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4 Reasons Every Couple Should Go On A Road Trip

4 Reasons Every Couple Should Go On A Road Trip | Why Hello Lovely

As many of you know, Zack and I just completed our very first cross-country road trip together. We took a trip down to North Carolina to see some friends for a couple days and them merged onto I-40 and took it westward. A cross-country road trip has always been high on my bucket list so I was beyond thrilled to have had the opportunity to do it. Not only that, but I was excited to be doing it with my best friend. About halfway through the trip, I determined that all couples should take a big road trip like this at least once in their lifetime. It provided so many benefits for us that I know all couples could benefit from. So if you don’t have a road trip planned with your significant other in the near future, then here’s three reasons why you should make it a priority.


This is a huge one. The amount of teamwork needed on a road trip is insane. Thankfully we work well together. Zack did all the driving on this trip so while he drove, I was in the passenger’s seat determining what city we’d be stopping in that night and booking the hotel for when we arrive. On top of that, I was in charge of the food as well as the navigation. Whatever I could do to make the driver happy and comfortable.

At rest stops, Zack pumped the gas while I stocked up on any water or snacks we may need from the convenience store. I’d also use that time to use the restroom as well. When I came back out, he’d have Jack walking around and going to the bathroom so we’d swap. Zack would use the restroom while I got Jack some water.

We had a system for just about everything on this trip which allowed us to do the road trip quickly and efficiently. We even got off track a few times and easily found our way back. I must say, I was rather proud of how well we worked together and how easy the trip was for us.


I have never been off the east coast before and Zack’s never seen the mid-west either. It was all new to us. So it was like one big adventure. Everything we saw, we were seeing for the first time. And that made the road trip even more fun. I was constantly excited to enter a new state or see a new city. Check out the scenery which was a million times different from that of Maine and the rest of New England. We were exploring a part of the country neither one of us had ever been in before and sleeping in cities we’d only dreamt of. It was one of the biggest adventures of our marriage.


I love adding new memories to our life together. The conversations and new cities. The late nights curled up in bed together eating take out food and watching Friends. Even spending the night in a couple sketchy hotels was a new memory. And now that I look back on it, it’s a little bit humorous (it definitely wasn’t funny at the time though. SO sketchy). It was a trip that we not only got to experience in general, but we got to experience it together as a couple. It’s a new memory to add to our collection.


Being stuck in the car with the same person for 40-something hours really forces you to make conversation and connect with your partner. Although it was a very long and sometimes boring drive, I really enjoyed having that one on one time with him. No friends or family. Just us. It allowed us the alone time needed to have important conversations and talk about life in general. We bonded over country music, horrible drivers, sketchy hotel rooms, and endless fields. By the time we arrived in California, I was feeling closer than ever to him.

Although this road trip wasn’t exactly planned for fun, it was just what we needed after a year apart from each other. A time to explore together and re-connect with one another. It truly benefited our marriage in every way possible. Every couple should add a cross-country road trip to their bucket list.

Have you gone on a cross-country road trip with your significant other?