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Allie’s 3 Month Update

Allie's 3 Month Update |

Today, our little one is 3 months old! I feel like every other post I write is her monthly update. She’s just growing so fast. We’re finally out of the “fourth trimester” and at this point, it honestly doesn’t even feel like we just had a baby. She fits so perfectly into our lifestyle that it really feels like she’s just always been here with us. I don’t feel that it was much of an adjustment adding her to our lives. We’ve had some rough moments, but for the most part, it just feels so natural to be a mom and have a daughter. Maybe it’s because I’ve worked with kids for so long or maybe I just have that maternal instinct. But I’m so happy this has been such a good, positive adjustment for our family. I couldn’t have asked for these last three months to have gone smoother. They’ve been amazing.

So like every month, I have Allie’s monthly update for you all. She’s doing absolutely fantastic! We couldn’t be happier with her growth and development so far. She’s right on track!


According to our home scale age is 13 pounds, 6 ounces! That’s 2 pounds, 4 ounces heavier than she was at her two month appointment. So she’s growing like crazy!


She was 23 1/2 inches long at her 2 month appoint so I’m guessing probably around 24 inches now or just under. I can’t imagine they grow too much length wise in just a month.


She’s still eating 5-6 ounces of formula every 2ish hours during the daytime. So no change there! She’s averaging around 30-36 ounces a day.


Allie is still sleeping through the night with the exception of a few nights here and there where she was just wide awake. More details on this later, though.


We’re starting to see more of her personality at this point which is super fun to watch! She’s so smiley and happy a vast majority of the time. If she’s crying then chances are she needs something like a diaper or food. Sometimes she just wants some extra cuddles. But for the most part, she’s super happy and easy going!

Speaking of being easy going, we can literally take this child anywhere with next to no issues. She’s been to to dinner countless times. She’s been to the zoo, on late night ghost walks, to a baseball game, running errands, etc. As long as we have everything she needs, she’s more than happy to go wherever we want to take her.

She’s also super easy to make smile and laugh. She absolutely loves when her daddy comes home. He’s constantly making her smile and laugh when he plays with her. She likes activities. She’s not now of those babies who can just sit in a rocker all day and be content. She’ll be just fine most of the day, but she LOVES when you talk to her and play with her. It’s instant smiles and laughter. She likes it even more when you’re up and walking around with her. I put on country music in the mornings while the two of us are getting ready and I’ll spend half the time with her in my arms, dancing with her. She really loves it (and country music).

Overall, I have no complaints with this child. She’s a fantastic baby and I really love getting to know her.

Allie At 3 Months |


Allie is SO close to being able to sit up on her own. Which I feel is a bit early? Or at least that’s what I’ve heard. She’s been able to hold her head up since birth so we’re constantly putting her in seated positions. She actually prefers it to laying down. I bought her an activity chair a few weeks ago so she’d have something to practice sitting in and she does great! She can also sit on the couch no problem and barely holds on our hands if we have her sitting on the floor. So I’m hoping this next month will be the month that she’s able to do it!

Another milestone is teething. Yes, our three month old is teething. I think she was about 10 weeks or so when I noticed some changes in her. She stopped taking her bottles and would literally fuss through the whole thing, pushing it away. VERY abnormal considering this child will literally eat all day, every day if I let her. So I actually started to think maybe she was coming down with something. I checked her temperature a couple times a day for 2 or 3 days and saw no change so I decided to let it go.

Then she started chewing on everything. Her hands, my hands, her pacifier, the nipple to her bottles, blankets, my hair. Literally anything that went near her mouth, she wanted to chew on. And another big thing I noticed was that she wasn’t sleeping well either. She’s slowly moving away from her daytime naps, but now she’s not sleeping at night either. And this is a baby who has no problem whatsoever sleeping all the way through the night. She’s been that way since the day she was born. She’s not fussy or upset or anything like that. She’s just awake. Like all the time. She’ll just lay in her crib, staring at the ceiling laughing and smiling for hours on end.

After asking around, I had a lot of people tell me it’s normal for babies her age to do those things. She’s also drooling a lot which I also heard is typical of her age. I had looked at her gums and didn’t see anything abnormal so I let it go. But once all these symptoms persisted for a couple weeks, I knew something had to be up. All babies are different. And it’s very abnormal for my child to not sleep or eat. Especially considering she’s not sick. That’s not her at all. So I checked her gums again and there they were. They’re not poking through yet, but I can clearly see her two bottom teeth through her gums. I couldn’t see those two weeks earlier and they weren’t swollen before either. So we already have a teether in our home.

