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38 Week Bumpdate

38 Week Bumpdate |

We’re so close!! How is it even possible that we’ll be holding our daughter the week after next?! Maybe even sooner (although hopefully not later). I couldn’t possibly be more excited right now. I’m hoping these last couple weeks go by super fast! Originally my next (and final) bumpdate was going to be at the 40 week mark, but honestly I’m hoping to not be pregnant anymore by then. So I’m doing a 38 week bumpdate instead. Since this update is a bit on the longer side, I’m just going to skip the introduction and get right to it!


Today I am 38 weeks, 2 days.


Our little girl is 19.1 inches long and weighs about 6.3 pounds.


I think I’ve officially plateaued with my weight gain! Thank God. I haven’t gained a pound in a few weeks now. So total weight gain is still at 17 pounds!


Girl! Although Zack is trying to worry me by saying the doctors were wrong and betting that she’ll be a boy. So keep your fingers crossed that it’s still a girl! haha

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At this point, I’m really just feeling tired…a lot. I have some days where I wake up with a ton of energy to the point where I’m nonstop moving all day, working out and cleaning the house and getting schoolwork done. But then I have days where I could easily stay in bed all day and be perfectly happy. And it doesn’t matter how much I sleep either. I got a full night’s sleep the other night and was still super exhausted all day. So I can’t catch a break there.


Heartburn has pretty much gone away for the most part which I am so super thankful for. That’s really been THE symptom of my pregnancy and it was absolutely horrible. So I’m happy to see that subsiding for now.


Lastly, I’ve been a little more emotional. For the most part, I really don’t feel that the hormones of pregnancy hit me as much as they do some people. These past 9 months would have been hard for me regardless of pregnancy due to moving to California and hating it here and adjusting to Zack being home and things like that. But I never had a random moment where I broke down crying for no reason whatsoever and I never had moments where I was moody for no reason either. I’ve heard horror stories of women crying at the drop of a hat or flipping out over seemingly small things like the dishes not being stacked right. Yeah, I never did that. So Zack can really count himself lucky there!

But now as we’re getting closer to her due date, I’m slowly starting to feel like I’m going insane some days. I’ve completely had it with pregnancy and am back to being incredibly upset over my body most days…like to the point where it makes me cry just looking at it. I can’t stand people pointing out the baby bump or the looks I get at the gym as I lift weights or go for an intense run on the treadmill. I’ve just had it there. But more on how I’m feeling later…


Nothing? I know, the cravings section of these updates have been super boring. I was really hoping to crave something interesting and weird, but nope!

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Sleep hasn’t been horrible. Or at least I didn’t think it was until I bought a Fitbit…

Apparently I toss and turn a lot while I’m sleeping which really prevents me from settling into a deep sleep. So this explains why I’m tired even on days where I got a full 8 or 9 hours of sleep. It’s because I’m not fully asleep. BUT on the bright side, I’m not getting up as often in the middle of the night and when I do get up to go to the bathroom, I haven’t had problems falling back to sleep like I used to. So for me, that’s a huge win.


I would so love it if she would just sleep all day. Like super still. I’ve been saying it for weeks that my bump just hasn’t been growing a whole lot so I’m really not sure where she is in there. But what I do know is that she’s running out of room because her movements hurt. They’re not cute anymore. So for that reason alone, I’d love for her to arrive sooner rather than later!


Back to missing my body. A lot. I’m not sure what it is considering I haven’t gained any additional weight in a while and I’m still able to wear everything I’ve been wearing throughout my pregnancy. But I’ve really just about had it with my body. I can’t get dressed in the morning without breaking down in tears because nothing looks good on me and my body is just beyond gross to me right now. I broke down to Zack the other night about it because I didn’t even want to leave the house and go to the movies with friends because of it. It’s frustrating.

Honestly, feeling this way makes me feel like the worst person in the world. Everyone who gets pregnant seems to love and enjoy it and think it’s such a beautiful wonderful thing and I just don’t. Not to sound harsh or mean, but pregnancy to me is just not beautiful. And I’ve never found pregnant bodies to be beautiful either. My own body disgusts me right now. Yes, it’s the miracle of life and I find it super neat and amazing that my body is able to carry another human life, but that doesn’t  me love it whatsoever. And I’ve been told my entire pregnancy to “give it time” and now here I am at 38 weeks and I can safely say I still hate it just as much as I did in those early weeks after getting the positive pregnancy test.

