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36 Week Bumpdate

36 Week Bumpdate |

I’m 9 months pregnant!! I’m officially in the FINAL month of pregnancy. It’s absolutely insane to me to think she’ll be here in a short 4 weeks…maybe sooner. We’ll discuss this later in the post. These last nine months have gone by so unbelievably fast. A small part of me is a little sad thinking about it being the end of my pregnancy but at the same time I am so excited to meet our little girl and to be officially done with pregnancy. I’m ready to get back to feeling normal and move forward into this next chapter of our life. It’s going to be absolutely incredible!

So without further ado, onto my 9 month bump date!


Today I am officially 9 months pregnant. I’m currently at 35 weeks, 5 days.


Our little girl is 18.4 inches long and weighs about 5.5 pounds.


About 16ish pounds. Still under the 20 pound mark!


Girl! Everyone is having a ton of fun buying cute clothes and items for her nursery.

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During the daytime hours, it’s been smooth sailing! Nighttime is a different story. I’ll have some more updates on Wednesday when I go in for my 36 week appointment, but apparently I’ve already started having contractions. I think I had mentioned in my 8 month bumpdate that I was experiencing some stomach cramps, nausea and lower back pain some nights. I didn’t think too much of it, but I decided to bring it up to my doctor at my 34 week appointment just to make sure everything was okay. Everything’s okay, but apparently, those were contractions…I had no idea. And he wasn’t too happy to find out they were keeping me up all night and I hadn’t called the ER at all. So he recommended I put the phone number to triage on speed dial just in case. From now on, I’m supposed to call them if the stomach cramps last longer than 45 minutes to an hour.

Overall I’m still good here, though. I’m not on bed rest or anything like that. I’m still okay to go about my usual every day routines, workouts included. But we’re keeping a close eye on the contractions. Honestly, I wouldn’t mind if she came a little early, but I’d love for her to wait until she’s full term…or at least until we have a car seat and can legally leave the hospital with her…but for now, we’re playing it by ear and making sure we have everything purchased and her nursery all set up and ready to go just in case. So I’ll keep you all updated!


I’ve been craving chocolate more and more lately. It’s so horrible. Thank god I have self control. I’ve done so well with keeping my weight gain gradual and balanced and under control and I’d be so mad if I randomly gained 10+ pounds in the last few weeks. But man would I love a chocolate bar!

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Like I mentioned with my symptoms, sleep hasn’t been the greatest. Some nights I sleep super well and then other nights I’m just feeling uncomfortable the entire night. Then I have nights where I’m up all night with contractions. And then sometimes, I go to bed feeling great and then wake up randomly in the middle of the night not feeling well. So I really never know what I’m going to get when I crawl into bed at night. It’s always a mystery!


I used to love feeling her move around in there and now I just wish she’d get comfy and sit still. I can tell she’s growing a lot because she’s right up under my ribs all the time. It makes it super hard to get comfortable in bed or even sitting on the couch or in the car. Even as I type this, sitting on the couch, she’s as high up as she can get. It’s lovely.


I’m still missing feeling normal. I’m officially just uncomfortable all the time which drives me insane. It’s also starting to be a bit more challenging to bend over, put on shoes, etc. I really can’t complain though. I know a lot of women experience this much earlier in pregnancy so I’m lucky to have had zero issues in that department for the majority of my pregnancy. AND I can still shave! It’s harder some mornings, but it’s still completely doable. So that’s a huge win if you ask me.


My clothes. Currently living in leggings, jeggings, and flowy tops. I’ve also accumulated a few really cute maxi dresses that I could easily wear every single day. They’re so cute! I’m also trying to wear sneakers more often when I’m out running errands, but I admit I fail at this. I just don’t like wearing sneakers unless I’m in work out clothes and/or heading to the gym. But I’m trying to keep my back as supported as possible so it’s less of a strain. And lastly, I’m obsessing over bralettes too. I’m that weirdo that is always wearing a bra. Even when I’m sleeping. But bras have also been putting a little bit of a strain on my back so I’ve been wearing bralettes and sports bras as often as possible (or at least at night). They’re so much more comfortable and they’re super cute under my loose tank tops too.


Confession: I’ve totally sucked at working out this past month. Like SO bad. I maybe get in 1-2 workouts a week, but that’s if I’m “on top of it” that week. Part of it is because I’m starting to feel more uncomfortable and tired all the time and then part of it is because our schedules are all over the place right now.

