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10 Items Every Girl Boss Needs At Her Desk

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10 Items Every Girl Boss Needs At Her Desk | Keating & Co.

Many working women nowadays tend to spend more time at the office than they do at home.  Your desk is where you spend a good majority of your time which is why your desk is a super important space.  Not only does your desk and office environment matter, but what you keep at your desk matters as well.  It’s important to be prepared for anything the work day might throw at you whether it’s a last minute meeting, an interview, or even your monthly visitor.  It’s important to have all the essentials at your desk and ready to go in case something should arise.  So I’ve compiled of a list of 10 items that every girl boss should have at her desk in order to get through the work day.

10 Items Every Girl Boss Needs At Her Desk | Keating & Co.

 Backup makeup.

I typically carry concealer, lip stain, and eyeliner with me wherever I go.  Concealer to re-cover any bags that come creeping out from under my eyes, lip stain to touch up my lips if needed during the day, and eyeliner to touch up my existing eyeliner in case it fades.  Sometimes I’ll bring mascara as well, but mine typically stays on pretty well and I don’t feel the need to re-apply it.  I also carry multiple nail polishes along with nail polish remover.  I’m obsessed with having my nails painted and if one is chipped, then I like to be able to touch it up.

Feminine hygiene products.

You never know when mother nature may make her monthly appearance.  Depending on how close you are with your coworkers, it could be uncomfortable to ask around the office for a tampon.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

Stain remover.

If you’re anything like me, this is a must!  I’m always spilling things whether it’s my lunch or my cup of coffee.  Sometimes I even get pen or highlighter ink on my clothing.  I’m a mess.  Literally.  So I always keep a stain remover pen in my desk drawer, my purse, and even my car so that I can clean it up quickly before anyone else notices.

Scented candles.

I literally have about seven candles at mad desk right now.  I hoard them.  It’s horrible, but awesome at the same time.  I love having a candle burning in the background while I work.  If you work in someone else’s office, then candles could be against the rules so double check with your boss first.  For those of you who work from home, like I do, then I highly suggest finding a tropical one for this time of year.  My mind is definitely on a beach somewhere, sipping on a margarita!

Cell phone charger.

Being that it’s 2016, I would assume this one would be a given.  But I could be wrong.  It definitely sucks to have your phone die halfway through your work day.  Who would you talk to about all the latest office drama?  How would you check your Facebook on your lunch break?  How would you listen to music while you work?  A very good majority of these questions can be answered, but let’s face it.  We’re all hooked on our phones and it almost devastating to have it die in the middle of the day.  So keep a backup charger at your desk!

A daily planner.

My entire life can be found in my two planners.  I have one for personal/school and one for blog/business/freelance, etc.  It works super well for me and keeps me organized so that I always know when things are due or what has to be done that day/week/month.  I highly recommend purchasing one if you have a lot going on in your life like I do.

Lint roller.

This is a must.  I have a dog and he sheds like crazy!  Wearing dark colors is impossible in my household and it’s quite embarrassing to show up to a meeting or a job interview, completely covered in dog hair.  For this reason, I keep one in my car as well.

Hand sanitizer.

This is super essential if you’re working in an office space surrounded by coworkers.  You never know who’s sick or who didn’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom.  You don’t have to constantly be applying it throughout the day, but it’s good to have for those questionable moments.


I take this product with me everywhere I go.  The last thing I want is to catch a cold at a super inconvenient time like right before a big important meeting.  But even if nothing major is in your near future, it’s still good to not get sick, right?

Extra® 35-stick pack.

As someone who has anxiety, I like to fidget a lot at my desk.  Extra® 35-stick pack is sometimes a great way to help out with that because it keeps some part of my body moving without distracting me from the task at hand.  Plus it gives me minty breathe in case I have to talk to someone important!  Super quick and easy way to get rid of coffee breathe.

10 Items Every Girl Boss Needs At Her Desk | Keating & Co.

I’m obsessed with Extra® 35-stick pack which features durable, recycled packaging.  This makes it super easy to spread it around.  We all remember those days when classmates would see the you have a pack of gum and immediately come up to you, wanting a piece.  I don’t know about you, but I definitely hid mine and snuck a piece when needed.  Well now I can share without giving away all of my gum.  Not only do I have gum for myself, but I’m able to share with friends and coworkers as well.  I can even add some gum to my purse so that it’s always with me when I need a piece.  My two favorites are the Extra® 35-stick pack Spearmint and Extra® 35-stick pack Polar Ice®.  Both can be purchased in the checkout line at your local CVS store.

10 Items Every Girl Boss Should Have At Her Desk | Keating & Co.

What necessities do you keep at work to help get you through the day?  Do you keep Extra® 35-stick pack at your desk?