I feel like I’ve done the best I could possibly do to get through my pregnancy and make it work and now I’m just so impatient for the end that I’m slowly breaking down. I’m ready to go back to normal. So if you all could send a ton of positive vibes my way and keep your fingers crossed that she decides to arrive early, that would be lovely! Because this girl’s just about had it!


My clothes. Although I’m dying to wear my cuter clothing items like my white jeans and my more form-fitting tops. I’m feeling pretty gross in just about anything I put on lately. But I’m starting to pick up some super cute pieces for after she’s born so I’m very much looking forward to wearing those and feeling sexy again.


In my last update, I confessed that I had been totally slacking on my workouts due to life getting to be so hectic around here. This made me feel super guilty so that same week, I actually got my butt back to the gym. I think I went three times that week and four times the following week (last week). So I’m super proud of myself there. I love knowing that I’m back on track. I’m actually about to leave for the gym after finishing this post as well. So far this week, I’ve been to the gym twice so today would make day three. It feels great to be back to my routines!

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In addition to my workouts, I’ve also been keeping tabs on my eating as well. I actually bought a Fitbit a couple of weeks ago which I’ve been loving. It’s been such a great asset to my daily routines and has helped a ton in keeping myself on track in terms of my workouts and staying hydrated. I’ve been logging my sleep as well which has been super interesting to see each morning. Zack tells me all the time that I move a lot in my sleep, but I didn’t believe him until I saw my sleep patterns on Fitbit. Now I feel bad!

I’ve even been logging my food each day too (when I remember to). I don’t do this to count calories and I’m definitely not on a diet or anything like that. But it’s been super interesting to see a log of what I’m putting into my body in terms of macronutrients. Sometimes health problems can be the result of not getting enough of something so if I’m lacking in an area, then I’d like to know! And if you’re newer to working out and eating healthy, then this can be a great way to see what exactly is in your food too. It helps you become more aware of what you’re putting into your body and what is actually good for you (or not good for you). So I find it super helpful some days!

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As I mentioned earlier, I’m starting to get super impatient with waiting for her arrival. My patience is gone. I want her here NOW. Just thinking about having to continue this for two more weeks is literally making me go insane. If it were up to me, I’d have her today.

I’m also getting super impatient with wanting to go back to work as well. I’ve officially made the decision that I will go back to work full-time once she’s born and I’m super excited about that. I just cannot sit at home all day, every day and as much as I love my blog, I just don’t feel the drive or the motivation to continue finding work to keep it as my primary income. I’ll still be here, of course, but I’m ready to go back to my “real” career in sports. I’ll talk more about this in a future post and keep you all updated there as well.


My energy level this past week is beyond low. But it’s also probably partly due to the fact that the weather here has been complete crap. Very gray, chilly, windy, rainy, you name it. It hasn’t been pretty. So that hasn’t helped me whatsoever in staying motivated and feeling energized.  BUT I do feel a million times better when I’m able to kick exhaustion to the curb and get my butt to the gym. AND I sleep a hell of a lot better on those days too.


I’m finally not feeling stressed anymore! It’s so lovely. I’m now feeling so incredibly calm about everything. I’m no longer worrying about labor or stressing over whether or not the house is ready. We totally skipped out on all the classes we wanted to take too before her arrival and it doesn’t even bother me. At this point, I feel like I’ve done everything I can to really “prepare” for her arrival so now I’m just sitting here, trying to be as patient as I can while we wait for her arrival.


Along with my impatience comes a TON of excitement. Like I mentioned above, I’m officially feeling super calm and am now just waiting for her to get here, but I literally cannot contain my excitement some days. I cannot wait to start our new life.