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Since my last update, I’ve completed a semester of school which was a really hard semester for me. I’ve been so focused on my health and the baby that I literally almost failed the only class I was taking. So I ended up switching gears and focusing solely on school so I wouldn’t get academically suspended (yes, this almost happened…). I somehow ended the term with an A and then started my next two courses. Since this term overlaps with our due date, I’ve been actively working on staying as ahead as I can so that I’m not having to worry about schoolwork while I’m in labor. So school has become my top priority this past month. On top of my attention being elsewhere, I’ve also had Zack home these past couple weeks while he’s on medical leave, but I’ll explain more on this later. And then I’ve even been out of the house and with friends a lot this past month as well so we’re all over the place lately!

Since I’m not quite as active right now, I am still making sure to eat healthy to keep everything balanced and my weight gain under control. This is super important! You just can’t stop working out and stop eating healthy or you’re going to have some issues. So if I’m not working out, then I’m paying closer attention to the foods I put into my body. I also make sure to continue stretching on a daily basis too and get to yoga as often as I can. Even with the contractions, I’m still 100% okay to continue working out and going to yoga so I do plan to continue staying as active as I can all the way up to her due date. Even if it’s just one yoga class a week. It’s better than nothing!

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I’m overall feeling really good, just very stressed thinking about her possibly arriving sooner than planned. We still have so much that has to be bought and put together before she gets here so now I’m just panicking that we wont have everything done in time. Mentally, I’m more than ready for her to be here, but we literally don’t have what we need at home yet. So I’ve been actively buying things for her whenever I’m at Target and our family and friends are doing everything they can with our registry as well which has been so helpful and greatly appreciated. We’re so fortunate to have such an amazing and supportive family. It makes me a little less stressed knowing we have that extra support.


Zack is good and has actually been home with me for the past couple weeks. He just had surgery done to his foot so he’s currently on medical leave. Nothing major though. He’s been needing this surgery for a while now so he finally caved in and got it taken care of. So now he’s stuck at home with me for a bit. On the down side, he’s on crutches which is slightly inconvenient sometimes, but thankfully I’ve had a super smooth pregnancy and am still fully functional at 9 months pregnant so I’ve been able to help him a ton. I couldn’t even imagine how challenging every day life would be right now if I was having back problems or pregnancy complications. Basic tasks like taking the dog out just wouldn’t be possible. So this has worked out well!

Since he’s been home with me, we’ve actually been able to get a ton of stuff done around the house to prep for the baby’s arrival. It’s like having an extra three weeks on top of his paternity leave so we greatly luck out there. There are tons of military couples out there who don’t even get to be together during pregnancy or labor or any of that. So I’m more than fortunate that he’s had the ability to be so present these past 9 months. It’s been so incredibly helpful.

Other than him feeling like a bum for having a broken foot, he’s doing pretty good. Like me, he’s getting excited for the baby’s arrival!


This past month has just been crazy busy. I feel like I’ve already touched upon on all the big things that have been going on around here. Not much has changed baby-wise aside from the contractions. She’s still healthy and super active so there’s not much to talk about there. But I’ve gotten a ton of stuff done around the house to prepare for her arrival. We’re still not completely sure how we’re going to be organizing my office to make it double as a nursery, but I’m hoping to get that figured out soon.

We were also super fortunate to have been able to get her changing table last week so I spent an afternoon at Target buying cute baskets to organize all her linens, diapers, wipes, and everything else I wanted on her changing table. I also got my diaper bag which I am SUPER excited about. I’ll probably end up sharing a whole post on it soon. I love it that much. But my diaper bag is already packed and ready to go for when I go into labor. The only thing I’m waiting on is her homecoming outfit which will be arriving in the mail later this week. But that’s really all that’s going on around here.


I’m looking forward to not being pregnant anymore. While I admit I’m feeling slightly sad that it’s coming to an end, I’m still more than ready to move on from it and get my body back to looking and feeling normal again. I’m also super excited to get the nursery officially put together. The more I organize her things, the more exciting it gets. I’m looking forward to seeing family this summer as well. I still have to confirm plans with everyone but I know most of our family plans to come out and see us in the next few months so it’ll be so nice to see everyone and spend some time with them. And lastly, I’m excited to transition into parenthood and get adjusted to our new sense of normal around here. These next few months will be full of changes, but they’ll be exciting ones.


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