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5 Ways To Make Your Pet Feel Like A Rockstar

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5 Ways To Make Your Pet Feel Like A Rockstar | Why Hello Lovely

For those of us who don’t have children, our fur babies are the next best thing.  I love having a dog and strongly believe that all American families should own a dog at some point or another.  As a pet owner, I love to treat our fur baby to tasty treats and new toys whenever possible.  I love spoiling him and treating him like a member of our family.  Like I said, he’s our baby.  I will literally do anything to make him happy and comfortable in our home.  So here are five awesome ways to pamper your fur baby!


Toys are so important, especially when your dog is as energetic as ours.  Toys can help ease anxiety, lower their energy level, and keep them distracted while you’re gone so that they’re not chewing your clothes or furniture.  Jack tends to chew up any dog toy we buy him so we try to stick to large tennis balls, dog bones, and his KONG.  He loves his KONG toy the most because we’re able to put tasty treats inside it for him.  Most times, we put peanut butter inside and use it as a distraction for when we’re trying to leave the house.  It really helps to ease his anxiety as we leave so that he’s not crying.


I don’t know about you, but we always let Jack sleep on our bed with us.  In most cases, he’ll only stay for a short period of time because he tends to get warm quickly, but we always make sure to invite him up whenever we crawl into bed (lately he cuddles with me every single night since Zack’s not home).  Zack’s a bit more inviting than I am, though.  He’ll let Jack on the bed even when he’s soaked and muddy from being outside in the rain.  I’ve learned to not freak out over muddy pillows and blankets and allow him to cuddle with us anyways.  That’s what washers and dryers are for!

If you don’t allow your pet on your bed with you, then pick out a nice comfy bed from your local pet shop!  Jack will eat any type of bed we buy him, but he does have a cozy corner of our bedroom that contains multiple blankets for him to lay on.  Again, he doesn’t always stay on it because he tends to overheat, but it’s there for him if he wants it.


You should always keep your furbaby looking good!  Simple things such as bubble baths, brushing their fur and clipping their nails can make them look and feel a million times better.  Jack is long-haired so it’s super important that we keep him well-groomed (or as groomed as we possibly can, considering he’s not typically a fan of being brushed).  Lucky for us, he chews his own nails so we don’t usually have to worry about those!


This is a win/win for everyone.  Both dogs and humans need to stretch out and get some exercise during the day so what better way to do that than to bring your fur baby to a dog park?  This gives you both plenty of space to run around release some energy and even allows them some social interactions as well.  You can even try to find a park with a dog friendly beach and let them do some swimming on a hot summer day (be sure to pack some water and treats so that they don’t get overheated or sick!).


I always make it a priority to buy Jack delicious treats from Chewy every month.  I’m in the process of teaching him some better behaviors while Zack’s away so it’s important to have some tasty treats nearby to reward him for his good behavior.Photo Jan 22, 7 26 51 PM

As some of you may know, I participate in Chewy’s blogger outreach program.  I love it because each month, I get tasty treats delivered right to my door for free!  I try to choose treats that are natural and/or healthier for him so this month, I chose to try out Blue Buffalo’s Kitchen Cravings Homestyle Dog Treats.  Jack loves anything by Blue Buffalo so I figured these would be a win in our household.  He knew instantly when they arrived that the package was for him.  I put it down on the bed while I let him out of his kennel and he went straight to the box.  If I had left him alone with it, I bet he would have tried to open it on his own!

The best thing about Blue Buffalo is that their good for your pet.  These are made with all real pork and don’t contain artificial preservatives, colors or flavors (they also do not contain corn, wheat or soy).  I can feed them to him knowing they’re both tasty and healthy for him.  These treats came in a 6 oz bag and probably contains between 15 and 20 bacon-like strips (they almost smell like a slim jim).  Jack gobbled it up the moment I handed it to him and then sat patiently waiting for more.  I’m going to assume they must taste pretty good.

5 Ways To Pamper Your Furbaby | High Heels & Combat Boots

If you want to get involved in Chewy’s blogger outreach program, you can contact Sidney Villegas at or call her at 1-800-672-4399 Ext: 1211.  She is the Blogger Relations Manager for Chewy and she’s always happy to assist!