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Allie’s 8 Month Update

Allie's 8 Month Update |

Two weekends ago, Allie turned 8 months old! That’s just crazy to me. I know I say that every month, but seriously. The first year goes by so so fast. It’s bittersweet. I love watching her grow and learn new things, but the older she gets, the less time I have with my baby. It makes me so upset!

This past month was a little slower than most in terms of development. She grew so much between 5 and 7 months so currently we’re at a slight standstill. But her 9 month update will probably be pretty packed at this rate so stay tuned for that one! For now, here’s our 8 month update!


She’s between 19 and 20 pounds now.


I have no idea how tall she is right now. She was 28 inches at her 6 month well visit so maybe 29 inches or so? Height-wise she’s slowing down a tad bit so I can’t imagine she’s grown that much since her 6 month well visit.


She’s still in size 3 diapers and as for clothing, she’s all over the place. On average, a lot of her clothing is around 9-12 months or so.


She’s currently eating 6 ounces every 2-3 hours. We’ve finally got her eating full bottles at a time rather than 3 ounces here and 6 ounces there (most days). She’s still averaging around 30 ounces a day. We also have solids added into our routine. We actually took the past week off from them because she developed a bit of a rash and I wasn’t sure if it was something she was eating. So we’re reintroducing them this week and getting back on track there.

I mentioned in our 7 month update that she wasn’t a fan of trying solids. She’s still not big on picking up foods with her hands (although she literally puts EVERYTHING else in her mouth all day long so I don’t understand it) and she’s not a huge fan of spoons. She just doesn’t know what to do with it. So we decided to try squeezable food pouches instead. I figured it was very similar to bottles so maybe it would come more naturally to her. And it does! She loves them. I obviously have to squeeze them for her but she knows where the food comes out and understands the basic concept of it. So that’s a start! So far she loves bananas, strawberries, blueberries, mango, and avocado. She also loves fresh berries in her mesh feeder too. So we’re making progress here!

Allie's 8 Month Update |


Sleep is still slightly rocky, but it’s getting SO much better. When Allie hit 6 months, she started having issues with sleeping through the night and then when she hit 7 months, she started having some separation anxiety at naps. So it’s been a little rough, but I really can’t complain. There are parents out there with far bigger sleep issues than we have. So we’re still super fortunate in this department.

For naps, I started giving extra cuddles leading up to the naps. I try to make sure she knows I’m there and give her as much attention as I can during that time. When I put her down for her nap, I give a few more cuddles in her room before putting her down. This helped a bit. And lastly, I started letting her whine a little longer than usual. I’ll put her down and let her whine for 5 minutes. Then I’ll go up and give cuddles to calm her before putting her back down. I’d then wait another 10 minutes or so and repeat. This is for whining only. NOT full blown tantrums and crying. That’s just not okay to me. But it was important to me that I reassure her so she knows I’m there, while also teaching her more independence so she can put herself to sleep without me. It only took a week or so for her to stop whining altogether which was awesome!

As for nighttime, once naps started getting better, she started sleeping better at night as well. But the thing that really fixed the nighttime wakes up was our Halo Sleep Sack. We started using this a couple weeks ago and so far we LOVE it. We use it for both nap times and bedtime and I honestly cannot remember the last time Allie cried or whined in her crib. It’s been so awesome. Her first night in it, she slept from 7pm to 8am with zero wake ups. Which was a big deal for her because she had gotten into the habit of waking 1-2 times a night again which is why we introduced the sleep sack in the first place. She was also waking up for the day between 6 and 7am as well so sleeping in until 8am was a big deal.

Since then, she’s been sleeping great at night. So we’re really really happy in the sleep department right now. I’ll be doing a full review of the Halo Sleep Sack later this month so stay tuned for that.


Oh this child…

While I love her dearly and she’s a relatively happy baby most times, she’s definitely been a bit fussy these past few weeks and we have no idea why. It’s very odd. I’ve been keeping an eye on her gums and there’s zero signs of any new teeth coming in. She’s sleeping great so she shouldn’t be sleepy. She hasn’t come down with any cold or flu symptoms either. So we’re not really sure what’s going on here. But she’s been quite the handful.