Thankfully she doesn’t seem to be fussy. A little more clingy, but not necessarily fussy so I’m hoping it doesn’t get worse. But I’m excited to ask her doctor about it at our next appointment so I can get more information.

Best Moments: 

This child completely melts my heart. Seriously. Practically every moment with her is considered a “best moment” in my mind. She’s so much fun to have around (most days). I think it’s because she’s such a happy baby. It’s so hard to be tired or in a bad mood with this one. She’ll frustrate me to no end by whining for virtually no reason but the moment I pick her up and she smiles at me, my heart melts and I completely forget why she was driving me nuts in the first place.

Allie At 3 Months |

I really think my favorite moments have just been watching her grow and develop and explore the world. I know I’ve been saying that in every update, but it’s true. That’s easily my favorite part of motherhood so far. I love seeing her learn new things and discover the world around her. Earlier this month I had a moment where I got her to full blown break down laughing for the first time ever which literally made me cry. It was that cute and exciting. She’s only done that one other time since then. Most times, it’s just a chuckle, but I’m so excited for when she’s full blown laughing like she did those two days. Zack has yet to see her do this too so I’m hoping she does it again soon.

Allie At 3 Months |

Challenging Moments:

There still really hasn’t been too many challenging moments this past month. Or nothing that I consider challenging. The first thing that comes to mind are her nights where she just wont sleep. I feel like she completely skipped over the typical newborn stage where they just sleep horribly, but this past month it’s like we’ve had a newborn. She’s not fussy or anything like that, but she’ll wake up and just start chatting away and laughing and smiling at the ceiling. She’s insane. This can be super frustrating some nights and then other nights I’m just laying in bed laughing because she’s just so happy staring at the ceiling. I wish I could be that happy where I can just laugh and smile at a ceiling!

Another “challenging” moment has been her lack of interest in food. Rather than finishing a 5-6 ounce bottle in 15 minutes, she’ll just chew and suck on the nipple for like 30-45 minutes instead. So that’s been a tad bit frustrating just because I want to make sure she’s still consuming enough throughout the day. So it worries me a little sometimes that maybe she’s not eating enough. But she’s still having plenty of wet and dirty diapers and she’s not getting fussy to indicate that she’s hungry either. So I’m trying not to worry about it. If it persists, I can always ask her doctor at her four month check up.

Allie At 3 Months |

How I’m Doing 3 Months Postpartum: 

Overall, I’m still doing super well! I’m back to my workouts which is super exciting. I’ve actually been super into at home workouts because I hate to leave Allie and Zack the moment he arrives home from work. It makes me feel bad when I haven’t seen him all day. So Allie and I have been trying some mommy and me workouts at home and I’m loving them! Then I’ll hit the gym on weekends. So I’m super happy to be back on track and it’s been helping a ton with my mental health as well. Plus Allie loves it. She views it as playtime so it’s like killing two birds with one stone!

As for my mental health, I’m still doing great, but I have felt a slight shift this past month. If it persists, then I’ll talk to my doctor about it, but I really don’t classify it as postpartum depression at all. I’ve experienced depression in the past so I know what to look for in that arena so I’m not too worried there as of right now. But I have had a couple days this past month where I’m just a little more emotional, stressed and frustrated. I think it’s really just because we have a lot going on in the next month. We’re moving yet again next month into a new apartment and at this point in our marriage I’m just so done with moving. I’m ready for our long term home. So I’m not handling the move well.

I’m also desperately wanting other mom friends and I’m ready to move back to New England and have a career in sports. I’m just ready to settle. Everything in our life is always so temporary and it really gets to you after a while. And then having Allie not doing so well in the sleep department the last couple weeks, just makes it a little harder to handle life at the moment. So I’m sure everything will calm down once we settle into the new place and then it’ll settle down even more once we’re officially back in New England and living in our long term home. So right now I really just have to be patient and go with the flow.

Other than life being stressful and hectic right now, I’m still really enjoying every moment of motherhood. I couldn’t even imagine my life without this little girl. It all just feels so normal and natural to me like she was always supposed to be in our lives and we were always supposed to be parents. Every day is different in our home so it makes every day interesting. She’s constantly growing and changing and I’m SO happy I’m taking so many photos of her. If you follow me on Instagram, then you may be getting sick of seeing my child in your newsfeed. If you are, I’m sorry. You’re more than welcome to unfollow! I won’t be offended! But I’m seriously obsessed with her and even just comparing her photos from this week to the last couple weeks is crazy. She’s always learning and doing something new. It’s so exciting to watch her! Now I’m just excited for her to be sitting up and crawling!

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