. I have a infusion pitcher that I LOVE when I get tired of plain ole water.

    • Thanks Lauren! If I don’t have a drink near me, then I could easily go the day without drinking anything. It wouldn’t even cross my mind. It’s super strange lol but as long as I have a drink nearby, I will continuously drink from it so for me, I just have to make sure I always have a drink available.

  • Ashley Bridges

    Awesome! I try to drink a gallon of water per day. It’s pretty easy to do at work, since I sit at a desk with my water right within reach, but I need to do better on the weekends. I tend to swap water with too much wine ?

    • Haha I have that wine issue too. It’s like a reward for drinking nothing but water all week. I deserve it at that point lol

  • I love drinking water, but I don’t always drink my daily intake. I start my day with a glass of water and keep water on my bedside table for night time. I often wake up thirsty in the middle of the night, so having it handy keeps me cozy and away from anything I shouldn’t drink.

    • I get super thirsty in the middle of the night. It’s so weird. You’d think I was hungover or something haha so I always have to have a bottle of water next to my side of the bed.

  • I’m trying to drink a galloon a day right now which is kinda crazy but I feel like I’ve already seen noticeable changes.

    • Holy moly, a gallon?! haha that’s so much! I envy you for being able to do it though. Maybe I’ll have to try that. I’ve been failing at this a bit lately and it’s giving me so many headaches. It’s horrible.

  • I need to increase my water intake, thanks for the suggestions and reminders!

  • Samantha Kinzie

    Great post and helpful tips. I always try to drink more water and some days it just does not happen. I feel like I need to start drinking more!

    • Thanks Samantha! I’m the same way. Some days I’m really good about it and then other days, I’m just so busy that I completely fail haha I need to get better at it again.

  • Nicole Pharr

    I definitely need to increase my water intake now that I’m nursing. I never same to feel hydrated enough lately. I’m doing all the things you’ve mentioned to increase my water intake with the exception of tracking it. I need to start being a bit more cognizant of how much I’m actually getting.