In addition to being cranky, she officially knows the word ‘no’ and she’s not a fan of it. At all. It’s like the terrible two’s have come early. Today I legit lost by voice by 1pm because she was getting into EVERYTHING and crawling around the room crying and flipping out every time I told her not to touch something.

She doesn’t want to be held. She doesn’t want her toys. She doesn’t want to watch a movie. She doesn’t want to hang out in her pack n play. She doesn’t even want to play with Jack. All she wants to do is climb the bookshelf…which isn’t bolted to the wall and is VERY tippy. So every time I move her or tell her ‘no’, it’s an instant tantrum. I don’t care what anyone says. I know she’s a baby, but this child KNOWS she’s doing something wrong. How do I know she knows she’s doing something wrong? Well because the moment I get up from my seat, say her name, or say the word ‘no’, she drops whatever she’s trying to eat or lets go of the bookshelf or whatever it may be and instantly starts crying. She’s like “oh crap, mom saw me” and she instantly gets upset. So that’s lovely. And this is every day right now. So if you have my address or know where we live, please send or drop off wine!


This month was slower with milestones. She did so much from 5-7 months so now she’s at a little bit of a stand still. The big thing this past month was learning to pull herself up to standing. She started doing that a couple days after she started crawling and now she’s doing it on EVERYTHING…including our horrible bookshelves and end table in the living room. So our home is quite dangerous at the moment. We need to find ways to make those things a bit safer for her. But other than pulling herself up, that’s really her only developmental milestone that I can think of. I’m sure her 9 month update will be much more jam-packed with updates in this category!

Allie's 8 Month Update |

Best Moments:

Definitely the BEST moment from this past month was fixing her sleep. I’ll never understand the parents who are against sleep training. Her “regression” period was only 1.5 to 2 months and it wasn’t nearly as bad at some babies her age. She only woke a couple times a night and went right back to sleep every time once I gave her a pacifier. But it was still so horrible! When it happens every single night, it becomes exhausting very quickly. I couldn’t imagine waiting until she’s 12+ months to get her into good sleep habits and routines. Seriously. If any of you out there are expecting a baby or just had one, do NOT waste time teaching them how to sleep. I promise you, it’s so worth it. Start from day one! We’re so thankful and happy with our choice to focus on her sleep.

Another really awesome moment from this past month was watching her learn how to stand. She was pulling herself to standing within days of learning how to crawl and now she’s trying to let go of things and stand on her own. So it’s super exciting! We really see her taking her first steps by 10 months old. Zack says by 9 months, but I want to give her some wiggle room so I say by 10 months. We’ll see who’s right! haha

Lastly, I love watching her learn. This child is SO smart and while it totally sucks some days (like when she knows she’s doing something wrong but does it anyways), I still love watching her explore everything around her. She’s so interested in everything and it’s just really fun to watch. I love it!

“Worst Moments”:

The worst moments for me have really just been her cranky days and the days where she’s literally just getting into EVERYTHING. I’m trying really hard to get my blog back on track and it’s quite hard to get work done when you’re getting up every 2 seconds to move your child. So I’ve definitely been more exhausted lately for that reason. But I hate to call them “bad moments”. She’s not a bad child by any means. She’s just very curious and very smart and being the only one home with her all day WHILE trying to work can be a but stressful and tiring some days.

How I’m doing 8 months postpartum:

I’ve definitely had my highs and lows these last few months, but not really in regards to being a mom or having a baby. Allie has been stressful lately and I’ve been a bit exhausted from it but any depression I’m experiencing really isn’t directly correlated to her. It’s been typical issues and stresses I had long before she was born like money and Zack getting out of the Marine Corps this year and deciding on where to move to and my career and blogging and things like that. It’s really just a collection of stresses right now that have been getting to me a bit. But Zack and I had a very long talk the other day. We have a game plan the fix our finances this year and we have a tentative game plan for our post-military life and right now I’m feeling nothing but excited. Nervous, but very excited!

As for my physical health, I totally keep failing at getting myself back to the gym. And while it’s a little annoying and frustrating, my health really isn’t bad by any means. I’m watching what I’m eating and Allie definitely keeps me more in shape with how much she’s moving around now. So I’m definitely not living a sedentary life! But I do very much want to get that all under control again very soon!

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