10 Ways To Rock Your Monday Morning

10 Ways To Rock Your Monday Morning | KeatingBartlett.com

Anyone else here get the Monday blues? I don’t know what it is about Mondays, but they’re easily the least enjoyable day of the week. And being a stay-at-home mom, they’re now all of a sudden even less enjoyable due to the fact that it’s Zack’s first day back at work. This means the house, the baby, the dog, and everything else I have balanced on my very full plate is all on me again. It can be stressful go say the least!

Thankfully there are ways to make Monday’s more enjoyable and productive so you’re not starting your week on a bad note. Here are my top tips for rocking your Monday morning:

  1. Start the night before. If there’s anything you can do the night before to make your Monday morning easier, then do it! It can be anything from cleaning up the kitchen to showering at night to picking out the kids clothes. Anything that makes the following morning less stressful for you. Unfortunately, this adds to your nighttime routine on Sunday nights, but it’s so worth it!
  2. Don’t hit the snooze. As tempting as it is, try to avoid hitting the snooze button. Instead, wake up and start your day the first time your alarm goes off. It can be challenging at first if you’re not a morning person, but I always feel so much more productive when I wake up early as opposed to when I sleep in a bit. So aim to start your day earlier!
  3. Put your phone down. Again, it may be super tempting to roll over and pick up your phone the moment you wake up. I’m totally guilty of this. I’ll spend the first 15-30 minutes of my day curled up in bed, scrolling my news feeds and clearing my inboxes. But don’t do that. Instead, allow yourself to wake up on your own and ease yourself into your day before turning to your phone.
  4. Tackle five things on your to do list before noon. I always start my day with a to do list. The night before, I’ll pull out my planner and finish setting my schedule for the following day. Then I’ll go through and create my to do list, my goals, and even plan out dinner. This allows me to wake up the following morning and know exactly what I have going on that day. Then, I try to tackle five items on this list before noon. This then gives you much more free time throughout the afternoon and it leaves you feeling more productive at lunch time.
  5. Get active. wish I had the motivation and dedication to start every day with a jog or a run. I envy those you who start their day that way. BUT I can’t stand running. It’s just not my cup of tea. So instead, I’ll attend a yoga class or hit the gym. It’s a great way to wake yourself up and get energized for the day. It also helps motivate me to continue making healthy choices throughout the day.
  6. Eat a healthy breakfast. I’m a strong believer that breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I just couldn’t start my day without it. So when you wake up in the morning, be sure to fuel your body with good, nutritious foods. This will give you the energy needed to power through your morning and start your day off right.
  7. Straighten up the house. I love starting my day with a clean home. Most times, I’ll try to do it all the night before so that I’m waking up to a nice clean house, but sometimes that just doesn’t happen for whatever reason. So when it doesn’t happen the night before, I always make sure to do it as soon as I wake up. So while my breakfast is in the toaster and Allie’s bottle is being warmed up, I’ll pick up things around the living room and straighten up the kitchen. I’ll also take care of any bottles left over in the bedroom from the night before, make the bed and clean up anything else that needs some tidying. It makes for a great start to my day.
  8. Practice self care. Self care is so important! Especially if you’re a mom. If you’re not taking the time to take care of yourself, then how can you take care of your kids? Your children need you to be happy and healthy. Because of this, I will always put my mental health first.
  9. Spend time with a friend or family member. Getting together with a friend or family member is a great way to start your day and connect with those you love. It allows you to be present and in the moment. For me, I always start my day with some cuddles with my little family. Even our puppy dog will join in. This is my absolute favorite part of my day. I’m also a huge fan of coffee dates with friends or even brunch dates!
  10. Think positively. How you spend your mornings can really set the tone for how you’re feeling and how much you accomplish throughout the entire day. When you wake up, try listing three or more things you’re excited about that day or things that you’re thankful for. This gets you excited for your day and helps you to start t on a more positive note. This can all be done right when you wake up rather than turning to your phone.

How do you rock your Monday mornings?



  • Susie Liberatore

    I LOVE all of this.. I start on sunday to get things ready for the week/tomorrow. Thinking positive is another of my favorite too.. plus I have a morning schedule down too, thanks for sharing all of these great tips!

  • Steph Croft

    I’m also guilty of browsing my phone before getting out of bed! Once or twice a week I’ll get up early and go for a run. It’s so hard, but I feel fantastic throughout the day! Thanks for sharing all these tips!

  • All GREAT tips here, Keating! I don’t always start the night before, but I did start last night and it’s been such a boost to my productivity today. Eating a healthy breakfast is huge, too.

  • This is a great list!! I really need to be better about 5 and 7; it’s just so hard for me to be active that early in the morning (or really all day actually lol), but I am trying to be better about it and at least throw in a few yoga stretches when I remember how much better it makes me feel!

  • this is a great list! On sunday night I did my to do list and set out my goals for the week and I stopped checking my phone first thing, I just use the clock when I need it. This morning when I opened my door my cat was lying snoozing and she was so cute. That was a perfect way to start my monday morning 🙂

  • Victoria

    So many great points! I have been meditating lately and have loved the results. It really helps you focus before jumping into work.

  • Neely

    I feel like not hitting snooze is key. I mean sure its easier to stay in bed but I never regret getting right up.

  • YES!! I did quite a few of these today and it really made a difference!

  • I have found that getting up early and eating breakfast is by far the best thing I can do to jump start my day!

  • Mondays are the worse. Good luck on your first day without the hubby.

  • April Kitchens

    I totally hit snooze a few times this morning! But I did get my to do list done before 12 pm though.

  • Heather Gilbert

    These ideas are genius! I still can’t decide if Monday or Wednesday is the hardest! I am not a morning person so I will be using these tips daily.

  • Brittany Williams

    Love this! Mondays are tough but can be a great start to a very productive week or set the tempo for a rough week if we’re not careful. I love the pointers you gave. Great post!

  • These are all so smart! I’m definitely a morning person so I’ve recognized that morning is my most productive time–if it doesn’t get done in the morning, it may not get done at all!

  • Self-care is so important….love yoga and meditation

  • Lauren Norton

    Great tips! I’ve never been good at not hitting snooze or going to the gym in the mornings but when I used to force myself to do it, I felt so much more productive. Now, I can’t make myself get up and out of bed and to the gym and showered all before having to leave for work at 7:30. Maybe one day I’ll get there. I do work better with a clean home, though! I find myself procrastinating by cleaning – so, if it’s already clean then there’s nothing for me to procrastinate with. Ha!
    I hope you had a fantastic Monday!
    xoxo Lauren | Glitter & Grandeur

  • Great post! I’m always so sluggish on Mondays, next week I’ll definitely be giving some of these a shot!

  • Bailey

    Such great tips! It’s so important to take the week by the horns and get moving early.

  • Lisa

    Great tips! I have at least been getting better about hitting snooze!

  • I def agree with getting off your phone! It’s too easy to roll over and immediately start scrolling through Instagram. Sometimes, I keep my Kindle by my bed so I can read for a few minutes, and it definitely lets me start out the day calmer.

  • Such great tips! I start off the morning on my elliptical machine, and I really think it helps my mind set!

  • Olivia Bufo

    Oh Mondays are hard! Especially when you work from home ! This list is great and I’ll be making sure to use your pointer soon on Monday!

  • I’m the worst for hitting snooze!!!! It throws everything off!