5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom

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5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom | KeatingBartlett.com

Self care is a topic that’s near and dear to my heart. I cannot stress enough how important it is for new moms to focus on self-care. I’m a huge believer in the oxygen mask mentality: you must take care of yourself before you can take care of others. So in order to be the best mom and wife you can possibly be, you absolutely need to be putting yourself first and making sure you have exactly what you need to be happy and healthy. I’ve had a lot of moms tell me they feel selfish when they put themselves first rather than their children, but I promise you it’s 100% worth it. So how do we find the time in our busy schedules to make time for ourselves?

I get it. It can be super challenging to find a moment in your day to even finish your cup of coffee, let alone skip out for a couple hours and do something for yourself. It’s an everyday struggle for a lot of moms. Especially those who are first time moms. But you don’t even have to leave the house to focus on self-care! You can focus on yourself right from the comfort of your own home with AVEENO® from Walmart.

5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom | KeatingBartlett.com


We all know that my go-to form of self-care is hitting the gym. I might as well move in next door! The gym does so many great things for both your physical and mental health. It’s crazy how much better I feel even after just a quick 30 minute workout. And on the days where I just can’t make it to the gym, I’ll either do a good workout at home in my living room or take Allie for a two or three mile walk around our neighborhood. As long as I’m up and moving, I’m guaranteed to feel better afterwards.


Yup. As a new mom, I sleep in. *gasp!* This may not be as doable for some moms, but if you’re child is sleeping or your spouse is home, take advantage of it! I’m so fortunate that Allie is a go with the flow type of baby. She goes to bed around 9pm and wakes up around 6am when Zack gets up for work. I’ll quickly and quietly give her a bottle and then put her right back down. She’ll then sleep until I’m ready to get up around 9/9:30! If you can get your baby to sleep in a bit or have some time while they’re napping to get some sleep, then do it!


This has been a big one for me as I can sometimes be a people pleaser. I hate saying ‘no’ and disappointing people. But learning how to say ‘no’ is so important. When you’re a new mom, the list of things you feel you have to do seems to be never-ending and it’s easy to feel overwhelmed very quickly. I actually keep my phone on silent a good 90% of the time and have notifications turned off so that I’m better able to focus on the things that are most important to me throughout the day. It helps a ton!

I also have two mental priorities lists. The first list is the bigger picture: myself/my health, my marriage/husband, my daughter, my family, my friends (in that order). The second includes daily tasks like my blog/work, the gym, errands, cleaning the house, cooking dinner, social events, etc (somewhat in that order). So whenever I feel like my to do list is never-ending, I’m better able to look at my list and pinpoint what matters to me and what doesn’t.

So take the time to learn how to take a look at your to do list and prioritize. What on that list can you say ‘no’ to? Don’t feel obligated to accept every night out with friends or every work project or even to wash the dishes. The laundry can wait an extra day and your usual weekend dinner with the girls can be postponed. It’s not the end of the world! Do what you need to do and be realistic on how much you’re choosing to take on.


Leaving the house with a new baby can be scary when you’re a brand new mom. What if he/she cries? What if they poop? What if they throw up? What if they cry and everyone stares at you? And isn’t it going to be a hassle to take a baby out? All new moms ask themselves these questions and all new moms are scared of everything I listed above. But you cannot let that stop you from leaving the house. Getting out and interacting with others and stretching your legs is so important. Yeah, it might be a little stressful and nerve racking, but you have to leave the house at some point, right? Take the plunge!

5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom | KeatingBartlett.com


A lot of the time, I’ll take my showers at night so since Zack’s home during these showers, I’ll always choose to make my shower a bit longer than usual so I can soak up the warm water and have some time to myself. I’ll give Allie to Zack and I’ll completely indulge in all my favorite beauty products. It’s my time to fully decompress and make myself feel new again. It’s almost like hitting a reset button. So I always look forward to my nighttime showers. AND it’s a super easy way to add some ‘me time’ to your day. You have to shower anyways, right? So why not wait until a time when your significant other is home and can take over parenting duties?

For any good self-care bath or shower, you need to gather the right products and anything you may need to relax. This can be magazines (if you’re taking a bath over a shower), candles, incense, a nice glass of wine, your favorite bubble bath. Whatever it is that you need to fully decompose and relax for a while. For me, I typically bring in my iPhone and play some slow country music. I almost always bring in a chilled glass of wine and I always make sure to have AVEENO®.

5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom | KeatingBartlett.com

The first two AVEENO® products I always make sure to have are the AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner. Their sulfate-free formulas help to rebalance hair’s optimal moisture leaving it looking more naturally healthy and feeling super soft and smooth. Both formulas are effective at removing impurities and renewing hair to its most balanced state with each wash. The shampoo contains a natural derived non-penetrating cleanser that provides gentle care for hair & scalp. The conditioner is very lightweight and moisturizes and softens without weighing down your hair. These products are both dye free and are also safe for color treated hair!

The other product I absolutely must have is the AVEENO® Positively Radiant® 60 Second In-Shower Facial. This is probably my favorite part of my shower. The in-shower facial is oil-free and contains soy and lemon peel extracts. It deeply but gently exfoliates dirt, oil and dead skin and transforms dull, tired-looking skin to brighter, more naturally radiant skin in just 60 seconds! It reveals healthy, glowing skin 4x faster than at-home masks and peels. No new mom wants to look as tired as they feel and this in-shower facial is the perfect solution!

5 Ways I Focus On Self Care As A New Mom | KeatingBartlett.com

All of these products can be picked up at your nearest Walmart location. The AVEENO® POSITIVELY RADIANT® 60 SECOND IN-SHOWER FACIAL can be found with other face washes and masks while the AVEENO PURE RENEWAL® Shampoo and Conditioner can be found with the other shampoos and conditioners in the hair care aisle.

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How do you focus on self care as a new mom?


  • Sara | Mrs. Imperfect

    So glad that you are able to prioritize self-care in this new season of your life!

  • These all seem like things we should naturally be doing for ourselves but obviously just don’t make the time. Step #1, acknowledge the problem. I definitely need more of this for me! #client

  • This is awesome! I’ve been saying no more often lately and it feels SO GOOD.