I’ll try to keep this section short because right now, I could easily talk about him nonstop for an hour. He’s been sooooo super cute lately. I’m not sure what’s going on. If you’ve been a reader of mine for a little while, you know that he’s not a super cuddly lovey dovey type of person whatsoever. I can count on ONE hand how many times we’ve held hands in the almost four years we’ve been together (twice, by the time. In case you were wondering). He’s not the type to willingly cuddle with me or tell me he loves me or kiss me unexpectedly or anything like that. It’s just not him. I really can’t even explain his personality.

In the last week alone, he’s held my hand twice. TWICE! In ONE week! That’s craziness right there (although he did complain the first time that his hand was all sweaty afterwards…but he still did it so that’s a win!). He’s also been much more cuddly and is constantly asking for hugs and/or kisses. He’s been a bit more outgoing and playful and just all around fun to be with (not that he wasn’t already. He’s just really stepped it up A LOT all of a sudden). Always trying to make me laugh or smile, even when I’m being moody and totally don’t deserve the extra attention. When I’m up late and not feeling well, he’ll rub my back or cuddle up close to me and hold me while we watch tv. He’s actually been quite clingy now that I think about it! But I’ll take it!

But it’s like a whole new person in some ways. In the last couple weeks, I’ve somehow acquired a whole new husband.  To the point where I spent the first week or so, making a mental list of all the things he could have done wrong. But everything in the house seems to be intact so I’m not sure what it is. I don’t know if it’s because he knows I haven’t been feeling that great mentally or if it’s just now sinking in that the baby will be here soon. Maybe both? I’m not sure. But this is the perfect example of how important it is to know your spouse’s love language.

I mentioned this recently in another blog post as well. I’m a super cuddly person whereas Zack isn’t. So just seeing him make that effort for me in a time where he knows I need it most means the world to me. Even if these seemingly small actions make him uncomfortable (like the hand holding). Right now, I’m feeling closer than ever to him and it’s making me even more excited to have him next me through labor and to have him there as we enter into parenthood together.

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I can also see him getting more excited about her arrival. Being a woman, I’ve been excited nonstop for the last nine months, but men just aren’t like that. Or at least Zack isn’t. He doesn’t get excited until it’s actually happening. So he’s just now starting to show more interest. So now it’s kind of weird because I’m super calm about everything and he’s the one who’s insisting the bags get put in the car ASAP and he’s on me about the car not having gas in it because “what if I went into labor RIGHT NOW and there’s no gas in the car?!”. He’s insane. So our roles seem to have switched this past week.

Lastly, quick update on his surgery! He had surgery last month for his foot. Nothing major. Just something he’s been needing to have done for a while now and he finally did it. He’s officially back at work as of this week and is trying to walk without the crutches now. He’s not in any pain or anything like that, but it’ll take him a bit to be able to walk 100% normally and get back to his workouts and all that. But so far so good! And just in time too because I had no idea how I was going to manage an infant completely on my own while he’s unable to walk or carry things. So it’s worked out well.


There really hasn’t been anything major happening baby-wise. We had my 38-week OB visit yesterday and all is well. I passed my GBS test that I had a few weeks ago so that’s one more thing I don’t have to worry about. I swear I’m my doctor’s easiest patient. We also have my induction date already which is May 31st. So if she doesn’t make an appearance by then, then we’re making it happen! I’m super happy to know my induction date is at my 41 week mark rather than having to wait to 42 weeks. So that’s exciting. I’ll definitely have her in the next three weeks!

I’ve also been really enjoying spending time with Zack. We really didn’t do a whole lot while he was home on medical leave since he literally couldn’t walk at all, but having him home and having that random time with him in the middle of such a busy time was so refreshing and nice.


I’m looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. Seriously. Done.

I’m also looking forward to her arrival (of course). I’ve been hoping she’ll come sometime this week or next, but my doctor told me yesterday that he’ll conveniently be out of the office all next week. Sooooo now I’m hoping she comes either this week or the week of her due date because I just don’t want a doctor I don’t know. Not that I’m concerned about it or anything, I’d just love to have my doctor there since he’s been there with me since day one. So I’m slightly panicking over that at the moment. BUT I’m still super excited at the same time.

Hopefully my next update will be announcing her arrival. I think I’ll cry if there ends up being a 40 week bumpdate. So send me positive vibes!!


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